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The Bermuda Islands. By ANGELO HEILPRIN. Philadelphia,

The Author. 8o. PROFESSOR ANGELO HEILPRIN, in the summer of 1888, made an excursion to the Bermuda Islands, in order to study certain points in the structure and physiognomy of coral reefs, for the study of which the Bermudas offer special advantages. The pres-ent volume is the result of his observations on this journey. His observations regarding the formation of the island are fully in ac

cord with those of Darwin, but, as the author points out, do not prove the correctness of the Darwinian hypothesis. Elevations and subsidences are both shown to have marked the region in its development. The author devotes an elaborate chapter of his book to a discussion of the various theories of formation of coral reefs, and expresses himself rather in favor of the old theory of Darwin. Where the author's results regarding the theory of formation of coral reels are mainly of a negative character, his

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Old and Rare Books._ELECTRIC LIGHTING.

Oria American

Publications received at Editor's Office,
Nov. 18-23.

Catalogue No. 29 nearly ready. Will contain

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the December Number of the and the Superintendent of Public Instruction of, for tory, Americana, out of print books, as a whole, the School Year ending Aug. 31, 1888. Camden, State. 241 p. 8°.

interesting. Platt, J. Money. New York and London, Putnam. 267 p. 16o. 75 cents.

A. S. CLARK, Rothschild, M. D. A Hand-Book of Precious Stones.

New York and London, Putnam. 143 p. 16. $1. 34 Park Row, New York City. SHALER, N. S Aspects of the Earth: A Popular Ac

Mr. George Westinghouse, Jr., replies to Mr. T. count of some Familiar Geological Phenomena. New

DACK NUMBERS and complete sets of leading Mag. LA Edison's article on the " Dangers of Ele York, Scribner. 344 p. 8o. $4.

Category A. Edison's article on the "Dangers of Electric

azines. Rates low. AM. MAG. EXCHANG SPENCER, G. L. A Hand-Book for Sugar Manufacturers

Schoharie, N.Y. and 'their Chemists. New York, Wiley. 221 p.

Lighting," which appeared in the November 162. $2.

number of the Review. THURSTON, R. H. The Development of the Philosophy

NOW IN PRESS. of the Steam-Engine. New York, Wiley. 48 p. 16o. 75 cents

This number contains, also, articles by the TREVERT, E. Everybody's Hand-Book of Electricity. “FORT ANCIENT." Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, Justice J. P. Brąd.

With Glossary of Electrical Terms and Tables for
Incandescent Wiring. Boston, Damrell and Upham.

ley, of the U. S. Supreme Court, Senator J. N. 120 p. 129. 25 cents.

A large work of 200 pp. with 35 full-page Illustr&- | Dolph. Walter Damrosch, Roger O. Mills, WEEK's Talk, The. Vol. I. No. 1. W. New York, A.

tlone on the greatest of all Ohio Valley Earthworks, K. Stearns & Co. 8 p. 49.

Marion Harland, Karl Blind, the Governors of and similar enclosures.

$3.50 per year. Wilson, W. The State, Elements of Historical and

By Warren K. Moorehead, assisted by scientists Massachusetts and Connecticut, Charles T. Sax. Practical Politics. Boston, Heath. 686 p. 12o. $2. from Washington.

ton, Andrew Carnegie, Lord Wolseley, Gen. J. Wood, De V. Thermodynamics, Heat Motors, and Re

It is compiled from a careful survey and is correct in all details.

B. Fry, Col. R. G. Ingersoll, and other eminent frigerating Machines. 3d ed. New York, Wiley. 452 p. 80. $4.

The entire summer was spend in surveying, exca- / writers.
vating, photographing and preparing this work.
Fort Ancient consists of 18,712.2 feet of embank-

50 CTS. A COPY. $5.00 A YEAR.
ment, and in size, state of preservation and impor-

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Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. N. D. C. HODGES, 47 Lafayette Place, New York. I Published by Robt. Clarke & Co., Cincinnati.



HOW TO FEED A RAILWA BV Benjamin Norton.



. WRITTEN BY THE MOST EMINENT AUTHORITIES IN ALL BRANCHES OF RAILWAY WORK.; Witb 226 Illustiations; 13 Maps ; 19 Charts, many being colored ; and a full index. Bound

Her Life, Letters, and Journals. in balf leather. 8vo, $6.00 net. CONTENTS:

Edited by Ednah D. Cheney, with portrait Introduction by Judge Thomas M. Cooley,

| THE FREIGHT CAR SERVICE. Chairman of Interstate Commerce Commission.

By Theodore Voorhees. THE BUILDING OF A RAILWAY.

and view of the Alcott Home in Concord. THE PREVENTION OF RAILWAY STRIKES. By Thomas Curtis Clarke.

By Charles Francis Adams. One vol., 16mo. Uniform with “ Little FEATS OF RAILWAY ENGINEERING By John Bogart.

Women." Price, $1 50.

By M. N. Forney.

By Thomas L. James.

Nobody can read of tho struggles of the Alcott
By Arthur T. Hadley.

family, and of the tender yet resolute beroism with : SAFETY IN RAILROAD TRAVEL. EVERY-DAY LIFE OF RAILROAD MEN.

which Miss Alcott mot and relieved them, without By H. G. Prout.

By B. B. Adams, Jr. being touched to tears by the pathos and reality of RAILWAY PASSENGER TRAVEL

By Gen. Horace Porter.!

the picture. Louisa Alcott was not a momber of

By Fletcher W. Hewes. "Tble is, beyond all compare, the greatest American work on rallways. It is diMcult to devise a ques.

aby Church, but her belief in God, her loyalty to tion on railway construction or management for which tho answer may not be found in this book. It is &

conscience, her fidelity to duty, her re-cue of the great book, and remarkably bandse me beside."- N. Y. Herald.

Alcott family from its p cullar perils, place her "Ope of be most interesing and valuable gift books of the sea on. The poarness of the tbome, tho among the women-salnts of the contury, and it will Authority of the wiitere, 8) d the scope of the exposition make this a work for almost every class of adult | bo bard to and any one of her sex who has more 7 roaders."- N. Y. Evening Post.

falthfully responded to the duties of the position in THE VIKING AGE. The Early History, Man. ( ASPECTS OF THE EARTH. A Popular Ac- which God had placed bor.-Boston Herald. " ners, and Customs of the

moount of Some Ancestors of the English-spevkivg Nations. F. miliar Geological Phenomena, By N. 8.

The pages from her Journals are full of the Illustrated from the antiquities discovered SHALER, Professor of Geology at Harvard.

shrewd observations, the kindly good sense, tho

overflowing humor, that, recognized at last, ron in Mounds, Cairns, and Bogs, as well as Witb 100 Illustrations. 8vo, $4.00.

her her fame, and the roadlug world will rejoice in from ibe ancient Sagas and Eadan. By

The general reader will find here an interesting their possession. The book is sure of permanent Paul B. DU CHAILLU. With 1.400 Illus. and graphic account of those phenomena of the success, and of the widest and most affectionate of tracions. 2 vols., 8vo, $7.50. earth's surface-eartbquakes, cyclones, volcan008,

welcomes.-Commonwealth. “These luxuriously printed aid profusely Illus

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Sold everywhere. Sent, postpaid, on receipt of price ground. This extensive and important work must natural science and the progress and development be of high interest to all English-speaking people."ot man is im pr. ssively shown in this great work." by the Publishers, -N, Y. Tribune.

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results are of great interest. He finds that the Bermudian fauna is essentially a wind-drift and current-drift fauna, whose elements have been received in principal part from the United States and the West Indies. Some portion of the fauna appears to have been derived from the west coast of Europe and Africa, or from the Azores. The fauna appears to be of considerable antiquity, - a conclusion which is supported by the fact that the predecessor of a group of Pulmonata now peculiar to the islands is found fossil or sub-fossil in the rocks of these islands. Certain marked elements of the Bermudian fauna are of a distinctively Pacific type, but it seems impossible at the present time to explain this mixed relationship. The book is illustrated with good views from the Bermudas, and a number of plates illustrating the concluding chapters on zoology.

ratus. The power required to drive it must be reduced to a minimum, and this same power must be of the most economical sort; otherwise the advantages gained by condensing will be seriously affected, if not wholly counteracted. In fact, it is a matter of record where tests have proven that certain engines have shown better economy running non-condensing than when condensing, owing to the very wasteful manner in which the power was applied to the condensing apparatus.

In presenting this air-pump and condenser to the public, the builders believe that they are offering a highly efficient, simple, and durable arrangement. As will be seen by the engraving, the airpump is run by belt, which can be direct from the engine-shaft or from a counter-shaft, whichever may be the more convenient. Being driven by the main engine, it is obvious that the power used to operate the air-pump must of necessity be of the same economy as the engine. Thus, if the engine in question be compound condensing, running on two pounds of coal per horse-power or less, it necessarily follows that the air-pump will be operated by a similar economy. An examination of the engraving will make the operation of the condenser and air-pump quite plain. The

AMONG THE PUBLISHERS. The second part of the “ Contributions to the Micro-Palæontology of the Cambro-Silurian Rocks of Canada," published by the Canadian Geological and Natural History Survey, is by Mr. E. O. Ulrich of the Geological Survey of Illinois. It consists of a descriptive report on some fossil Polyzoa (Bryozoa) and Ostracoda from Manitoba, and is illustrated by two full-page lithographic plates. To facilitate the binding of the present part with Mr. Foord's previously published report, the pagination and numbering of the plates of both have been made consecutive.

- A new guide-book to Florida, by Charles Ledyard Norton, will be published by Longmans, Green, & Co. early in December. The scheme of the volume is similar to that of the well-known Baedecker guides, adapted to requirements of travellers in such a country as Florida. Separate maps of the counties with post-roads and the new railway systems are a noteworthy feature of the book. This guide-book is a revival, on a new and more comprehensive plan, of “The Florida Annual ” originally published, and most favorably received by the public, in 1885.

– The “Handbook of Precious Stones," by M. D. Rothschild, just published by G. P. Putnam's Sons of this city, is intended for the merchant, workman, and amateur. Mr. Rothschild is a wellknown diamond-dealer of this city; and he was led to write this book by finding how many of those having to do with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, know nothing of these precious stones. The information is given in concise form, we fear even too concisely ; but we trust that Mr. Rothschild's ambition may be gratified, and that a second and larger edition may appear in due time.

- Mr. Edwin Lassetter Bynner opens the December number of the Atlantic Monthly with an article of interest to the antiquarian, and especially to the student of Old Boston. This paper is devoted to “ The Old Bunch of Grapes" Tavern, one of the most famous New England hostelries of the last century, and Mr. Bynner gives an amusing account of the various events which took place within its hospitable walls. Mr. Henry Van Brunt's paper on “ Architecture in the West" tells about the difficulties which Western architects have to struggle against, and the new school of architecture which is gradually arising to solve the problem of making art keep step with progress without losing the finer and more delicate artistic sense. It will be studied by all Western men and all architects with a great deal of interest. Professor N. S. Shaler of Harvard College contributes a paper on “School Vacations;” and Mr. William Cranston Lawton, whose articles on the Greek drama have been among the best literary papers the Atlantic has lately had, writes about “ Delphi: The Localiiy and its Legends ;" and “ Latin and Saxon America" (the relations of this country with South American countries) forms the subject of a paper by Mr. Albert G. Browne.

[graphic][merged small]

spray distributes the injection water in such a manner that every particle of steam must come in contact with the water, and thus effect condensation with a minimum amount of water, and at the same time heat the overflow to the maximum temperature. The opening from the condenser to the air-pump is shaped to allow the greatest quantity of water to flow through a given opening. The pump is made amply large to remove the greatest quantity of water needed for condensing to the full capacity of the condenser. The reciprocating parts are counterbalanced by means of a weight in the wheel, to insure smooth running. As will be seen, the airpump is vertical and single-acting; and this the builders believe to be the best form to avoid air-locks. In fact, the design throughout looks to the avoidance of all corners or pockets where air can collect and remain. This condenser is specially adapted to the requirements of high-speed compound engines in electric light and power plants, because it can be run at a speed independent of that of the engine, or it may be attached to more than one engine. It is also adapted to be applied to existing plants as a saver of fuel or an increaser of power on the same fuel. The machine is made throughout of the best of the several materials. All wearing parts and valve-seats that come in contact with injection water are made of best composition, and the workmanship is of the best. When the air-pump is in operation, the valves and stuffing-box are constantly covered with water, effectually sealing them. All parts are easily accessible without dismounting wheel or shaft.

INDUSTRIAL NOTES. Improved Belt Power Air-Pump and Condenser. The air-pump and condenser here illustrated has been newly designed by the builders, Conover & Co., 219 Market Street, Newark, N.J., in answer to the demands of power-users who are seeking the greatest attainable economy in all details of the modern steam-plant.

With the introduction of high-speed compound engines there is felt the need of a thoroughly efficient and simple condensing appa



Power Stations.

Electric Railways.

Stationary Motors

Car Motors 15 to 12 to 100 H.P.

250 H.P. Executive Office, 115 Broadway, N.Y.

FACTORY, JERSEY CITY, N. J. Please Mention "Science."

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THE CHANCE FOR ALL [Free of charge to all, if of satisfactory character. . Anthropological Society, Washington, GREAT AMERICAN To Enjoy a cup of Perfect Address N. D. C. Hodges, 47 Lafayette Place, New

Nov. 19. – J. Owen Dorsey, Some Omaha


pounds of Fine Tea, either Oolong Ja Morris's "British Butterflies, Morris's "Nests and

pan, Imperial, Gunpowder, Young Hy

son, Mixed English Breakfast or Sur Eggs of British Birds," Bree's" Birds of Europe" (all


Sun Chop, sent by mail on receipt of colored plates), and other natural history, in exchange

COMPANY $2.00. Be particularand state what kind for Shakesperiana ; either books, pamphlets, engravings, D.C.

of Tea you want. Greatest inducement or cuttings. – J. D. Barnett, Box 735, Stratford, Canada.

ever offered to get orders for our cele I have Anodonta opalina (Weatherby), and many

brated Teas, Coffees and Baking Powder. For full particoConnecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, lars address. THE GREAT AMERICAN TEA CO. other species of shells from the noted Koshkonong Lake

New Haven.

P. O. Box 289.

31 and 33 Vesey St., New York and vicinity, also from Western New York, and fossils from the Marcellus shale of New York, which I would be Nov. 20.- Professor Brewer, The Progress glad to exchange for specimens of scientific value of any

ny of the Topographical Survey of Connecticut;
kind. I would also like to correspond with persons inter-
ested in the collection, sale, or exchange of Indian relics. Professor Verrill, A Remarkable Illusion
D. E. Willard, Albion Academy, Albion, Wis.

Apropos of Haunted Houses.
Will exchange - Princeton Review” for 1883, Hugh
Miller's works on geology ard other scientific works, for

back numbers of “The Auk," "American Naturalist,"
or other scientific periodicals or books. Write. – J. M.
Keck, Chardon, Ohio.
"I wish to exchange Lepidoptera with parties in the

" You must go to Bermuda. If eastern and southern states. I will send western species

Also Lime and Electric Light Apparatus, and

s you do not I will not be responsifor those found in other localities.”- P. C. Truman,

ble for the consequences.” "But, Volga, Brookings Co., Dakota.

mechanical, plain, and fine colored views

doctor, I can afford neither the Shells and curiosities for marine shells, curiosities or time nor the money." ". Well, if

J. B. COLT & co., Manufacturers, minerals address W. F. Lerch, No. 308 East Fourth St., that is impossibie, try

No. 16 BEEKMAN STREET, NEW YORK. Davenport, Iowa.

A collection of fifty unclassified shells for the best offer in bird skins; also skins of California birds for those of birds of other localities. Address Th. E. Slevin, 2413 Sacramento St., San Francisco, Cal.

I have forty varieties of birds' eggs, side blown, first class, in sets, with full data, which I will exchange for books, scientific journals, shells, and curios. Write me, stating what you have to offer. - Dr. W. S. Strode,

E. & H.T. ANTHONY & CO. Bernadotte, Fulton County, Ill.

591 Broadway, N.Y. I want to correspond and exchange with a collector of

Manufacturers and Importers of beetles in Texas or Florida. – Wm. D. Richardson, P.O, Box 223, Fredericksburg, Virginia. OF PURE NORWEGIAN

PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS, 100 botanical specimens and analyses for exchange.

Apparatus and Supplies of every Send list of those desired and those which can be furCOD LIVER OIL.

lescription. Sole proprietors of nished, and receive a similar list in return. Also cabinet I sometimes call it Bermuda Bot

he Patent Detective, Fairy Nor specimens and curiosities for the same. Scientific corre tled, and many cases «f

el, and Bicycle Cameras, and the

Celebrated Stanley Dry Plates. spondence solicited. - E. E. Bogue, Orwell, Ashta.

Amateur Outfits in great variety, from fo.oo upward. County, O.

Send for Catalogue or call and examine.

Bronchitis, Cough I will sell to chapters or individual members of the


than 40 years established in this line of business. Agassiz Association, 25 fine specimens of fossil plants

or Severe Cold from the Dakota group (cretaceous), correctly named, for $2.50. Send post-office order to Charles H. Sternberg

I have CURED with it; and the (author “Young Fossil-Hunters "), 1033 Kentucky

Rallvantage is that the most sensi. LA TEMPORARY BINDER Street, Lawrence, Kan.

tive stomach can take it. Another

thing which commends it is the Any one who has a botanical box in good condition wil

for Science is now ready, and will be mailed

stionulatin properties of the Hyplease write. I will offer about 30 specimens in ex

popiosphites which it contains. change. - C. B. Haskell, Box 826, Kennebunk, Me.

postpaid on receipt of price.

You will find it for sale at your Lead, zinc, mundic, and calcite. — Lulu Hay, secre

Drussist's but see you get the tary Chapter 350, Carthage, Mo.

Half Morocco - 75 cents. original SCOTT'S EMULSION." Drawings from nature -- animals, birds, insects, and

HEW HANDLES This binder is strong, durable and plants - to exchange for insects for cabinet : or I will

elegant, has gilt side-title, and allows send them in sets of ten each for ten cents in stamps.

the opening of the pages perfectly My drawings in botany are in detail, showing plant,


flat. Any number can be taken out leaves, flowers, seed, stamens, pistils, etc. - Alda M.

or replaced without disturbing the Sharp, Gladbrook, Io.

others, and the papers are not mutiA few first-class mounted birds, for first-class birds'

lated for subsequent permanent bind eggs of any kind in sets. – J. P. Babbitt, secretary


ing. Filed in this binder, Science is Chapter 755, 10 Hodges Avenue, Taunton, Mass.

always convenient for reference. California onyx. for minerals and coins not in my col

N. D. C. HODGES, lection. - WC. Thompson, 612 East 141st Street, New York, N.Y.

47 Lafayette Place, N. Y. One mounted single achromatic photographic lens for making 4 X 5 pictures, in excellent condition; also one of Speech—Phonetics-Line " new model double dry-plate holder (4" X 5'), for fine geological or mineralogical specimens, properly classi

A YOUNG MAN can have lucrative engagefied. – Charles E. Frick, 1019 West Lehigh Avenue,

1 ment, not only a fixed salary, but accordPhiladelphia, Penn.

ing to his work accomplished in travelling for The undersigned wishes to make arrangements for the


SCIENCE. A personal interview invited. exchange of Lepidoptera of eastern Pennsylvania for those from other localities. All my specimens are named

N. D. C. HODGES, and in good condition. - Charles S. Westcott, 613 North 17th Street, Philadelphia, Penn.

47 Lafayette Place, N.Y.

47 Lafayette Place, New York.

444 In. Long.

Year's | Subscription.

With Science,



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A YOUNG SCOTCHMAN desires an ap-

A pointment in America. Three years in AND SCREW DRIVER COMBINED.
Any person seeking a position for which he is quali-

English Government Office. Good references. hed by his scientific attaininen's, or any person seeking

Address“. Jack" care J. Lawson & Coy, 17|| some one to fill a position of this character, be it that Princes St., Aberdeen, Scoiland. of a teacher of science, chemist, draughtsman, or what not, may have the 'Want' inserted under this head DHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE. – A FREE OF COST, if he satisfies the pubiisher of the suit. T Fellow of the Mass. Med. Society, Mem.

Turns Nuts, Gas Burners or Pipe without adjustment.

Made of Best Polished Steel. Sent by mail for 25 cts. able character of his application. Any person seeking ter of the Suffolk District Medical Society, and CHARLES U. ELY, P. O. Box 1945, New York City. information on any scientific question, the address of former Assistant Editor of The Annals of ary scientific man, or who can in any way use this col-Gynæcology, desires a position as instructor in

Schools. umn for a purpose consonant with the nature of the Physiology and Hygiene. Address"N, ? 47 paper, is cordially invited to do so. Lafayette Place, N.Y. City.


MRS. CADY'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. AN ANALYTICAL CHEMIST is open to NA ECHANICIAN.- An optician and maker Vassar by Certificate. Circulars. Early application

W Prepares for Smith and Wellesley, and admits to o an engagement in mining, metallurgy,

M of instruments of precision of experience necessary. calico.printing, and bleaching, or as reseaich chemist in alkali manusacture. Address would be glad of a position where his skill

MICHIGAN, HOUGHTON, "Alkali," care of SCIENCE. would be valued in connection with some higher

MICHIGAN MINING SCHOOL. – For Catalogues educational institution. Address G. J., care of TV address M. E. Wadsworth, A.M., Ph.D., Director. THEMIST. – A young man of twenty.

SCIENCE, 47 Lasayeite Place, New York. three, lately a special student of chemistry

Readers of Science in the Scientific Department of Rutgers Col. CCIENCE-TEACHING. – A specialist in Corresponding with or visiting Advertisers lege, desires a position as assistant in some science teaching, physics, chemistry, and will confer a great favor by mentioning the paper. chemical works. Address, B. G. D., 526 Cherry physiography desires an engagement, preferably St., Elizabeth, N.J.

in a high or a normal school. Is well known as

an author of several popular text-books. Ad. TEACHING.-A young man desires a posi- | dress X., care of Science.

I tion to reach the Natural Sciences, Botany
in particular, in a High or Normal School or W ANTED.-Information concerning the

10% DISCOUNT. Institute. Can also teach first Latin and Ger. handling of air from Caves, for Cool

We will allow the above discount to any man. Best of references given. Address“ E,” | |ing and ventilating rooms. Address“M. H."

subscriber to Science who will send us an care of Science. care of Science 47 Lafayette Place, N.Y. order for periodicals exceeding $10, count

ing each ai its full price. A GRADUATE OF THE JOHNS HOPA KINS UNIVERSITY desires a position as


Agricultural Science... teacher of physical science. Specialty, chem

American Agriculturist .....


American Architect and Build ews istry, for which he refers to Prof. Remsen by

Imperial edition....

| 12.80 permission. Address B. H. H., care of Science.

Gelatine "

Regular W ANTED.-To correspond with concholo.

American Garden.....

4.25 Commercial Printer, American Journal of Philology.. VV gists in America, especially in California,

American Machinist ...

5.30 with a view to exchange. Many British land, 37 Clinton Place, near Broadwav, American Naturalist ...

7.50 fresh water, and marine duplicates ; some for

Andover Review ....
New York.

4.00 eign. Address Mrs. FALLOON, Long Ashton

Babyhood ..... Vicarage, Bristol, England.

Wedding Orders, Souvenirs, Invitations, Or- | Bradsti

Bradstreet's............. - ders of Dance, etc., etc., done in the latest and Brain............ TEACHER OF NATURAL SCIENCE.- most elaborate styles, at reasonable prices.

Building (weekly).....

6.00 3.80 Carpentry and Building.

1.00 4.25 T A young lady desires a position as a All Favors promptly attended to. Century Magazine....

4.00 6.80 teacher of Natural Sciences, especially Chem

Chautauquan, The ......

2.00 4.80 istiy and Physics. One year's experience. Testi

Christian Union, The....

3.00 5.80 Cosmopolitan, The.....

2.00 4.80 monials given. Address Miss J. S., No. 31, N.


5.80 Hanover St, Carlisle, Pa.

Eclectic Magazine.....

7.80 Edinburgh Review....

6.80 ANTED a young man with some knowl

621 Sixth Avenue, New York, W

Electrical World..

5.80 Established 1852.

Electrician and Electri V edge of mineralogy to assist in our Min.

Electrical Review......... eral Depariment. A. E. FOOTE, 1223 Bel


Engineering and Mining Journal. mont Av., Philada., Pa.

English Illustrated Magazine.....
Microscope Stands,

Forest and Stream ......

6.80 Forum, The.....

Oil Immersion Object-

Garden and Forest....

4.00 L CIANS. – The American Academy of

Harper's Bazar...


Harper's Magazine..... Medicine is endeavoring to make as complete a lives and Abbe Con

Harper's Weekly .......

6.80 list as possible of the Alumni of Literary Col-densers for Bacterial

Harper's Young People.....

4.80 leges, in the United States and Canada, who

Illustrated London News (Amer, reprint).

6.80 have received the degree of M.D. All r. cipi. and Histological work,

Independent, The.

5.80 Iron Age (weekly)...........

7.30 ents of both degrees, literary and medical, are of Objectives, Camera

Journal of Philology (Eng.) .....

15.30 requested to forward their names at once to Dr.

Lucida and other ac-

16.80 R. J. Dunglison, Secretary, 814 N. 16th Street,


12.00 14.80 Philadelphia, Pa. Icessory apparatus.

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4.25 Nature....

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3 00 5.80 Popular Science Monthly..

7.80 Popular Science News.....

1.00 4.25 Portfolio, The............

7.50 10.30 Practitioner ........

3.50 6.30 Public Opinion ...

3.00 5.80 Puck ...................

5.00 7.80 Puck (German)..

5.00 7.80 Quarterly Review (London)..

6.80 Queries ........ St. Nicholas........

300 Scientific American.

3.00 Supplement..... Architect and Builders' edition

2 50 5.30 Scribner's Magazine...

300 5.80

Texas Siftings.. .....
7NEW YORK:7 Trained Nurse......

50 4.30




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Sprague Electric Railway and Motor Company.
Lightest Weight Consistent with

Bearings Self Oiling.
Highest Efficiency.




Commutator Wear Reduced

to a Minimum.

Not Liable to get out of Order.



Royal Armure

American Bell Telephone


L'Nderwear.-Scotch Lambs' Wool, Camels 96 MILK ST., BOSTON, MASS.

Broadway B

1916 st.

Agassiz Alex 18 Apr90

Mus Comp Zool

JAMES MCCREERY & Comp 204prgo

A new line of all-wool Royal Armure Plaids,

YNDERWEAR.-Scotch Lambs' Wool, Camels' just arrived, are commended to purchaser for Hair, Natural Wool, Cachmere, Merino, Bal

briggau and Pure Silk' Underwear for Ladies, beauty of design and coloring, width 48 inches, Gentlemen and Children.

This Company owns the Letters price $2 per yard.


| Patent granted to Alexander GraCELEBRATED MERINO UNDERWEAR.

bam Bell, March 7th, 1876, No. A large variety of Serge and Foule Plaids at

I ADIBS' UNION DRESSES. - In Silk, silk and 174,465, and January 30, 1877,

L Wool, and Meriuo. 75 cents and $1 per yard.

No. 186,787. UOSIERY.-Pure Silk, Raw Silk, Camels' Hair, The Transmission of Speech by We would also direct attention to remarkable 1 Cachmere and Fleece-lined Hose and Hall- all known forms of ELECTRIC

Hose. values in Robes and Pattern Dresses ; Patterns


fringes the right secured to this worth $27.50 and $25, may be purchased for

Company by the above patents, and $17.50 and $16.

renders each individual user oftel. ephones, not furnished by it or its

licensees, responsible for such unNEW YORK.

lawful use, and all the consequences thereof and liable to suit





And its Detection. With photomicrographic plates and
a bibliographical appendix. By J P. Battershall 328 Leading Nos.: 048, 14, 130, 135, 239, 333
pages, 8vo, cloth. Price, $3.50. Circulars and Catalogues

For Sale by all Stationers.
on application, E. & F. N. SPON,
12 Cortlandt St., New York.


Works : Camden, N.J. 26 John St., New York. Sent to any address for $5.00

This instrument is simply for H. Wunderlich & Co., u e by a beginner in Microscopy.


NEWISI mulut The finer Microscopes vary in

GLUER value from $25. to $250. Send

for catalogue to


Invite special attention to their latest

Slowoester. Masa Oy importations of Mode:n Etchings, En

Used by thousands of first-class New York.

mechanics and by such manufactgravings, Brown's Carbon Photographs

urers as Pullman Palace Car Co., (For Chemical Manufacturers,), Sold at

Mason & Hamlin Organ and Pisss land Watercolor Paintings, also to their

Co., &e., &c. MINERALS.<For Blowpipe Analysis,

Lowest Prices (For Technical Purposes, By Weight.

Repairs Everything. Most varied and complete stock of fine cabinet specilarge collection of Rare English Mezzo

READY FOR USE I. Its success has brought a lot of mens in U.S Recent additions include frie Fluorite,

MANUFACTURED possible. Remers ber that THÉ Calc'te, Barite, Specular lion, etc., from England ; Ber

ONLY GENUINE LePage's Liquid trandite, Phenacite, Descloizite, Brochantie, Vanadinite,


Glue is manufactured solely by the Copper Pseudomorphs after Azurite, etc., from U. S

GLOUCESTER MASSU RUSSIA CEMENT CO. Send for complete catalogue free. Works by Rembrandt, Durer, and cther

GLOUCESTER, MASS. GEO. L' ENGLISH & CO), Dealers in Minerali.

1512 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa Told masters.


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