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ary of,

Durham House Academy, remarks on, 93 dotes of, 383. Two original letters
Dwight, Rev. Timothy, D. D. obitu- from, to Mr. Wm. Manning, 388,

553 Employment of noble and mean men, 352

Enchanted World, account of the

E. on the dangers of education, 181.

Encyclopædia Britannica, extract
Remarks on marriage, 272. On from the Supplement to,

the German anti-trinitarian writers,

Edinburgh Magazine, extract from,
291. On the sentient principle, England, public affairs of, 61, 126,
341, 602. On the doctrines of de-

188, 254, 317, 446, 510, 637, 693.
struction and eternal torments, 397. Observations on, from Armata, 145.
On the Methodists in Scotland, 732

Epaphroditus, on Josephus's ae.
Eastern Unitarian Society anniver- count of, 674. Mr. Jones on,

499 Equality, Mr. Eddowes's Sermon on
Eddowes's Sermon on Christian Equa-

Christian, 205,
lity, 205,

277 Erskine, Lord, extracts from his pob-
Edinburgh, new Unitarian chapel at, 156

lication of Armata, 140, 618. On
Edinburgh Review, extracts from, religious controversy,


724 Erskine, Hon. Henry, obituary of,
Edinburgh Magazine, extract from, 739 626,
EVITOR, on the review of Scott's fu-

Esdaile, Peter, Esq. obituary of,
neral Sermon for Rev. B. Carpen- Espionage, singular examples of, 283,
ter, 52,

On the Chancery case, 445. On the system of, ib.
Westbrook against Shelly, 60. On Estlin, Dr. biography of,

the Original Letters, 75. On the

E. T. on religious offences indictable
orthodox alarm in Ireland, 123.

at common law,

On the removals amongst Unitarian Evangelical Magazine, Mr. Bennett
ministers, 125. On the congrega-

on the review of his Discourse on
tions in want of ministers, 126. On Sacrifices in, 219,

Mr. Wilkins's letter to Mr. Toms,

Evans, Mr. Allen, case of,
139. On Armata, 140. On the

Evans, Rev. J. his obituary of Mr.
increase of Unitarians in Europe, Milner, 117,
186. On the principles of govern- Evans's Excursion to Windsor, re.
ment, 398. On the account of Dr.

view of,

Bekker, &c. 449. On Dr. Stock's

Everlasting, Seriptural meaning of
letter to Mr. Rowe, 481. On the

the word,

memoir of John Bernard Basedow, Evidence, on receiving Quakers', 585, 654
513. On the Queen of Westphalia's

Examiner, poetry from,

letter to her father, 579. On Dr. Extracts from,

Carpenter's remarks on Dr. Slock's

Excommunication, trial of John Ker-
letter, 588. On the letter to a Dis-

ser for doubting the effects of, 537
senting Minister's Wife, 597. Ou Executions for forgery, frequency of, 3!
the discussion in the Times on the

Exeter, Trinitarian controversy at,
marriage ceremony, 610. On the

523, 580. Fellowship Fund, 565.
present state of Rome,


Mr. Manning's history of the As.
Education, the dangers of, 181. On

sembly of Ministers at,

the mode of conducting, in England, EXTRACTS FROM NEW PUBLI.
406. On a devotional, 549. Mr. CATIONS, 12, 77, 140,579, 617
Jefferson on,

647 Eye, on the human,
'Hyequat, criticism on the word, 678, 727
Egotism, evils of,


Eldon, Lord, on the case regarding F.'s lines on Autumn,

Unitarians at Wolverhampton, 436, 494 Faith, Franklin on, 12. Of the an-
Elections, on the right of Dissenting cients greater than that of the me
ministers to vote at county, 36. derns, 381. On,

Sonnet to the people of England on, Fame, Wollaston on,

687. Minute of Conference re-

Famine, remarks on,


726 Fanaticism in Sicily,
Elegies on the death of the Princess

Fathers, the, Hill's Vindication of,
Charlotte, 685,

686 467.' Their opinions concerning
'Elagu, on Schleusner's exposition Jesus Christ,

of the word, 487,

676 Faulder, Mr. Joseph, obituary of, 178
Elwall, Mr. on the trial of,

386 F. 4. V. K.'s account of Dr. Bekker
Emigrants to America, their pro- and the Mennonite Baptists, 449

444 Fawcett, Rev. Mr. anecdotes of his
Emlyn, Mr. history of, 201. Anec- pulpit oratory,


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idea of it,

Fawceti's Peflexions on the Trinity,

extracts from,

522 Gahagan, Usher, on bis Latin version

of Pope,

in Birmingham, 250. In Swansea, Galileo, anecdote of,

ib. On, 350. At Exeter, 565. At Gallois, M. his experiments on a
Lewes, 566. At Newport, Isle of rabbit,

Wight, 567.

An Unitarian on, Gandy, Mr. Harry, original letter from
600. On, 670, 717. In Warwick, 745 Granville Sharp to, 329. His an-
Firmin, Thomas, anecdotes of, 479 swer to Mr. Sharp,

Fisher, Miss A. 1.0. obituary of, 627 Gaskell, Mr. ordination of, at Thorne, 556
F. K. on the marriage cereinony, 610 G. B.'s inquiry for Jones's Greek and
Fleming, Dr. Caleb, inquiry concern-

English Lexicon,

ing, 291. Answer to the inquiry Gellibrand's Confessions of an Arian
393 Minister, reviewed,

Flowers, on the growth of, 211, 342, 602 General Baptist Assembly annual
Force, Mr. of Bavey, anecdotes of, 585 meeting,

Fordham, Mr. John, remarks on the Geneva, Unitarianism at, 639, 711
obituary of,

223 George I. history of the Dissenters
Forgery, on the frequent executions during his reign,

for, in England,

351 George Il. history of the Dissenters
Fox, C. J. a character of,
140 in the reign of, 387,

Fox, Dr. original letter from Mr. George III. Mr. Evans's description
Granville Sharp to,

330 of, on the Terrace at Windsor, 618
Fos, George, extracts from his works, Gerard, Dr. Alexander, anecdote of
479 bis extraordinary memory,

Fox, Rev. Mr. on universal restora. German anti-trinitarian writers, E. on, 291

tion, 33. R. L. in reply to, 157. German language, Mr. Robinson's
Service at Parliament Court on his

entering on the ministerial office, Germany, public affairs of, 63, 256,
247. His rejoinder to R. L. on 509,

universal restoration, 273. His re- G. F. on the obituary of Mr. John
ply to “ An Old Unitarian,” 333, Fordham, 223. On the inconsis.
393. His account of the formation tency of the doctrine of the Trinity, 713
of an Auxiliary Unitarian Fund at Gibbon, Mr. on his attack on Chris-
Parliament Court, 506. T. on his tianity, 323. Porson and Wake.
reply to “An Old Unitarian," 592

France, public affairs of, 62, 445, Gilbert, Mr. anecdotes of,
,448, 508, 638, 695. Account of, GILCHRIST, Mr. answer to his ques.
froin Armata, 142. On the Revo-

tions on national wealth and social
lution in, 324. State of religion in, 354 institutions, 160, His reply to Mr.
Franklin, Dr. anecdote of, 101. On Janson,


722 Giles, Mr. Alfred, obituary of, 689
Franklin's Private Correspondence, Gill, Alexander, of St. Paul's School,
extracts from,
12 anecdotes of,

Free, Rev. E. Drake, his prosecution Gilling, Mr. anecdotes of,

of Sir M. Burgoyne for non-atten- Gilling water, Mr. account of,

dance at church

180 Glasgow, Unitarian controversy at,
Freedom, sonnet to,

369 292, 364, 412, 595. Unitarian
Friend, Dr., Pope's epigram on, 358 chapel at, 375. Mr. Wright on the
FRIEND TO THE SPREAD OF TRUTH, chapel at, 564. Subscriptions and
A, on congregational Unitarian donations to, ib. 507,

funds, 670,

717 Glasgow Courier, extract from, 624
FRY, Mr. his letter to a Calvinistic GLEANINGS AND SELECTIONS,

339 38, 166, 225, 291, 358, 411, 547,
Fuller, Mr. Andrew, anecdotes of, 613, 675,

129. Mr. Vidler's controversy with, 135 Gnostics, on the, 520,

Fand anniversary, 371. Importance God, on the omnipresence of, 46. On
of its operations,

719 giving glory to, 114. Hymn to,
Funds, Unitarian, see FELLOWSHIP 176. His mercies to man, ib. His

love, 177.

Authority and power
Purneaux, Dr. extracts from his let-

given by, 399. On the revelation
ters to Blackstone,

540 of bis will to the universe, 420.
Futurity, lines on,


Extent of his providence, 422, 601, 656

field on,


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Godwin on government, 161, 276 Heathens, on their system of morality, 161
Godwin's Political Justice, on, 721 Henderson, Mr. his account of the
Goe, Mrs. Martha, obituary of,
492 Russian Bible Society,

Goldsmith, Dr. anecdotes of, 117, 223 Herbert, Mr. Charles, a sufferer for
Gospel, on its universal progress, 22.

conscience sake, case of,

See Scripture.

Herbert's Henry the Eightb, extract
Gott, Mr. Benjamin, obituary of, 624 from,

Government, Mr.Janson on, 160, 276. Heresy, legal definition of, 535. On
Principles of,


the punishment for at common law, ib.
Graham, Mr. James, obituary of, 57 Hermes, the Moslem bridal song by, 622
Grandier, Urbain, account of, 453, Herrick, Rev. Joseph, review of a

pamphlet on the conduct of
Grasshopper and cricket, sonnets to, 623 Herschell, Dr., Mr. Evans's account of
Gratitude to benefactors, hymn on, 552

his visit to,

Grattan, Mr. on the Catholic question, 311 Heylyn's anecdote of Mr. Pace, 358
Grave, the,

110 H. G.'s obituary of Rev, Thomas Big-
Greenfield Hill, account of the poem

gin Broadbent,


55'. Hill's Vindication of the Fathers,
Gregoire, Bishop, account of,

against Bisbop Burnet,

Gregory of Nazianzen on infant bap. Hinckley, Henry, Esq. obituary of, 625

682 Hincks's Sermon, at Cork, review of,
Grenville, Lord, on the Catholics,

116. Nicenus on, 123,
312. On the Catholic Bill brought Hincks, Mr, on his Sermon preached
in by him and Lord Grey,
569 at Cork,

Grey, Earl, on the Catholics,


Historicus on Cardinal Wolsey, 218.
GRIESBACAIANUS's critical notice of

On Sir Edward Coke's accusation
Duncan's edition of Griesbach, 390 of Arius, 525. On Calamy's speech
Griesbach's Greek Testament, review at Guildhall, 592. W. H. 10, 669

of Laurence on, 167, 236, 359. HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY, 1,
Critical notice of Duncan's edition 65, 129, 193, 257, 321, 377, 449,
390 513, 573,

Griesbrook, George, obituary of, 120 Hoadley's Sermon on the kingdom of
Grove, Rev. Mr. original letter from

Christ, on,

the Rev. E Williains to,

75 HOLDEN, Rev. L. his obituary of
Growth, remarks on, 211, 342, 602 George Griesbrook, 120. On Dr.
G. S.'s account of the General Baptist Caleb Fleming, 291. Answer to,
Assembly annual meeting, 372 393. On John vi. 62, 63,

Gunpowder and brandy, origin of, a HOLLAND, Rev. T. C. his brief bistory

291 of the Dissenters from the Revolu.
G. W. MI.'s obituary of Dr. Disney, 54 tion, 201, 384, 454. His verses to

Lord Byron, 427. On the re-esta-

blishment of the Inquisition, 428.

His conmunication of Lady Niths-
Habeas Corpas Suspension Act, 447 dale's letter to her sister, 460, 669.
's Apologie, extract from,
674 Poetry by,

Haldane, Mr. bis zeal for Calvinism Holland on Unitarianism, reviewed, 53
at Geneva,

713 Hollis, Mr. Brand, his liberality to
Hallett, Mr. anecdotes of, 523, 580, 584 Dr. Disney,

Hamilton, Mrs. on the selfish prio- Holt's Law of Libel, extract from, 512

284 HomeLy's question of What is Blas.
Hardouin, Jean Etienne, obituary of, 6:24 pheny,

Harper, Harrs, the Negro boy, Mr. Homo on Mr. Malthus's new morality,
Granville Sharp on the case of,


152. E. on, 272. On, 471, 532,
Harrington School Hymns, review of, 549 660, His facts and observations
Harrowby, Earl of, on the Catlrolics, 312 with regard to the system of Mal.
Hart, Mr. on the Chancery case re-


speoting Unitarians,

433 Hone, Mr., prosecution of, for pub-
Hartley, Dr. on miracles,

95 lishing blasphemous libels, 313
Harvey, Master Harvey Johnston, obi- Hook, Archdeacon, on his Charge, 280
tuary of,

56 Horsley's Translation of the Book of
Hayes against the Poor Rates of Pail. Psalms, reviewed,


567 Howe, Mr., on the opinions on the
Hayward, Mr. the infallible boot and


shoemaker, anecdote of, 70, (note). H. T.'s criticism on Jobn xii. 23-
Ilearne's curious recalitation,

548 32, 484. Mr. Bennett's reply to, 676


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Huddersfield, Unitarian worship at, 565

Huddy, Mr., on the Trinitarian con- Jacomb, Mr. George, on the Trinita-
troversy at Exeter, 582,
584 rian controversy at Exeler,

Hume, Mr. examination of his objec- James II., M. Schelstrate's character of, 528

tion to miracles, 17. Mr. Cogan JANSON, Mr. T. H., his answer to Mr.
on his argument against miracles, Gilchrist on government, &c. 160.
31, 95, 96. Dr. Cogan's remarks Mr. Gilchrist's reply to, 276. On
on, 230-236. On,

395 Dr. Toulmin's edition of Neal's
Humility, the pride of,

368 History of the Puritans, &c. 394
Hunt's sonnet to the grasshopper and

J. B. on the Trinitarian controversy
623 at Exeter, 523, 580,

Hutchinson, George, his attempt to J. D.'s account of the Unitarian
convert the Pope,

358 Tract Society, West Riding of York-
Hymns, review of the Harrington shire,


549 J. D. B. C. on the Sheriff of London
and Middlesex,

J. E.'s obituary of Joseph Coope,

Esq., 428. Obituary of Mr. W.
Iceland, on sending missionaries to, 593 Cotes,

Ideas, on the origin of,

231 Jefferson, Mr. his plan of a College
Idolatry, Christian, remarks on the for Virginia,

345 Jerome on infant baptism,

IGNOTUS, his reply to Mr. Belsham on Jerusalem, on the Temple at, 484-
infant baptism, 655. Mr. Belshamn 488,

730 Jesuits, Sir E. Coke on,

IgyotUs Senior, on the Assembly of

Jesus Christ, on the miracles per-
Divines and the Greek Testament,

formed by, 17, 26, 31, 95, 234,
&c. 32. On Usher Gabagan's ver-

395. On the genealogy of his mis-
sion of Pope, 155. Pamphilus to, sion, 26. Mahomedan opinion of,
392. On Mr. Manning, Mr. J. 79. On his pre-existence, 86. On
Wesley and Mr. Emlyn, 478. On his resurrection, 269, 603. On the
the Ignoti and the controversy on person of, 296, 413. On the pro-
infant baptism,

723 per Deity of, 380. Object of his
Imagination, in what it consists, 425 mission, 396. On the atonement
Impressions, on Hume's use of the by, 414. On the application of the

231 Greeks at Jerusalem to see him,
Improved Version, Mr. Belsham on 485, 676.

Avcient opinions con-
Dr. Mayee's attack on it, 81, 145. cerning, 520. Hymn on his love
Remarks on, 106. Mr. Webb's

to men, 551,

Criticism on the
letter on, 646. B. on Dr. Nares's passage Phil. ij. 5--11, relating to,
remarks on,

725 614, 678, 726. On the name given
Independents, on the English, 885, to,

454, 523, 580,

641 Jevans, Mr. his obituary of Rev.
Infants, on the baptism of, 448, 606, George Watson,

655, 657, 682, 715, 723,

730 Jevon's Sermon on Religious Read.
Infidelity, Bishop Berkeley on, 547 ing reviewed,

Informers, evil of encouraging, 255, Jews, on their expulsion from Spain,

445 22. On the release of a prisoner at
Influences, spiritual, Robert Robinson their passover, 37. On their prin-
on, 645. On,

665 ciples of government, 402, (note).
Inquisition, the, on the establishment Converted to Christianity in Rus-

of the Spanish, 22. On the Roman, sia, 628. On the Society in Lon..
187. Prosecution for a libel on, don for converting, 684. In China, 670
376. Mr. Holland's verses on its J. F. on the marriage ceremony as it
428 respects Unitarians,

Inspiration, plenary, of the Scriptures, J. G.'s account of the opening of the

595 Unitarian Chapel at Stainforth,

INTELLIGENCE, 59, 121, 179, 244, J. H. on the perpetuity of baptista,

306, 371, 430, 494, 556, 628, 692 93. On the monument to Mr.
Invention and discovery,
38 Locke,

INVESTIGATOR on the Athanasian J. H. B.'s account of the Dudley

31 Double Lecture, 373. Account of
Ireland, orthodox alarm in, 123, 216, the Warwickshire Unitarian Tract
224. Bill for the relief of the Society anniversary,

Unitarians in,

443 J. L. F.'s obituary of Richard Clark-
Islamisin, remarks on, 78,
225 son, Esq.,


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Jones oli,


J. M. on the Unitarian opinion of the


595 L. on the term philosophical Chris-
Job, the book of, lines to the author tians, 35. His account of the ser-

489 vice at Parliament Court on the
John vi. 62, 63, criticism on, 680. settlement of Mr. Fox,

xii. 23-32, illustration of, 484, 676 Labour, remarks on,

1 Juhn v.7. On, 529, 531. v. 16,

Lactantius on war,

17, criticism on,

104 Lacy, General, lines on the execution
John, King, the grave of,

Jones, Sir Williain, on the morality of Larch-trees, immense numbers plant-
the Heathens,

162 ed by Dr. Watson,
Jones, Mr., on Epaphroditus, 727 Lardner, Dr., his answer to Mr. Wool-
Jones's Ecclesiastical Researches, on,



727 Laurence on Griesbach's Greek Tes-
Jones's Greek and English Lexicon, tament, reviewed, 167, 236, 359
inquiry for,

341 Lavalette, Madame, on, 346, 395
Jones's Illustrations of the Gospels, Law, martial, of England, 283. Com-
on, 614,


mon, on religious ofiences indictable
Joseph, on the genealogy of,

20 at, 535—547. Grievous expenses
Josephus on the courts of the Temple of proceedings at

of Jerusalem, 484, 676. On his Law, Bishop, on the mortality of the
account of Epaphroditus, 674. Mr. soul,

727 Lawrence, Mr., his protest against the
Journal du Commerce, extracts from, marriage ceremony,

on the Unitarians at Geneva, 630, 711 Lay Preacher's Sermon on Spring
Joyce, Rev. Jeremiah, Mr. Rutt's ac- reviewed,

count of, 357. Memoir of, 697 Lectures, &c. at

J. P.'s obituary of Mrs. Goe,

492 Chapel, 636. At Worship-Street,
J. S.'s addition to names of writers in

the Theological Reposito.y, 602.


Lectureships, on,
Obituary of Mrs. Mary Simpson, 625 Legislation, principles of,
J. T. R.'s verses to a daughter, 4:26. Leopold, Prince, remarks on, 693,

On Boerhaave's religious opinions, Leusden's Greek Testament, remarks
531. On the correspondeuce be-

tweeu Mr. Mede and Dr. Twisse, 708 Lewes, Fellowship Fund at,
Judaism, on proselytes to, 487, 676 Lewin's Mead, Bristol, Dr. Estlin's
Justin Martyr, his opinion on the

settlement at,

520 L. Hi's obituary of J. Mace, Esq.
Justus of Tiberius, account of, 728

120. Obituary of Miss Anne Cloute

, 179
J. W. on the right of Dissenting Mi-

Libels, prosecutions for, 313. On
nisters to vote at a county election, 36 the trials for, 447. Holi and Starkie
J. W. T. on Bedford's Computation on the law of,
of Prophetic Scripture,

587 Liberality, ou pretended,

Liberty, religious, on, 48. Dr. Price

on natural and moral, 111. Dr.

Jebb on, . Sonnet tó, 370. Prin-
Keat's sonnet on the grasshopper and ciples of,

632 Library, Mr. Roscoe's sopnet on part-
Kenrick's Sermon before the Wes.

ing with his,
tera Unitarian Society, reviewed, 733 Life, see Vitality.
Rent General Baptist Churches an-

Lightfoot on the Temple at Jerusalen,
nual association,


Kent and Sussex Unitarian Christian

Lindsey, Mr., brief history of, 456.
Association anniversary

501 On Sir Isaac Newton's timidity,
Kentish, Rev. Mr. abstract of his Ser.

Lindsey's Second Address, &c.,
mon at the Dudley Double Lecture, 373 tract from, 521,
Keyser, John, on the trial of, for he-

Liverpool, extraordinary proceeding


at, in the case of Mr. Wright, 244,
Kirby, Mr., bis account of Mr. Win-

254, 276, 306, 410,

554 Liverpool, Earl of, on the Catholics, 312
Kirk of Scotland, her fonr wounds, 99 Livings of the clergy,
Knowledge, the power of,

183 tion of them,
Konaris, on the meaning of, 33,

L. J. Ji's observations on Dr. Car-
158, 273,

397 penter's letter to Dr. Stock,
Kosciusko, General, verses to the Llandaft, Marsh, Bishop of,
spirit of, 687. Obituary of, ib.

Catholics, 312,











on an




on the


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