Laws of His Majesty Kamehameha III, King of the Hawaiian Islands, Passed by the Nobles and Representatives at Their Session, 1853

order of the Government, 1853 - 76 páginas

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Página 68 - It shall be free for each of the two contracting parties to appoint consuls for the protection of trade, to reside in the dominions and territories of the other party; but before any consul shall act as such, he shall, in the usual form, be approved and admitted by the government to which he is sent, and either of the contracting parties may except from the residence of consuls such particular places as...
Página 61 - Where the offence was committed by the procurement or with the connivance of the plaintiff. 2. Where the offence charged has been forgiven by the plaintiff. The forgiveness may be proved either affirmatively or by the voluntary cohabitation of the parties with the knowledge of the fact.
Página 66 - In the same manner there shall be perfect equality of treatment in regard to exportation, so that the same...
Página 34 - Whenever the capital stock of any corporation is divided into shares, and certificates therefor are issued, such shares of stock are personal property...
Página 67 - States by the citizens of the Republic of Costa Rica under the same conditions. The citizens of the high contracting parties shall reciprocally receive and enjoy full and perfect protection for their persons and property, and shall have free and open access to the courts of justice in the said countries respectively, for the prosecution and defence of their just rights; and they shall be at liberty to employ, in all cases, the advocates, attorneys, or agents of whatever description, whom they may...
Página 57 - ... within any port in the territory of the other party, the authorities of such port and territory shall be bound to give every assistance in their power for the apprehension of such deserters, on application to that effect being made by the consul of the party concerned, or by the deputy or representative of the consul; and no public body shall protect or harbour such deserters.
Página 69 - ... or to the State, shall not be liable to seizure or sequestration , or to any other .charges or demands than those which may be made upon the like effects or property belonging to native subjects or citizens.
Página 64 - There shall be between all the Territories of His Britannic Majesty in Europe, and the Territories of Mexico, a reciprocal freedom of commerce. The inhabitants of the two countries respectively shall have liberty freely and securely to come, with their ships...
Página 47 - The following actions shall be commenced within six years next after the cause of such action accrued, and not after: 1.
Página 15 - That from and after the first day of December next, in lieu of the duties heretofore imposed by law on the articles hereinafter mentioned, and on such as may now be exempt from duty, there shall be levied, collected, and paid, on the goods, wares, and merchandise herein enumerated and provided for, imported from foreign countries, the following rates of duty...

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