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Verfassung von Ostindien Verlegenheiten der Ostindischen Kompagnie
Privileg de la Roches für Kanada erlaubt die Verteilung Kanadas auf dem Wege
kämpft mit England um die Kolonien Vernichtung der spanischen
Die Theo ri e erachtet anfangs eine despotische Regierung von Kolonien für
Er schildert seine Schwächen in seiner Art of colonization Er will dem Mutter
Dislere betrachtet das englische System als ungeeignet für französische Kolonien
Geringe Erfolge der Londonkompagnie Aus der Plymouthkoinpagnie geht
Ihre Geschäfte 1900 Ablösung der Gesellschaft Scheitern des Versuches
Zusammenbrach der Ostindischen Kompagnie Entstehung der Westindischen
Geringe Erfolge in Afrika Letzte Versuche in Guyana im Ib Jahrhundert
Compagnie de Guinea Compagnie du Senegal Schicksale der Gesellschaften
Ursprung derChartered Companies aus dem Lehensrecht Anfangs meist
Schlechte Erfahrungen Englands in jener Zeit Rascher Aufschwung kolonialer
Die Vorarbeiten Kronlandgesetz für Congo francais von 1899 Die Entstehung
In Spanien Portugal Frankreich die Bevorzugung von Juristen und Theologen
Das Schicksal der Schulen in Leydcn 1900 Aufhebung der Delfter Akademie
Belgische Handelsschulen
Auswanderung im 19 Jahrhundert Großbritannien Maßregeln zum Schutze
Baden duldet die Auswanderung 1853 trifft es Maßnahmen zum Schutze
Italien Starke Auswanderung Zugreifen der Regierung in den 80er Jahren
wanderung nach eigenen Kolonien besonders vorteilhaft für ein Land 140 Neuerdings wei den auch die Vorteile ausder Auswanderung nach fremden ...
Der Sklavenhandel der Engländer Skiavengesetzgebung iu engl Kolonien
Agitation gegen die Sklaverei im 18 Jahrhundert Widerstand der Interessenten
Maßregeln gegen Sklavenhandel Verbot des Sklavenhandels für England 1807

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Página 192 - It is a shameful and unblessed thing to take the scum of people and wicked condemned men, to be the people with whom you plant; and not only so, but it spoileth the plantation ; for they will ever live like rogues, and not fall to work, but be lazy, and do mischief, and spend victuals, and be quickly weary, and then certify over to their country to the discredit of the plantation.
Página 222 - By this we taste the spices of Arabia, yet never feel the scorching sun which brings them forth...
Página 227 - To prohibit a great people, however, from making all that they can of every part of their own produce, or from employing their , stock and industry in the way that they judge most advantageous i to themselves, is a manifest violation of the most sacred rights of \ mankind.
Página 46 - To propose that Great Britain should voluntarily give up all authority over her Colonies, and leave them to elect their own magistrates, to enact their own laws, and to make peace and war, as they might think proper, would be to propose such a measure as never was, and never will be adopted by any nation in the world.
Página 227 - In their present state of improvement, those prohibitions, perhaps, without cramping their industry, or restraining it from any employment to which it would have gone of its own accord, are only impertinent badges of slavery imposed upon them, without any sufficient reason, by the groundless jealousy of the merchants and manufacturers of the mother-country.
Página 222 - That no laws can set prices in trade, the rates of which must and will make themselves. But when such laws do happen to lay any hold, it is so much impediment to trade, and therefore prejudicial.
Página 237 - And that they shall, or lawfully may, establish and cause to be made a coin, to pass current there between the people of those several Colonies, for the more ease of traffic and bargaining between and amongst them and the natives there, of such metal and in such manner and form as the same several Councils there shall limit and appoint.
Página 224 - I shall therefore venture to acknowledge, that, not only as a man, but as a BRITISH subject, I pray for the flourishing commerce of GERMANY, SPAIN, ITALY, and even FRANCE itself. I am at least certain, that GREAT BRITAIN, and all those nations, would flourish more, did their sovereigns and ministers adopt such enlarged and benevolent sentiments towards each other.
Página 222 - That there can be no trade unprofitable to the public; for if any prove so, men leave it off; and wherever the traders thrive, the public, of which they are a part, thrives also.
Página 223 - ... the sooner, and that, in the end, he would greatly injure his own family by such whims ? And shall this nation commit an absurdity that stares every private man in the face? The certain way to be secure is to be more powerful, that is, to extend our trade as far as it is capable of; and as restraints have proved its ruin, to reject them, and depend on freedom for our security; bidding defiance to the French, or any nation in Europe, that took umbrage at our exerting our natural advantages.