The Christian's Warfare: It's A Family Affair

Xulon Press, 2008 - 224 páginas
THE CHRISTIAN'S WARFARE: IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR As you read this book, you will come to see that victory over the obstacles we face in life is not just about His power or His presence but about your Positioning. Christ has promised us His power just as he has promised us His presence, but He leaves it up to us to be PROPERLY POSITIONED in certain areas in order that we might gain the victory. These areas are: Living successfully as Singles in a sex-crazed society Husbands loving their wives as Christ loved the church. Wives submitting to and reverencing their husbands Children obeying and honoring their parents Fathers not provoking their children to anger and discouragement Men becoming providers and not pimps in their home FRANCIS L. DAVIS is the pastor/founder of West End Bibleway Christian Fellowship in New Iberia, Louisiana. He is a passionate Teacher of the Word of God whose giftedness is not in how much he knows, but in his ability to make plain, and simple and exciting God's truths. His next book, which will soon be available, is entitled: The Misbehaving Church. "This book acquaints the Saints with proper positioning strategies by providing us with a means to inspect what we expect based on God's expectations for each of us. It addresses a basic premise, that behavior follows belief over a protracted period of time. Reformation can never truly change behavior, transformation of one's belief system is required to behave differently. Misbehavior is a reflection of "mis-believing." Many in the Kingdom will be blessed through this work. Thank you Pastor Davis for obeying the Spirit." Sterling Lands, II DD Sr. Pastor, Greater Calvary Bible Church, Austin, Texas Sr. Pastor, First African Bible Church, Dallas, Texas

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Positioning Ourselves For Victory Through
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