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Government, when 'Aits of Grace are granted to its Enemies, p. 21, c.

Numb. VII. Tko Pretensions for an absolute Power of

the Church considered; Being an answer to some of the most considerable Objetions against impartial Li.


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That leaving People to their private Judgment has been the Cause of all Herefies and Schisms, answered, po

That publick Opinions are more likely to be true, than those of private Men, considered, Þ 8. What Deference we owe to publick Opinions, p. 9.

That if ic be right to follow private Judgment, ere. Ty private Opinion will be equally right, thewn to be inconclusive, p. 9, 10.

Why not so fafe to let others interpret Scripture for me, as to do it for my self, p. 10, 18. How unlikely to come at the true Sense of Scripture by the Determinations of publick Assemblies, P. 13,-16.

That People have no right to publish and propagate their Sentiments, contrary to the publick Opinions, confidered, p. 19, 20. The Pretence of breaking Unity and Peace by it, obviated, p. 21,22.

The Scriptures alledged against impartial Liberty, explaind, p. 23, 8c.

Numb. VIII. Of Reputation. An Esay, occafioned by Numb. IX. Of Societies for Reformation of Manners,

the Controverby between the Lord Bifbop of Bangor, and bis opposers.

Wherein Reputation confifts, p. 4. The Value of it, p. 5. The several Ways of injuring it, for moft of which, Instances given from the Attempts against my Lord of Bangor, p. 6,- A more particular De. tail of the Course of Scandal used by the Bishop's An. tagonists, p. 13,---19. The Means of fecuring a good Reputation, 19-23. A Letter to the Author, com

A plaining of these Attempts of Defamation, and Thewing the Mischief of them, p. 24.


Numb. IX.

with an Address to Magistrates. A general Diffoluteness of Manners, deftru&tive to Communities. Ruines Truth, the Foundation of mutual Confidence among the Members, p. 4._ Consumes their Riches, and lays them open to their Enemies, f. 6. Endangers the Church to the last Degree, p. 7,8.

Necessity of Confederacies or Societies to ftem the Tide of National Vice. The usefulness of these appa. rent for carrying on all great Designs. Especially neceflary in this Case, p: 9,–11. The Discouragements which may be expected in a Design of Reformation, p. 12, -14.

A Scandal caft upon the Societies removed, p. 14,15. They have had some encouraging Success, p. 16. Yet now at a stand from the Indolence or Enmity of too many Magiftrates, p. 17.

An Address to Magistrates to do their Duty in this Mat. ter. As intrufted with the Care of the publick Peace. As Chriftian Magiftrates, p. 18, 19. As Lovers of their Country, p. 20. As they often meet with Crimi. nals wrought up to Capital Crimes by the Indulgence of lower Vices, p. 21. As they are to be supposed Friends of the present Government, and of the Protestant Religion, p. 21, -26. The fad Consequences of suffer. ing these Societies to disband ; which must, if ever it come to pass, be owing to the Magiftrates, p. 27, 28. Numb. X. An Address to the Clergy, in Relation to the

Societies for Reformation of Manners. They have been excited to this by the Sermons of fee veral Bishops and principal Clergymen; by the circular Letters of Bishops, and royal Proclamations, p. 4,-7. Clergymen peculiarly obliged to forward this Delign, from the Nature of their Office, the Character they bear, and the Doctrines they teach, p: 7,-il. This would leffen the Occasions for the severity of the Churches Discipline, and prevent the Prostitution of Chriftian Ordinances, p. 11, --17. It would most ef. fe&tually promote Union among Proteftants, now re. commended from the Throne, p. 17-20.

It would


raise the Reputation of the Clergy, p. 20,--22. And promote the Success of their Preaching, Do 22, c.

Numb. XI. Letters to the Author. Containing Remarks on the following Pamphlets, viz.

1. The Church of Englandman's Memorial: Or, the History of Comprehention and Toleration, p. 4.

2. Dr. Cannon's Vindication of the Proceedings of the Lower House of Convocation, p. 12. 3. Dawson's Sufpiria Sacra, p. 25. Numb. XII. An Ejay on the Pride of Authors.

. The Beauty of Modesty in Conversation and Writing, p. 3, 4.

The usual Foundations of the Pride of an Author, p. 5. The Learning of his Anceftors, p. 7. His own Dignities and Preferments, p. 8. The Reputation of the Subject he defends, p. 9. A Reputation already acquir'd, ib. A grateful Style, p. 10. An Apprehenfion that he is Master of his Subject, p. ll. An Ability to give artful Turns to Things, p. 13, 14.

Ways of an Author's Expressing this. By menacing an Antagonist, p. 16. Insulting upon every supposed Mistake, p. 17. Commending mean Writers, to raise his own Chara&ter upon a Comparison, p. 19. Cone temning valuable Writers, upon Reasons which cannot affect their Merit, p. 21, Diminishing Expressions of their Abilities, p. 22. Odious Comparisons with other Writers, p. 23. Overlooking an Adversary, p 24,-26.

The Folly and Mischief of such an arrogant Man. ner of writing, p. 26.

An Address to the Dean of Chichester, p. 27.




Chryfoft. in Ep. Coloss. cap. 3. Homil. 9. Μηδε περιμείνης έτερον διδάσκαλον, έχεις ταλογία τεθεί

zdos os diddore as extra. Don't look for any other Teacher, thou haft the Oracles of God:

None teaches thee like these. I choose rather to regulate my Faith by what God hath de

livered, than by what Man hath defined. Arch-Bishop Wake's Commentary on the Church Cate

chism. Ed. 3. p. 24. It is not lawful for the Church to ordain any Thing that is

contrary to God's Word written; neither may it so expound one Place of Scripture that it be repugnant to another. Wherefore although the Church be a Witnefs and Keeper of Holy Writ, yet as it ought not to decree any Thing against the same, so besides the same ought it not to enforce any Thing to be believed for necessity of Salvation.

Articles of the Ch. of Engl. Article 20.

LONDON: Printed for J. Knapton at the Crown in St. Paul's

Church-yard; F. Harrison under the Royal Exchange, and A. Dodd without Temple-Bar. 1717

(Price 3 d.)

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