The Life of Oliver Cromwell: Containing His Military Exploits in England During the Grand Rebellion; His Reduction of Scotland, and Conquest of Ireland: His Civil Government ... with an Account of the Great Actions Performed by His Brave Generals and Admirals in the War with the Dutch and Spaniards

H. Woodgate, 1760 - 166 páginas

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Página 89 - I resolved to take a trusty fellow with us, and in troopers' habits to go to the inn ; which accordingly we did, and set our man at the gate of the inn to watch. The gate was shut, but the wicket was open, and our man stood to give us notice when any one came with a saddle on his head. Ireton and I sat in a box near the wicket and called for a can of beer, and then another, drinking in that disguise till ten o'clock...
Página 149 - French minister, gave him an account of what had happened, and told him there was a balance, which, if he pleased, should be paid in to him, to the end that he might deliver it to those of his countrymen who were the owners of the French ships that had been so taken and sold.
Página 14 - You must get men of a spirit, and take it not ill what I say — I know you will not — of a spirit that is likely to go on as far as gentlemen will go, or else you will be beaten still.
Página 14 - are most of them old decayed servingmen, and tapsters, and such kind of fellows ; and," said I, " their troops are gentlemen's sons, younger sons and persons of quality ; do you think that the spirits of such base and mean fellows will ever be able to encounter gentlemen, that have honour and courage and resolution in them...
Página 111 - England that would forsake the royal interest; that he had great courage, industry, and generosity; that he had many friends who would always adhere to him; and that as long as he lived, what condition soever he was in, he would be a thorn in their sides; and therefore, for the good of the commonwealth, he should give his vote against the petition.
Página 146 - He was the first that infused that proportion of courage into seamen, by making them see, by experience, what mighty things they could do if they were resolved, and taught them to fight in fire as well as upon the water; and though he has been very well imitated and followed, was the first that gave the example of that kind of naval courage, and bold and resolute achievements.
Página 21 - Ui come in ; till their piftob being difcharged, the cavalier, with a flanting back blow of a broad fword, ^chanced to cut the ribbon that held Cromwell's murrion, and, with a draw, threw it off his head ; and now, juft...
Página 13 - Cromwell used them daily to look after, feed and dress their horses ; and, when it was needful, to lie together with them on the ground; and besides, taught them to clean and keep their arms bright, and have them ready for service ; to chuse die best armour, and to arm themselves to the best advantage.
Página 102 - These men will never leave till the Army pull them out by the ears...
Página 63 - ... and gave such farther orders for drawing the auxiliary troops together in the several counties, as he thought fit. He gave Lambert order, " immediately to follow " the king with seven or eight hundred horse, and " to draw as many others, as he could, from the " country militia; and to disturb his majesty's

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