The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs, Volumen24

Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1855

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Página 553 - I have now the honour to report, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that on...
Página 273 - We shall take back with us to France the lasting impression, made on minds thoroughly able to appreciate it, of the imposing spectacle which England presents, where virtue on the throne directs the destinies of a country under the empire of a liberty without danger to its grandeur.
Página 681 - ... Saturn,— the old and new ring, which is advancing with its crest of waters to the body of the planet, — the rocks, and mountains, and valleys, and extinct volcanoes of the moon, — the crescent of Venus, with its mountainous outline, — the systems of double and triple stars, — the nebulae and starry clusters of every variety of shape, — and those spiral nebular formations which baffle human comprehension, and constitute the greatest achievement in modern discovery.
Página 27 - The variation is said to be easterly when the North end of the needle is drawn to the eastward, and westerly when drawn to the westward of the true North ; thus, when the North end of the needle points to that part of the horizon which is true NNW ¿ W., the variation is said to be 2^ points West ; but when it points to the N.
Página 478 - Late in the evening of the 10th instant, Her Majesty's ship Merlin, under the command of Captain Sulivan, struck upon an unknown rock on ground which he had himself repeatedly examined, while conducting me along the line of the mortar-vessels. No blame whatever can attach to this officer on the occasion, and I gladly avail myself of the opportunity which is thus afforded me of calling the special attention of their Lordships to the unwearied activity of this valuable officer.
Página 477 - ... who were engaged were repeatedly exposed. Some of the most severe injuries are those which unfortunately occurred from explosions of the rockets in the boats of the Hastings and Vulture.
Página 443 - A Russian war schooner, which had been run on shore near the town and abandoned, was set fire to and burnt, and so was a large raft of timber. The wreck of a large vessel (a sort of guardship), which we observed to be fired by the enemy, and blown up on our first appearance in Taganrog Roads, was visited, but was found to be already effectually destroyed. " Many large buildings had the black flag hoisted, as a sign, I presume, of their being hospitals ; these •were most carefully respected by us,...
Página 477 - Penaud, and, with the cordiality and ready concord which I have invariably experienced from that officer, arrangements were immediately concerted, and order given to cease firing after daylight. Little fire, except at the rocket-boats, had been returned by the enemy during the night, and it ceased almost entirely on his side before daylight, although the sea defences in general were little injured. It remains for me to transmit now for their Lordships...
Página 273 - England and France are naturally united on all the great questions of politics and of human progress that agitate the world. From the shores of the Atlantic to those of the Mediterranean — from the Baltic to the Black Sea — from the desire to abolish slavery to...
Página 681 - ... to expound its mysteries, and to develop its laws "? Over the invisible world he has received no commission to reign, and into its secrets he has no authority to pry. It is over the material and the visible that he has to sway the intellectual sceptre — it is among the structures of organic and inorganic life that his functions of combination and analysis are to be chiefly exercised. Nor is this a task unworthy of his genius, or unconnected with his destiny.

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