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Page A Prayer for a grievous Sinner, who has long delayed his repentance

7 Another Prayer after a long course of wickedness and impiety 9 A Prayer upon a relapse into sin

11 A General and humble confession of sin

13 A Prayer for repentance and growth in grace

15 for one that is not duly grieved with his sins

17 against temptation

18 for deliverance from evil

19 against inordinate desires

20 for temperance

21 A Penitential Litany

22 A Prayer for humility

27 for obedience to Commanders on Land or at Sea 28 Another for the Same

30 A Prayer by a Commander for himself and others

30 to be used by Officers with their troops, or Commanders with their Crews

32 Another for the Same in time of peace

36 A Prayer in time of war or tumults

37 in time of war

37 Another

39 Prayers to be used before battle

40 Thanksgivings after victory

41 A Thanksgiving for Peace and Deliverance from our enemies 43 for restoring public Peace at Home

44 A Prayer to be used by an Officer on Court Martial when Sentence of Death may be passed

44 Prayers to be used by a Man under Sentence of Death

46 A Prayer for a person going to Sea Another for a person either before a March or going to Sea 49 A Thanksgiving for a safe return from Sea

50 after a Journey or Voyage .

50 An Office of Prayer to be used at Sea

51 to be said especially in a Storm or danger of Pirates or Shipwreck



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A Prayer for a grievous sinner who has long delayed his

repentance. O

MOST holy and merciful God, who wouldest

not that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance, be merciful to me a miserable sinner. I have too long neglected my duty to thee, I have grievously transgressed thy righteous laws, I have trodden under foot the blood of thy Son, and done despite unto the Spirit of grace. My sins are gone over my head, and are, as a sore burden, too heavy for me to bear. Enter not into judgment with thy servant O Lord, for in thy sight no man living shall be justified: How much less a miserable wretch who am the chief of sinners! I have provoked thy Divine Majesty by a life of wickedness, for which thou mightest justly have long since cut me off, and driven me from thy presence with everlasting destruction. I have been a blasphemer of thy name, a hinderer of thy word, a slave of my own

I will lay my

lusts, and a tempter of my brethren; I have nothing to plead in my defence. hand upon my mouth and repent in dust and ashes. But since in the very depth of my wretchedness thou hast looked down upon me with compassion, and awakened me to a sense of my danger and guilt, Oh gracious God, complete the good work which thou hast begun in me; remove the scales from my eyes that I may see all the sinfulness of my ways and the wonders of thy grace; soften this stony heart and change it into a heart of flesh. Oh that my head were waters and mine eyes a fountain of tears that I might weep, day and night for my past transgressions! But accept O Lord, the feeble desires which thy grace has inspired; break not a bruised reed, nor quench the smoking lax; but enkindle in me such love towards thee for thy mercy that I may serve thee faithfully for the time to come, and fill me with such an abhorrence of my iniquities that I may sin no more. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me, and as in the time past I have dishonoured thee by my transgressions, so now adorn me I beseech thee with all the gifts and graces of thy Spirit, and number me with thy saints in glory everlasting. Hear me O Lord in these my supplications and prayers, for the sake of my Advocate and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.


Another Prayer after a long course of wickedness and impiety

GREAT and merciful God, the fountain of

wisdom, the source of grace and truth, the giver of pardon, of life, and of salvation, the helper and comforter of all who flee unto thee for succour; look down with pity and compassion on me thy unworthy servant, lying in the pollution of my sins, in the fear of thy wrath, in the shadow of death, and within the very verge of the gates of hell. I confess to thee O God, what thou knowest too well, but I confess it to manifest thy Justice and to glorify thy Mercy who hast spared me so long, that I am guilty of the vilest follies and sins which can dishonour the worst of thy creatures.

I have been proud and covetous, envious and malicious, indevout and irreligious, restless in my passions, careless of thy counsels, and weary of the offices of thy holy religion. I can give no account of my time which has been miserably misspent, and I cannot reckon the sins of my tongue. In the remembrance of my misdoings which are intolerable, my imperfections which are shameful, my omissions which are innumerable, what shall I say unto thee 0 thou preserver of men ? I am so vile that I cannot express it, so sinful that I am hateful to myself, and what then must I be in thy sight who art of purer eyes than

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