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ET us be very clear, and make clear to all the

world what our motives and our objects are. We are glad to fight for the ultimate peace of the world, and for the liberation of its peoples, the German peoples included; for the rights of nations great and small, and the privilege of men everywhere to choose their way of life and obedience. The world must be made safe for democracy. ... We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion. ... We fight without rancour,

seeking nothing but what we shall wish to share with all free peoples. We enter this war only where we are clearly forced into it, because there are no other means of defending our rights, in armed opposition to an irresponsible government which has thrown aside all considerations of humanity and of right, and is running amuck. ... The day has come when America is privileged to spend her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness and the peace which she has treasured. God helping her she can do no other.”—President Wilson.

UR help standeth in the Name of the LORD, who



I hereby promise to read a portion of this book daily, and to offer a prayer to God for His guidance and blessing.




Home Address....

Nearest Kin.

Home Minister.


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NHE LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon Him; yea, all such as call upon Him faithfully.- Ps. 145.


Spent in Thy presence will avail to make!
What heavy burdens from our bosoms take;
What parched grounds refresh, as with a shower!
We kneel, and all around us seems to lower;
We rise, and all the distant and the near
Stands forth in sunny outline, brave and clear!
We kneel, how weak! we rise, how full of power!
Why therefore should we do ourselves this wrong,
Or others, that we are not always strong;
That we are ever overborne with care;
That we should ever weak or heartless be,
Anxious or troubled, when with us is prayer,
And joy and strength and courage are with Thee?

-Archbishop Trench.


TORE things are wrought by prayer
For so the whole round earth is every way
Bound by gold chains about the feet of God.

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