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ALTHOUGH volumes have been written on the subject of highway construction, still the matter is widely scattered through the pages of the standard works on engineering, technical journals and periodicals, in pamphlets and reports of city engineers, and is therefore not always easily accessible when wanted.

The author, having found the need of a comprehensive and practical work of reference upon the many subjects connected with highways, has in the following pages endeavored to collate the varied mass of information. In doing so he has derived valuable assistance from the works of the authors mentioned below (which works may be profitably studied by those desiring further information upon the subjects treated of), and takes this method of acknowledging his indebtedness and thanks, instead of inclosing every extract in quotation-marks.

AUTHORS AND PUBLICATIONS REFERRED TO. Allnutt.Wood Pavements; Prize Essays on Road-making and Maintenance.

A Move for Better Roads.

Baker. – Masonry Construction; Cost of Bad Roads, in Report of the Illinois Society of Engineers and Surveyors.

Baumeister.—The Cleaning ard Sewerage of Cities.

Boulnois.- Dirty Dust-bins and Sloppy Streets; The Municipal and Sanitary Engineer's Handbook.

Burgoyne.—On Rolling New-made Roads.

Burnell.--Selection, Inspection, and Use of Cement and Mortar (a paper read before the Engineers' Club of St. Louis). Brande.- Encyclopædia of Science, Literature, and Art.

Callanan.-Roads and Road-making.

Clark.-Recent Practice in the Construction of Roads and Streets (London).

Cluss.Mortars and Concretes of Antiquity and Modern Times (a paper read before the American Institute of Architects).

Codrington.— Maintenance of Macadamized Roads.
Dobson.—Pioneer Engineering.
Encyclopædia Britannica.
Engineering and Building Record.
Engineering Magazine.
Engineering News and American Railway Journal.
Gillespie.- The Principles and Practice of Road-making.

Gillmore.—Roads, Streets, and Pavements; Limes, Hydraulic Cements, and Mortars; Strength of the Building Stones in the United States.

Good Roads.

Greene.—The Construction and Care of Streets (a paper read before the Commonwealth Club of New York); Asphalt and its Uses (a paper read before the American Institute of Mining Engineers); Roads and Road-making (in Harper's Weekly).

Harper's Weekly.

Haupt.-Common Roads, in Reports of the Pennsylvania Board of Agriculture; The Best Arrangement of City Streets, in Franklin Institute Journal; Importance of Good Wagon-roads, in Engineering Magazine; Engineering; Specifications and Contracts.

Haywood.—Reports Addressed to the Commissioners of Sewers of the City of London.

Henck.–Field-book for Railroad Engineers.
Herschel. --The Science of Road-making.
Hughes.—The Roads and Walks of Central Park, New York,
Hurst. - Architectural Surveyor's Handbook.
Jenks.-Road Legislation for the American State.
Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.
Journal of the Franklin Institute.
Journal of the Society of Arts.
Knight.-American Mechanical Dictionary.

Kuichling.--Cement Mortars for Use in Public Works (Report to the Executive Board of the City of Rochester, New York).

Law. The Art of Constructing Common Roads.
Lippincott's Magazine.
Love.-Pavements and Roads.

McClanahan.-Roads and Road-drainage, in Report of the Illinois Society of Engineers and Surveyors.

Mahan.-Civil Engineering.

Manuel de l'Ingénieur des Ponts et Chaussées.

Mathewson.-City Streets: How to Build them and Why (a paper read before the Ohio Society of Surveyors and Civil Engineers).

Molesworth.- Pocketbook of Formulæ and Memorandum.
Morin.-Aide Memoir; Expérience sur le Tirage des Voitures.
Moseley.Mechanics of Engineering.
Nelson.-Making and Mending of Country Roads, in Harper's Weekly.

Newberry.—The Street Pavements of New York, in School of Mines Quarterly.

North.-Construction and Maintenance of Roads; Highways and National Prosperity, in Engineering Magazine.

Nystrom.-Pocketbook of Mechanics.

Paget.-- Report on the Economy of Road Maintenance and Horse-draft through Steam Road-rolling.

Parnell.Treatise on Roads.
Paving and Municipal Engineering.
Pennell.–What I Know about European Roads, in Harper's Weekly.
Pope. - Improvement of City Streets.

Potter.— The Common Roads of Europe and America, in the Engineering Magazine; Our Common Roads, in the Century Magazine; The Gospel of Good Roads.

Proceedings of the Association of Municipal and Sanitary Engineers and Surveyors.

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.
Rankine.--Civil Engineering.
Reports of the Engineer Department of the District of Columbia.
Reports of the Pennsylvania Board of Agriculture.
Reports of the Tenth and Eleventh United States Census.
Reports of the United States Geological Survey.
Reports of Various City Civil Engineers.
Rhaun,- A Plea for Better Roads.

Ripley.-Improved Roads (an address before the New Jersey State Board of Agriculture).

School of Mines Quarterly.
Scribner's Magazine.
Searles.-Field Engineering.
Shaler.—The Common Roads, in Scribner's Magazine.

Shunk.–Treatise on Railway Construction and Location for Young Engineers.

Smith.--Parks and Pleasure Grounds.
Speed.—The Common Roads of Europe, in Lippincott's Magazine.
Spon.-- Dictionary of Engineering.

The Century Magazine.
The Clay Worker.
The Manufacturer.
The Sanitarian.
The Technologist.
The Transit.

Torrey.-Pavement Construction and Economies (an address at the Street-paving Exposition, Indianapolis).

Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Transactions of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers.
Trautwine.-Engineer's Pocketbook.

United States Consular Reports on the Streets and Highways of Foreign Countries.

Vose.--Manual for Railroad Engineers.
Waddell.-General Specifications for Highway Bridges.
Wellington.—The Economic Theory of Railway Location.
Wheeler.- Repair and Maintenance of Roads.
Wilkins.- Mountain Roads, etc.
Wright.-Mechanical Dictionary.

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