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George Washington: A Biographical Companion, by Frank E. Grizzard. This book takes you through the life of our first president as a independent country. Many people think they know a lot about him but after reading this book I've learned so much more about him that I couldn't even imagine. The beginning of the story's takes place of his home in Virginia and he gains some inheritance and some events happen to him and cause him to not achieve his dreams of going to school. Which causes him to take a different path and he becomes a surveyor and often has to go on long journeys. Some of importan people that are included in this book are: John Adams, Benidict Arnold, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Madioson, Martha Washington, Lawernce Washington, and his father Augustine Washington. This book is for you if you enjoy learning about history, background information on historic characters, and if u learning about the revolutionary war area. Some things that aren't that well about the book is it rumbles on and makes you lose intrest, it doesn't have very much action, and it's a lot of information This book would be more suitable for more of older age such as high school and above.  

George Washington: a biographical companion

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In approximately 200 articles ranging from one paragraph to several pages and covering everything from John Adams to the Whiskey Rebellion, Grizzard (political science, Middle Tennessee State Univ ... Leer comentario completo

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