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For the construction of two superstructures for Hill View Uptake and Downtake chambers, in the City of Yonkers, Westchester county, New York

NOTE.--The Bidder's name and address must be inserted here, and in case of a firm, the name and address of each and every member of the firm must be added.

In case a bid shall be submitted by or in behalf of any corporation, the complete legal name and address of such corporation must be inserted here, together with the name, address and title of each and every officer of the corporation,

Made this....... of.....

1915, by


The party named above, as Bidder, declares that the only Ridder's person or persons interested in this bid or proposal as principal or principals is or are named above, and that no other person than hereinabove named has any interest in this proposal or in the contract proposed to be taken; that this bid or proposal is made without any connection with any other person or persons making a bid or proposal for the same purpose; that the bid or proposal is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud, and that no member of the Board of Water Supply or of the Board of Aldermen, no head of a department, no chief of a bureau, deputy thereof, or clerk therein, nor other officer of The City of New York, nor any person in the employ of the Board of Water Supply, is, shall be or become, directly or indirectly, interested as contracting party, partner, stockholder, surety or otherwise in the performance of the contract, or in the supplies, work or business to which it relates, or in any portion of the profits thereof; that he is not in arrears to the Corporation of The City of New York, upon debt or contract, nor in default, as surety or otherwise, upon any obligation to the Corporation of The City of New York; that he has examined the sites of the structures, the form of Intending contract and specifications approved by the Corporation Coun-examine sites. sel, and the drawings therein referred to, and has read the Information for Bidders hereto attached; and he proposes and agrees, if this proposal be accepted, that he will contract, in the form so approved, to perform all the work mentioned in said approved form of contract and specifications, and that he will accept in full payment therefor the following sums, to wit:

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per barrel.

ITEM 2. For white Portland cement, the sum of......

[blocks in formation]

ure, exclusive of Items 1 and 2, the lump sum of........

[blocks in formation]

What the prices are to Cover.

The prices are to include and cover the furnishing of all the materials, the performing of all the labor requisite or proper, and the providing of all necessary machinery, tools, apparatus and other means of construction; and the doing of all the above-mentioned work in the manner set forth, described and shown in the specifications and on the drawings for the work, and in the form of contract.

Contract to The Bidder further agrees to execute the contract and be executed in ten days. give the required security within 10 days from the date of the

service of a written notice that said contract has been awarded to him.

If this proposal shall be accepted by the Board of Water Forfeiture of

deposit. Supply, and the Bidder shall refuse or neglect, within 10 days after date of service of the written notice that the contract has been awarded to him, to execute the same, and to give the required security as hereinbefore stipulated, then the Board may, at its option, determine that the Bidder has abandoned the contract, and thereupon the proposal and the acceptance shall be null and void and the deposit accompanying this proposal shall be forfeited to, and retained by, The City of New York as liquidated damages for such neglect or refusal, and shall be paid into the general fund of the said City, pursuant to the provisions of Section 30 of Chapter 724 of the Laws of 1905; but if the said Bidder shall execute the contract and furnish the said security within the time aforesaid, the amount of his deposit shall be returned to him within 3 days after the execution of the contract and bonds.

NOTE.-Each and every person bidding and named above must sign here. In the case of a firm, give the first and last name of each and every member in full, with address.

In case a bid shall be submitted by or in behalf of any corporation, it must be signed in the full legal name of such corporation by some authorized officer or agent thereof, who shall also subscribe his name and office. If practicable the seal of the corporation must be affixed.

NOTE.-The person or all persons making this bid must swear to the following affidavit, and in case of a corporation, this affidavit must be made by one of its officers as an individual. If the affidavit is made out of the County of New York, a certificate must be attached showing the authority of the official before whom the affidavit was made.

State of......


County of......

Name(s) of

being duly sworn, say, each for himself, that the several matters in the above bid are in all respects true.

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