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Página 29 - ... no laborer, workman or mechanic in the employ of the contractor, sub-contractor or other person doing or contracting to do the whole or a part of the work contemplated by the contract shall be permitted or required to work more than eight hours in any one calendar day, except in cases of extraordinary emergency caused by fire, flood or danger to life or property.
Página 39 - Each contract for such public work hereafter made shall contain a provision that the same shall be void and of no effect unless the person or corporation making or performing the same shall comply with the provisions of this...
Página 33 - ... in all cases decide every question which may arise relative to the fulfillment of this contract on the part of the Contractor.
Página 40 - Now, Therefore, the condition of the above obligation is such, that if the said shall well and truly, and in a good, sufficient and workmanlike manner, perform the...
Página 48 - On this day of , 10 — , before me personally came to me known and known to me to be the same person described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and be acknowledged to me that he executed the same for the purposes therein mentioned.
Página 72 - ... orders will be given by the Engineer, and shall be received and obeyed by the superintendent or foreman who may have charge of the particular work in reference to which the orders are given.
Página 71 - Wherever in the specifications or upon the drawings the words directed, required, ordered, designated, prescribed, or words of like import are used, it shall be understood that the direction, requirement, order, designation, or prescription, of the Contracting Officer is intended and similarly the words approved, acceptable, satisfactory...
Página 33 - Is intended and similarly the words approved, acceptable, satisfactory, or words of like import shall mean approved by, or acceptable to, or satisfactory to the Contracting Officer, unless otherwise expressly stated.
Página 62 - Contractor, and in case any question shall arise between the parties hereto, touching this contract, such estimate and decision shall be a condition precedent to the right of the Contractor to receive any money under this contract.

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