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Kansas City, Kans., establishment of harbor lines.
Kansas City, Mo., establishment of harbor lines..
Kaskaskia River, Ill., improvement of.......
Kaukauna, Wis.:

1, 427

Construction of bridge across Fox River and canal by city of...
Construction of bridge across lock of canal at Little Chute by city of.... 1, 429
Kelsey, John P. (schooner), removal of wreck of....
Kennebec River, Me., improvement of.
Kenosha Harbor, Wis., improvement of.

1, 62, 612

Kensington Rapid Transit Bridge Company, bridge of.
Kent Island, Chesapeake Bay, removal of wreck off.
Kent (schooner), removal of wreck of.....
Kentucky River, Ky.:

I, 28, 508
1, 327; iv, 2097
I, 428
1, 132; II, 906
1, 117; 11, 861

Improvement of.

Operating and care of locks and dams on..
Kewaunee Harbor, Wis., improvement of...

1, 303; III, 1980
1, 304; II, 1983
1, 322; IV, 2066

Keweenaw Bay, Mich., waterway across Keweenaw Point from Lake Superior


Improvement of..

Operating and care of.

Keweenaw Point, Mich., waterway across:

Improvement of.

Operating and care of..

Key West Harbor, Fla., improvement of northwest entrance.
Keyport Harbor, N. J., improvement of.

Kingston Harbor, Mass., improvement of
Klaskuine River, Oreg., improvement of.

Knox County, Tenn., construction of bridge across Holston River by.
Knoxville, Tenn., construction of bridge across Holston River near


Levisa Fork of Big Sandy River, Ky., improvement of.

Lewes, Del.:

1, 423; VI, 3159
I, 423; VI, 3159
1, 260; III, 1624

La Center, Wash., construction of bridge across East Fork of Lewis River.... 1, 428
Lafourche, Bayou, La., improvement of..
1, 223; III, 1356
La Grange lock and dam, Illinois River, Ill., operating and care of... 1, 335; IV, 2159
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad Company, bridge of.
Lake Street Elevated Railroad Company, bridge of..

1, 429

Lakes, Great. See Great Lakes and Northern and Northwestern Lakes.
Lakes, Northern and Northwestern. See Northern and Northwestern Lakes.
Larchmont Harbor, N. Y., improvement of.
La Trappe River, Md., improvement of

1, 77, 686
I, 126; 11, 892

Laws of Fifty-third Congress, second session, affecting Corps of Engineers. VI, 3455
Lea, Charles (tugboat), removal of wreck of..

Leaf River, Miss., improvement of..

Leon (tug), removal of wreck of..

I, 132; II, 906
1, 216; II, 1323
1, 182; 11, 1209
1, 305; 11, 2001


Little Chute, Wis., construction of bridge across lock of canal at.
Little Harbor, N. H., improvement of harbor of refuge at...
Little Kanawha River, W. Va. :

Improvement of

I, 312; IV, 2029
1, 313; IV, 2029

Operating and care of lock and dam on..
Little Pedee River, S. C., improvement of.
Little Pigeon River, Tenn., improvement of

Little Rock, Ark., construction of bridge across Arkansas River.
Little Rock Bridge and Terminal Railway Company, bridge of.
Little Sodus Bay, N. Y., improvement of harbor at..

Liverpool (East), Ohio, construction of bridge across Ohio River.
Livingston Point, Ky., preservation of .....

Locks and dams. See Canals.

1, 312; IV, 2029
1,313; IV, 2029
1, 189; II, 1230
1, 104, 815
I, 47, 562

Construction of pier at

I, 113; II, 850

Improvement of inland waterway from Chincoteague Bay, Va., to Delaware

Lockwoods Folly River, N. C., improvement of..
Logstown, Pa., removal of wrecks in Ohio River at

I, 418; IV, 2663

I, 427
I, 427

Bay near...

1, 123; II, 884
Lewis River, Wash., construction of bridge at La Center, across East Fork of.. 1, 428
Licking River, Ky., improvement of, between Farmers and

West Lib-

1, 304; 111, 1992
1, 35, 527

[blocks in formation]

Long Island, channel between Nixs Mate and. See Boston Harbor, Mass.
Long Island Sound, removal of wrecks in

Long Sand Shoal, Long Island Sound, removal of wreck near..
Lookout, Cape, light-house, removal of wrecks near...

Loreauville, La., construction of bridge across Bayou Teche near.
Louisa, Ky., construction of lock and dam in Big Sandy River near..
Louisville and Portland Canal, Ohio River, operating and care of....
Louisville, Ky., Falls of Ohio River at:

Improvement of...

Improvement of Indiana Chute..

Operating and care of Louisville and Portland Canal

Lower Chipola River, Fla., improvement of..

Lower Machodoc Creek, Va., improvement of

Lubec Channel, Me., improvement of

Ludington Harbor, Mich., improvement of..

Lulu (schooner), removal of wreck of...

Lumber River, N. C. and S. C., improvement of
Lynn Harbor, Mass., improvement of

1, 82, 712, 714
1, 82, 714
I, 168; 11, 1065
I, 429
1, 305; III, 1992
1, 295; III, 1935
I, 293; III, 1929
1, 295; III, 1933
1,295; III, 1935
I, 197; II, 1252
I, 141; II, 950
I, 21, 491

I, 348; IV, 2220
I, 152; 11, 987
I, 169; II, 1071

I, 42, 545


McClary, Fort, reservation, Me., site for fortification

McHenry, Fort, Md., sea wall at..

McIntyre, Fla., alteration of bridge obstructing Ocklochonee River

Machodoc (Lower) Creek, Va., improvement of.

Mackeys Creek, N. C., improvement of.

Maçon, Bayou, La., improvement of.

[blocks in formation]

Manistee River, Mich., construction of bridge at Manistee

[blocks in formation]

I, 13

I, 14
I, 431

I, 141; II, 950
I, 155; 11, 995
I, 244; II, 1479

I, 43, 547

I, 107, 822

I, 192; II, 1238
1, 222; 111, 1354
1, 41, 542
I, 427

Manistee, Mich., construction of bridge across Manistee River by city of

Manistee Harbor, Mich., improvement of..

Maps, military and other

Marcus Hook, Pa., improvement of ice harbor at

Marquette, Mich., improvement of harbor at

Marthas Vineyard, Mass.:

Improvement of inner harbor at Edgartown

Removal of wreck near

Martins Ferry, Ohio, establishment of harbor lines in Ohio River.

Maryland (steamer), removal of wreck of

Mattaponi River, Va., improvement of

1, 348; IV, 2223

[blocks in formation]

Mattawan Creek, N. J., improvement of.

Maumee Bay, Ohio. See Toledo Harbor.

Maumee River, Ohio. See Toledo Harbor.

Maurice River Cove, Delaware Bay, removal of wreck in..
Menominee Harbor, Mich. and Wis., improvement of..
Menominee River, Mich. and Wis., improvement of.
Mermentau River and tributaries, La., improvement of
Merrimac River, Mass.:

Bridge between Haverhill and Bradford obstructing, alteration
Improvement of..


Messer, Laura E. (schooner), removal of wreck of.

Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad Company, bridge of
Mianus River, Conn., improvement of

[blocks in formation]

Middle Ground (Outer), Chesapeake Bay, removal of wreck on..

[blocks in formation]

I, 430
1, 37, 532
I, 63, 617

I, 427
1, 75, 681

1, 337; IV, 2188

[blocks in formation]

Mifflin, Fort, Pa., sale of Government land on Delaware River in vicinity of. 1, 461
Milford Harbor, Conn., improvement of

Military and other maps.

Military departments, surveys, reconnaissances, and explorations in.. 1, 443; vi, 3451
Mill Creek, Cincinnati, Ohio, examination and survey for ice harbor at mouth


Milton (barge), removal of wreck of

Milwaukee, Wis. :

Improvement of harbor at

Improvement of harbor of refuge at Milwaukee Bay
Milwaukee Bay, Wis., improvement of harbor of refuge at

Mines, submarine..

Mingo Creek, S. C., improvement of.

Mining casemates

Mining, hydraulic, in California..

Minnesota River, Minn., improvement of

Mispiion River, Del.:

Improvement of

Removal of wreck in..

Mississippi River:



1, 289; III, 1890

1, 95, 786

[blocks in formation]

Des Moines Rapids, improvement of.

Bridge at Red Wing, Minn., construction of

Bridge at South St. Paul, Minn., construction of

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Des Moines Rapids Canal and dry dock, operating and care of.. 1, 263; 11, 1684

Minneapolis to Missouri River, improvement from....
Minneapolis to St. Paul, construction of locks and dams
Ohio River, improvement, surveys, etc., below..
Ohio and Missouri rivers, improvement between


Plaquemine, Bayou, La., prevention of caving at mouth of.
Quincy Bay, Ill., improvement of.

Reservoirs at headwaters of..

[blocks in formation]

1, 264; III, 1693
1,250; 111, 1523
1, 269; III, 1732
1, 262; III, 1639
III, 1640, 1681
1, 420; v, 2697
I, 256; III, 1577
1, 232; III, 1385
1,262; III, 1639
1, 264; 111, 1696
III, 1736
1, 258; III, 1615
...I, 261; III, 1627
1, 256; III, 1567
1, 20, 219; II, 1333

Walnut Bend, Ark., examination for prevention of cut into St. Francis


Mississippi River Commission

Mississippi Sound, removal of wreck in

Missouri, Department of the, report of engineer officer.

Missouri River:

Bridge at Yankton, S. Dak., construction of..

Establishment of harbor lines at Kansas City.

1, 225; III, 1560
I, 420; v, 2697
1, 232; III, 1384
1, 443; VI, 3451

I, 425

I, 423; VI, 3159

Examination of, between Three Forks and Canyon Ferry, Mout., to deter-

[blocks in formation]

Mobile, Ala., alteration of bridge across Three Mile Creek,near.

Mobile and Birmingham Railway Company, bridge of..

Mobile Harbor, Ala., improvement of.

Mobile and Dauphin Island Railroad and Harbor Company, bridges


Mobilo River, Ala., removal of wreck in..

Mokelumne River, Cal., improvement of

Monomoy Beach, Mass., removal of wreck near.

Monomoy life-saving station, Mass., removal of wreck near.

Monomoy Point, Mass., removal of wrecks at and near...

Monomoy Point light-house, Mass., removal of wrecks near.
Monongahela River, W. Va. and Pá.:

Bridge at Pittsburg, Pa., construction of..
Construction of locks and dams on

[blocks in formation]

1, 63, 616

I, 430

I, 430

I, 426

1, 210; II, 1301
1, 219; 11, 1332
1, 399; IV, 2531

1, 63, 618
1, 62, 607

1, 62, 63, 606, 608
1, 63, 616, 617

[blocks in formation]

Mount Pleasant shore, Charleston Harbor, S. C., improvement of. I, 172; II, 1101
Mount Vernon (schooner), removal of wreck of, in Maurice River Cove, Dela-
ware Bay.

Mount Calvert, Md., construction of bridge across Patuxent River.
Mount Desert, Me., construction of breakwater from Porcupine Island to... 1, 23, 496
Mount Pleasant and Seaview Railroad Company, bridge of.

Monroe, Loring (canal boat), removal of wreck of

Montgomery, Ala., construction of bridge across Alabama River near.
Montgomery Bridge Company, bridge of

Moon, W. H. (dredge), removal of wreck of.
Moosabec Bar, Me., improvement of..

Morristown, N. Y., construction of bridge across St. Lawrence River.
Mortar batteries..

Mortar platforms.

[blocks in formation]

1, 232; III, 1383

1, 21, 492

I, 425

1, 5, 11, 12

1, 12

1, 428

1, 431

11, 862

Mount Vernon (schooner), removal of wreck of, in Root River, Wis.. 1, 330; IV, 2124
Murderkill River, Del., improvement of..


I, 121; II, 879
Muscle Shoals Canal, Tennessee River, Ala., operating and care of.... 1, 284; 11, 1828
Muskegon Harbor, Mich., improvement of..
1, 345; IV, 2211
Muskingum River, Ohio:

Construction of ice harbor at mouth of.
Improvement of.....

Operating and care of locks and dams on.

Mystic River, Conn., improvement of.

Mystic River, Mass., improvement of,


N. and W. No. 4 (barge), removal of wreck of...
Nansemond River, Va., improvement of

Nantasket Beach Channel, Mass. See Boston Harbor.
Nantucket, Mass., improvement of harbor of refuge at
Nantucket Sound, Mass., removal of wrecks in and near..
Napa, Cal., establishment of harbor lines

Napa River, Cal.:

Establishment of harbor lines at Napa..
Improvement of..

Narragansett Bay, R. I:

Defense of

Improvement of.

Narraguagus River, Me., improvement of

Narrows of Lake Champlain, N. Y. and Vt., improvement of

Natalbany River, La., improvement of

Nautilus Shoal, Chesapeake Bay, removal of wreck on.

[blocks in formation]

Improvement of waterway between Beaufort Harbor and

New Bedford Harbor, Mass., improvement of..

New Castle, Del., improvement of ice harbor at

[blocks in formation]

New Haven Harbor, Conn.:

Construction of breakwaters in..

Improvement of.

Removal of wreck in.

New Jersey, channel between Staten Island and, improvement of
New River, N. C.:

Improvement of.

Improvement of waterway between Beaufort Harbor and.
Improvement of waterway between Swansboro and..

New River, Va. and W. Va., improvement of.

New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company, bridge of.
New York Harbor, N. Y.:

[blocks in formation]

Channel between Staten Island and New Jersey, improvement of
Davids Island, sea wall and embankment at

I, 69, 646

I, 68, 642

1, 82, 712

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Newbern, N. C.:

Bridge obstructing Trent River, alteration of

Improvement of waterway between Beaufort Harbor and.

Newburyport Harbor, Mass., improvement of.

Newport Harbor, R. I., improvement of..

Newport River, N. C., improvement of waterway via.

Newtown Creek, N. Y., improvement of.

Niagara Falls, N. Y., improvement of Niagara River to
Niagara River, N. Y.:

Establishment of harbor lines at Squaw Island..

Improvement of, from Tonawanda to Port Day (Niagara Falls)..
Improvement of Tonawanda Harbor and

Nixs Mate, channel between Long Island and. See Boston Harbor,
Nomini Creek, Va., improvement of.

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1, 140; II, 948

Nooksack River, Wash., improvement of (Puget Sound and tributaries). 1, 412; iv, 2619
Norfolk Harbor, Va.:

Improvement of approach to, between Lambert Point and Fort Nor-

Improvement of, and approaches

1, 146; 11, 973

I, 147; II, 977

I, 151; II, 983

Improvement of waterway between Albemarle Sound and.

Norfolk, Va., improvement of approach to U. S. navy-yard at.

1, 147; II, 977

Norfolk (West), Va., construction of bridge across Western Branch of Eliza-

beth River..

North East (Cape Fear) River, N. C., improvement of.
North Landing River, Va. and N. C., improvement of
Northern and Northwestern Lakes:

Charts, correcting, printing, and issuing of.....

Improvement of channels in connecting waters of.
Raft-towing on, and connecting waters

Water levels

Northwestern Elevated Railroad Company, bridge of..
Nortons Creek, N. Y., construction of bridge at Hempstead.
Noxubee River, Miss., improvement of

I, 429

I, 163; II, 1040
1, 152; 11, 986

1, 438, 440; VI, 3315

I, 441

I, 361; IV, 2261
1, 368; IV, 2378
1, 437; vi, 3315

1, 441; VI, 3319, 3430

I, 428
1, 427

I, 214; II, 1318


Oak Orchard Harbor, N. Y., improvement of..

Oakland Harbor, Cal.:

Establishment of harbor lines..

Improvement of.

Obion River, Tenn., improvement of..

Obstructions to navigation, action upon bridges constituting

[blocks in formation]

I, 383; IV, 2451

I, 424; IV, 2505, 2506
1, 392; IV, 2501
1, 273; 111, 1785
I, 20, 430
I, 138; II, 941

I, 20, 431; VI, 3189
I, 62, 606

I, 187; II, 1221
1, 431

Ocklochonee River, Fla., alteration of bridge obstructing, at McIntyre..

Ocmulgee River, Ga., improvement of..

Oconee River, Ga., improvement of..

Oconto Harbor, Wis.:

Modification of harbor lines..

Improvement of.

Ocracoke Inlet, N. C., improvement of..


I, 179; II, 1181
.I, 179; 11, 1175

[blocks in formation]

1, 317; IV, 2049

I, 155; 11, 996

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