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Sabine Pass, Tex., improvement of harbor at
Sabine River, Tex., improvement of.

Sacketts Harbor, N. Y., improvement of harbor at.

Saco River, Me., improvement of.
Sacramento River, Cal:

Improvement of.

Improvement of, and tributaries.

Saginaw River, Mich., improvement of..

Saint Augustine Harbor, Fla., improvement of

Saint Clair Flats Canal, Mich. :

Improvement of....

Operating and care of...

Saint Croix River, Me., improvement of

Saint Croix River, Wis. and Minn.:

Improvement of..

Reservoirs at sources of, surveys for.

Saint Francis River, Mo. and Ark.:

I, 230; III, 1376
1, 231; III, 1379
1, 388; IV, 2486

I, 32, 519

I, 399; IV, 2533
1, 421; vi, 3174
I, 355; IV, 2243
I, 187; II, 1223

I, 365; IV, 2371
I, 366; IV, 2373
I, 20, 489

1, 266; II, 1721

III, 1736

Examination of Walnut Bend, Mississippi River, for prevention of cut

into the....

[blocks in formation]

1, 225; 111, 1560
1, 255; III, 1557

1, 255; III, 1564
I, 145; II, 970
I, 145; 11, 970
I, 431

I, 182; II, 1211

I, 185; II, 1218

I, 186; 11, 1220

[blocks in formation]

Improvement of shoals between Sister Islands and Cross-over Light 1, 389; IV, 2489

Reexamination of.

Saint Louis Bay, Wis., improvement of

Saint Louis Harbor, Mo., improvement of.

Saint Marys Falls Canal, Mich. :

Operating and care of.

Water levels at Sault Ste. Marie.

Saint Marys River, Mich. :

Improvement of, at the falls....

Improvement of Hay Lake Channel.

Operating and care of St. Marys Falls Canal..

Resurvey of, from Whitefish Bay to Detour light-house.

Water levels

Saint Paul, Minn., gauging Mississippi River at

I, 440; VI, 3428

1, 310; IV, 2019

1, 258; III, 1615

[blocks in formation]

Saint Paul (South), Minn., construction of bridge across Mississippi
Salem Harbor, Mass., improvement of....

[blocks in formation]

Removal of wreck in Delaware River at entrance to

Salkahatchie River, S. C., improvement of..

San Bernard River, Tex., construction of bridge at Churchills Ferry
San Diego, Cal., defense of......................

San Diego Harbor, Cal., improvement of.

San Francisco Bay, Cal.:

Defense of San Francisco Harbor.

Establishment of harbor lines..

Improvement of Oakland Harbor

San Francisco Harbor, Cal.:

[blocks in formation]

I, 269; III, 1732



1, 41, 543

[blocks in formation]

San Luis Obispo Harbor, Cal., improvement of

I, 394; IV, 2509

San Pablo, Point, Cal., establishment of harbor lines in San Francisco Bay


1, 424; IV, 2505

Sand Beach, Lake Huron, Mich., improvement of harbor of refuge at. 1, 356; IV, 2247
Sandusky Harbor, Ohio, improvement of..
Sandusky River, Ohio, improvement of.

Sandy Bay, Cape Ann, Mass., improvement of harbor of refuge at.

Santee River, S. C., improvement of...
Sarasota Bay, Fla., improvement of..

Saugatuck Harbor, Mich., improvement of..

Saugatuck River, Conn., improvement of..

Saugerties Harbor, N. Y., improvement of..

Savannah, Florida and Western Railway Company, bridge of

1, 371; IV, 2396
I, 372; IV, 2398
1, 39, 536

I, 170; II, 1081
I, 191; II, 1237
1, 341; IV, 2201
I, 73, 667
I, 84, 734

Savannah, Ga., improvement of inside route between Fernandina, Fla.,

[blocks in formation]

Bridge near Augusta, protection of, etc..

Improvement of, above Augusta...

Improvement of, between Augusta and Savannah..

Improvement of Savannah Harbor..

Removal of wrecks in Savannah Harbor..

Sayville, N. Y., improvement of Browns Creek.

Schuylkill River, Pa.:

Improvement of..

Removal of wreck in..

Sale of Government land at mouth of, in vicinity of Fort Mifflin

Scituate Harbor, Mass., improvement of

I, 426

[blocks in formation]

Sea Bright, N. J., establishment of harbor lines in Shrewsbury River near
Sea-coast defenses.

[blocks in formation]

Shovelful Shoal, Mass., removal of wreck on

Ship Island Harbor, Mississippi Sound, removal of wreck in

Shrewsbury River, N. J.:

Establishment of harbor lines near Sea Bright
Improvement of

Silver Springs, Ocala and Gulf Railroad Company, bridge of.

Sister Islands, St. Lawrence River, N. Y., improvement of shoals near.
Siuslaw River, Oreg., improvement of mouth of..

Skagit River, Wash., improvement of (Puget Sound and tributaries).
Skamokawa Creek, Wash., construction of bridge across.
Smith Island, Delaware River, removal of wreck above.
Smyrna River, Del., improvement of ......

Snake River, Wash. and Idaho:

I, 461

I, 46, 558
1, 423, 823

I, 428
I, 14

1, 62, 609

1, 324; IV, 2075

I, 96, 796

1, 232; III, 1384
1, 105, 818
1, 62, 606 ·

1, 423, 823
I, 106, 819
I, 429
1, 389; IV, 2489
1, 405; IV, 2573
1, 412; iv, 2619
1, 429

1, 117; 11, 861
I, 120; 11, 876

Improvement of, between Huntington Bridge and Seven Devils mining

Improvement of Upper Columbia River and.

I, 407; IV, 2589

I, 408; IV, 2590
Snohomish County, Wash., construction of bridge across Stillaquamish River

Snohomish River, Wash., improvement of (Puget Sound and


I, 429

Snoqualmie River, Wash., improvement of (Puget

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

South Pass, Mississippi River, inspection of improvement of.
South River, N. J., improvement of.....

South St. Paul Belt Railroad Company, bridge of..

1, 412; IV, 2619

I, 430

1, 341; iv, 2198
I, 20, 219; III, 1333

South St. Paul, Minn., construction of bridge across Mississippi River.
Southampton, N. Y., removal of wreek off..

1, 103, 813

1, 82, 713

Spuyten Duyvil Creek, N. Y., reconstruction of bridge across
Squan River, N. J. See Manasquan River.

Squaw Island, N. Y., establishment of harbor lines.

Stamford Harbor, Conn., improvement of......

Staten Island and New Jersey, improvement of channel between
Steele Bayou, Miss., improvement of.

Stillaguamish River, Wash.:

Improvement of (Puget Sound and tributaries).
Construction of bridge across..

Stillaquamish River, Wash. See Stillaguamish River.

Stonington, Conn., improvement of harbor of refuge at...

[blocks in formation]

I, 61, 602

Structures built by the United States, occupancy or injury of.... 1, 20, 431; VI, 3189

Sturgeon Bay, Wis., construction of bridge across.
Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan Ship Canal, Wis. :

Improvement of....

Improvement of harbor of refuge at eastern entrance..
Operating and care of....

[blocks in formation]

Sumpawanus Inlet, N. Y., improvement of..

Sunken Meadow, East River, N. Y., removal of wrecks off.

Superior Bay, Wis. :

Improvement of

Modification of harbor lines.

[blocks in formation]

I, 428

1, 319; IV, 2056
1, 321; IV, 2062
1,320; IV, 2058


I, 431

1, 172; II, 1101

I, 13

1, 95, 794
1, 95, 785, 786

1, 310; IV, 2019

1, 423; IV, 2039

Improvement of waterway across Keweenaw Point from Keweenaw


I, 312; IV, 2029

1, 313; IV, 2039

Operating and care of waterway across Keweenaw Point from Keweenaw

Water levels.

Supervisor of the harbor of New York.

1, 441; VI, 3430
1, 420; IV, 2681

Surveys, examinations, and contingencies of rivers and harbors, estimates for. 1, 419
Surveys, reconnaissances, and explorations in military departments. 1, 443; VI, 3451
Susquehanna River, vicinity of Havre de Grace, Md., improvement of. 1, 124; 11, 886
Sussex County, Del., construction of temporary bridge across canal connect-

ing Chincoteague and Delaware bays by

Suwance River, Fla., improvement of...
Swansboro, N. C., improvement of waterway between New River and.
Swash Channel, Charleston Harbor, S. C., removal of wreck in
Swinomish Slough, Wash., improvement of...


Tacoma, Wash., construction of bridge across ship channel by city of.

Tampa, Fla., construction of bridge across Hillsborough River

Tarentum, Pa., construction of bridge across Allegheny River below.

[blocks in formation]

Improvement of, below Bee Tree Shoals, Ala

Improvement of, between Chattanooga, Tenn., and foot of Bee

[blocks in formation]

I, 430

I, 195; II, 1246

1, 161; 11, 1037
1, 174; II, 1128

1, 412; IV, 2611

1, 95, 785
1, 247; III, 1508
I, 426

1, 193; II, 1241
1, 156; II, 1019
I, 428

1, 54, 586
1, 220; 1, 1349
1, 247; III, 1506

I, 429
1, 226; 111, 1368

1, 273; III, 1787
1,273; 11, 1787
1, 275; III, 1792
1, 274; 11, 1790
1,282; III, 1821
1, 284; 111, 1828
1, 244; III, 1479
1, 223; II, 1360

Thames River, Conn., improvement of.

Thomas, Samuel W. (schooner), removal of wreck of..
Three Mile Creek, Ala., alteration of bridge near Mobile.
Thunder Bay Harbor, Mich., improvement of..
Thunder Bay River, Mich., improvement of

Tickfaw River, La., and tributaries, improvement of.
Ticonderoga River, N. Y., improvement of..
Tillamook Bay and Bar, Oreg., improvement of.
Toledo Harbor, Ohio, improvement of

Tombigbee River, Ala. and Miss., improvement of
Below Demopolis, Ala.

Between Demopolis, Ala., and Columbus, Miss
Between Columbus and Fulton, Miss

Between Fulton and Walkers Bridge, Miss.
Tonawanda Harbor, N. Y., improvement of..
Tradewater River, Ky., improvement of..
Trent River, N. C. :

Bridge obstructing, at Newbern, alteration of..
Improvement of.

Trinity River, Tex., improvement of.

Tug Fork of Big Sandy River, W. Va. and Ky., improvement of

Two Rivers Harbor, Wis., improvement of

[blocks in formation]

Vancouver, Wash., unprovement of Columbia River near
Vermillion, Bayou, bay, and passes, La., improvement of
Vermillion Harbor, Ohio, improvement of.

Vineyard Haven, Mass.:

Improvement of harbor at.

Removal of wrecks in...

Vineyard Haven Harbor, Mass.:

Improvement of...

Removal of wrecks in..

Volusia Bar, Fla., improvement of

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Improvement of, above Vincennes, Ind

Improvement of, below Vincennes, Ind.

Waccamaw River, N. C. and S. C., improvement of.

[blocks in formation]

Wahkiakum County, Wash., construction of bridge across Skamokawa Creek


Walnut Bend, Mississippi River, examination for prevention of cut into St.
Francis River.

Wappinger Creek, N. Y., improvement of.

Wappoo Cut, S. C., improvement of .

Wareham Harbor, Mass., improvement of..

I, 429
I, 225; 111, 1560
1, 85, 740

I, 173; II, 1116

Warren County, Miss., construction of bridge across Big Black River by

[blocks in formation]

I, 52, 580
I, 430

I, 212; II, 1311
I, 211; II, 1310
I, 127; 11, 894

Great Falls, Potomac River, use of water power for electric lighting

Potomac River at, improvement of.
Public buildings and grounds..

Washington aqueduct

1, 1:8; II, 939
I, 6, 10
VI, 3256

1, 135; 11, 925
1, 435; VI, 3265
1, 432; VI, 3193

[ocr errors]
[blocks in formation]

Washington and Chesapeake Beach Railway Company, bridge of.

Washington aqueduct, Washington, D. C
Washington Bayou, Miss., improvement of
Washington monument, Washington, D. C
Wateree River, S. C., improvement of..


1, 435; VI, 3267
1, 434; VI, 3222
I, 428
1, 432; VI, 3193
1,248; 1, 1511
1, 435; VI, 3267

1, 171; II, 1089

Between Beaufort Harbor and Newbern (on Neuse River), N. C.. 1, 159; 11, 1030
Between Beaufort Harbor and New River...

Between Chincoteague Bay, Va., and Delaware Bay, near
construction of bridge across canal connecting

Between Chincoteague Bay, Va., and Delaware Bay, near
improvement of..

Between New River and Swansboro..

Between Norfolk Harbor, Va., and Albemarle Sound, N. C..
Between Savannah, Ga., and Fernandina, Fla

Lewes, Del.,

I, 161; II, 1034

[blocks in formation]

From Keweenaw Bay to Lake Superior, across Keweenaw Point,
ment of..

I, 123; 11, 884
I, 161; II, 1037
I, 151; 11, 983
1, 182; 11, 1206

1, 312; IV, 2029

From Keweenaw Bay to Lake Superior, across Keweenaw Point, operat-
ing and care of.

Waukegan Harbor, Ill., improvement of.
Wellfleet Harbor, Mass., improvement of.

West Galveston Bay, Tex., improvement of.

I, 313; Iv, 2029
1, 328; IV, 2100
I, 48, 563

I, 235; III, 1399

West Norfolk, Va., construction of bridge across Western Branch of Elizabeth

West Norfolk and Port Norfolk Drawbridge Company, bridge of
Westchester Creek, N. Y., establishment of harbor lines

I, 429

Weymouth River, Mass., improvement of

White, Harry (schooner), removal of wreck of.

White Lake Harbor, Mich., improvement of.

White River, Ark., improvement of..

White River, Ind., improvement of

Whitehall Harbor, N. Y., improvement of.

Wildfire (schooner), removal of wreck of.

Westport River, Mass., construction of bridge across East Branch of, at
Westport Point

Westport Point, Mass., construction of bridge across East Branch of Westport

[blocks in formation]

Wicomico River, Md., improvement of..

Willamette River, Oreg.:

Defense of Portland..

Improvement of, above Portland.

Improvement of, below Portland

Willapa River and Harbor, Wash., improvement of .

Willets Point, N. Y. :

Engineer Depot

Post of.

Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Company, bridge of..

Wilmington Harbor, Cal., improvement of

Wilmington Harbor, Del., improvement of..

Wilmington Harbor, N. C.:

[blocks in formation]

Wisconsin Central Railroad Company, bridge of

Wisconsin River, Wis., surveys for reservoirs at sources of.
Withlacoochee River, Fla.:

Bridge at Dunnellon, construction of

Improvement of.

Wolf River, Wis., construction of bridge at Gills Landing

Wrecks, removal of

Ashley River, S. C.

Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio.

1,346; IV, 2215
1, 253; III, 1547
1, 297; III, 1948
I, 392; IV, 2499
1, 129; 11, 899
1, 49, 568

[blocks in formation]
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