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I do not know of any appropriation thut more requires to be made available until expended like appropriations for river and harbor improvements, light-houses, etc., than the appropriation for the maintenance and repair of the Washington Aqueduct. I urgently recommend, therefore, that it be done, and that the following clause be attached to the next appropriation for this purpose:

Provided, That the appropriation for the maintenance and repair of the Washington Aqueduct for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1896, and thereafter until otherwise provided by law, shall not be considered as a fiscal year appropriation, but shall be available until expended. DESIRED INCREASE IN THE ANNUAL APPROPRIATION FOR MAINTE


I renew the following statement made in my former reports respecting the importance of increasing the appropriation for maintenance and repair of the aqueduct:

While works that have cost $565,000 have been added to the aqueduct system by tbe laying of more than 8 miles of 48-inch and other large water mains under the act of March 2, 1889, with their numerous valve chambers, main valves, air valves, blow-off valves, and other adjuncts, all of which have to be carefully watched and kept in repair, there has been no increase in the appropriation for maintenance and repair of the aqueduct.

It has been for many years and is now $20,000, and it proves entirely inadequate for keeping in repair the long line of works, including the dam at Great Falls, the conduit, the Conduit road (which is paved for the protection of the conduit), the reservoirs, the gatehouses, the fences of the aqueduct and Conduit road lands, the dwel. lings of the watchmen of the different divisions, and the more than 20 miles of trunk mains in the city supplying the distributing system of the District of Columbia, besides paying the salaries of the watchmen and other employés.

Twenty-one thousand dollars was asked for in my last annual estimates, and it is again asked for. It is not a large sua to provide for the annual maintenance and repair of works that have cost more than $1,000,000, and I could expend much more in works of preservation and repair that would be for the best interests of the Government.

Money statements.


July 1, 1893, balance unexpended....
Amount appropriated by act approved March 3, 1893

$805. 01 20, 000.00

$20, 805.01 20, 267. 78

June 30, 1894, amount expended during fiscal year.

July 1, 1894, balance unexpended..

537.23 July 1, 1894, outstanding liabilities.

536.82 July 1, 1894, balance available ... Amount that can be profitably expended in fiscal year ending June 30, 1896. 21,000.00


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The estimates of appropriations that should be made for the year ending June 30, 1896, are as follows, and I again urgently recommend that the provision of law suggested in this report be attached to the next appropriation for maintenance and repair of the aqueduct for the reasons just stated :

Tor completing the improvemont of the Dalecarlia receiving reservoir by the

works required for cutting off the drainage into it of polluted water and sewage from the surrounding country; for completing the purchase or condemnation of the small amount of land required for the purpose, and the excavation necessary at the head of the reservoir..

$37, 500 For raising the height of the dam at Great Falls, together with the cost of

such other work as may be found necessary in connection therewith, including the cost of strengthening the conduit, and for damages on account of flooding of land and other damages..

125, 000 For commencing the widening of the macadam pavement of the Conduit

road to 30 feet by widening tbat portion of the road that lies between the lower end of the distributing reservoir and the Dalecarlia receiving reservoir; widening the road and the embankinents over the culverts on the line of the aqueduct where necessary for this purpose; making the necessary changes in the drainage, and the planting of shade trees...

34, 500 For lowering the height of the cross dam at the distributing reservoir 12, 500 For protecting the inlet to the aqneduct at Great Falls

5,000 For purchase or condemnation of a site for a storage yard

10,000 For cleaning out the distributing reservoir..

13, 825 For the storehouse at Great Falls

1,500 For inserting air valves and blow-off valves in the 36-inch and 30-inch mains. 6, 250 For removing the accumulation of deposits in the conduit

14, 000 For rebuilding in stone the bridge over the channel from the spillway at the Dalecarlia receiving reservoir .

18, 000 For raising the height of the masonry casings of the conduit manholes where necessary

600 For maintenance and repair of the aqueduct and the reservoirs, mains, roads, etc., connected therewith.

21, 000 Appropriations made for the Washington Aqueduct, with the dates of acts for the same.

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NOTE.-Reverted to the Treasury: (a) $2.81, (b) $46.25. (C) $560.87, (d) 35 cents, (e) $1,109.87, (1) $381.06, (g) $1,354.17, (h) $2,266,34, (i) $4.12, (j) $5,500, (k) $2.49; total, $11,228.33. Since 1878 one-half of the amounts appropriated have been contributed by the United States and the other half by the District of Columbia.

ABSTRACT OF PROPOSALS. Abstract of proposals for drilling plant for the Washington Aqueduct, received in response

to advertisement dated June 16, 1893, and opened June 28, 1893. The Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company, New York, N. Y..

$3,982. 30 Contract awarded to the Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company. Abstract of proposals for forcite tunnel powder and exploders for improving the Dale

carlia receiving reservoir, received in response to the advertisement dated July 26, 1893, and opened August 7, 1897.

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1 The American Forcite Powder Manufactur- Cents. Cents. Cents. Cents. Cents. ing Co., New York, N. Y.


17 173 181 204 $4.58 2 T. Joseph Kelly, Baltimore, Md., gelatine powder.

15 16
18 23

3. 90 3 G. W. Offutt, Washington, D. C.

192 20

203 215 235 4.58 * Rejected as excessive.

t Informal. Bid was for a kind of powder not advertised for.


Abstract of proposals for gelatine tunnel dynamite and erploders for improring the Dale

carlia receiving reserroir, received in response to circular letter dated August 11, 1893, and opened Jugust 21, 1893.

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* Not received until the day after the day fixed for opening of bids. Contract awarded to the American Forcite Powder Manufacturing Company.

Abstract of proposals for sewer bricks and vitrified bricks for improring the Dalecarlia

receiving reservoir, received in response to circular letter dated November 29, 1893, and opened December 11, 1893.

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* Repressed.

1 Not repressed. A wards were made to the Frederick Brick Works and McMahan, Porter & Co., respectively, their samples being the best.

Abstract of proposals for natural hydraulic cement for improving the Dalecarlia receiving

reserroir, receired in response to advertisement dated December 18, 1893, and opened December 28, 1893.

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$5, 418

4, 914

J. G. & J. M. Waters, 1045 Thirty-second | $1.29, Round Top cement ......

street. Washington, D. C.
James H. McGill, 908 G street, Washing. $1.17, brand not stated. In subsequent
ton, D. C.

letter this bidder states his brands to be
“Cumberland hydraulic” and “Cumber.

land Potomac" cements.
Cammack & Decker, First and G streets, $1.22, Cumberland hydraulic cement ......

Washington, D. C.
The National Building Supply Company, $1.33. Cumberland and Potomac cement

Baltimore, Md.

5, 124

5, 586

* Brand not stated at time of bid; stated in a subsequent letter. Contract was awarded to James H. McGill.

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This work was commenced under an appropriation made in the act of Congress approved July 15, 1882.

The plan consisted in raising the dam in the Maryland Channel at the Great Falls of the Potomac to an elevation of 148 feet above mean tide at the Washington navy-yard, and its extension at that height across Conns Island and the Virginia Channel of the river; extending the Washington Aqueduct from the distributing reservoir above Georgetown to the site selected for the new reservoir near Howard University by a tunnel 20,696.3 feet long; constructing at the tunnel outlet a new reservoir of about 300,000,000 gallons capacity, and connecting this reservoir by a new line of large mains with the existing system of water mains in the city of Washington.

All operations on this project are suspended, and no work has been done under it during the year.

By reason of the improvement and change of grade of Champlain avenue by the District government, it was found necessary in July to place a timber crib 8 feet high around the Champlain avenue shaft of the tunnel to the new reservoir near Howard University.

On August 28 $470.90 was paid to Thomas Ready for a parcel of land between the distributing reservoir and the intersection of the Conduit and Foxhall roads, conveyed by said Ready and wife to the United States by deed dated March 10, 1886, and the deed and a plot of the land were recorded in the office of the recorder of deeds of the District of Columbia on August 31, 1893. This payment was specially anthorized in the provisions for the Washington Aqueduct in the act of Congress approved March 3, 1893.

A watchman has been employed during the year at the new reservoir. His duties have included the guarding the stone at the mouths of all the shafts, except the one at Foundry Branch, which is under the care of the watchman at the distributing reservoir.

The following is a list of the appropriations for this work, with date of act for the same: July 15, 1882

$1, 485, 279. 30 July 7, 1884

87, 500.00 March 3, 1885

87,500.00 March 26, 1886

5,000.00 August 4, 1886

555, 000.00 March 30, 1888

355, 000.00

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Onder a ruling coucerning the act of July 15, 1882, providing for the construction of these fishways, the Secretary of War decided that the engineer officer in charge should be held responsible only for the proper protection of the aqueduct dam at Great Falls and the disbursement of the funds appropriated, the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries being responsible under the act for the plans and specifications of the fishways and their execution.

No work has been done on the fishways during the last fiscal year for want of funds. Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and a portion of the perma nent dam, have been completed. There remains to be constructed the remainder of this dam and section 1.

The Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries is of the opinion that an additional sum of $7,890 will be required to complete the work, and requests that the estimate for it contained in my last annual report be submitted. It was not acted on by Congress, and it is again submitted. His letter to me is as follows:

I have to request that you include in your estimates for the ensuing fiscal year an item of $7,890 for the completion of the Great Falls fish ways. The additional appropriation asked for is made necessary, first, by reason of an increased cost of sections 2 and 3 over and above the estimate; second, by reason of the construction of a permanent deflecting dam which was found essential for the better protection of the fish ways, and to obtain control of the water supply to the same; third, for the reason that a sufficiently large amount is included to cover the work of cleaning out the river bed between the fish ways, and to construct a tool shed with small office; and lastly, to provide a small fund with which to repair any damage to the fishways from the effects of the spring freshets before the completion of the permanent deflecting dam.

The appropriations for this work to date are as follows: Act of July 15, 1882

$50,000.00 Act of February 1, 1888

25, 000.00 Act of August 5, 1892

15, 000.00

Money statement.
July 1, 1893, balance unexpended.. ,
June 30, 1894, amount expended during fiscal year..
July 1, 1894, balance unexpended ...
July 1, 1894, outstanding liabilities.

$4, 501. 29 4, 466. 31

34. 95 2.93

July 1, 1894, balance available

32. 02

Amount deemed necessary by the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries for

the completion of the work.


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