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Cape Hatteras, N. C., removal of wreck near.

Cape Lookout light-house, removal of wrecks near.

Carabelle, Tallahassee and Georgia Railroad Company, bridge of..

Carriages, disappearing..

Cascades Canal, Columbia River, Oreg., construction of.

Casemates, mining.

Cedar Bayou, Tex., improvement of

Cedar Keys, Fla., improvement of harbor at
Cedar River Harbor, Mich., improvement of.
Champlain, Lake:

Breakwater at Rouse Point, N. Y...
Improvement of Narrows of

Charles, Cape, Va., removal of wrecks at.

Charles River, Boston Harbor, Mass., improvement of.

Charleston Harbor, S. C.:

Bridge obstructing cove at Sullivans Island, alteration of..

Defense of

Improvement of

Removal of wreck in

Sullivans Island, site for fortification..

Charlevoix Harbor, Mich., improvement of.
Charlotte Harbor, Fla., improvement of.
Charlotte Harbor, N. Y., improvement of


Charts, Northern and Northwestern Lakes, correcting, printing, and


Chatham, Mass., removal of wreck near

Chatham Bar, Mass., removal of wreck from

Chatham Harbor, Mass.:

Improvement of..

Removal of wrecks off..

Chatham lights, Mass., removal of wreck near.

Chatham Roads (Old), Mass., removal of wreck in.
Chattahoochee River, Ga. and Ala. :

Improvement of

Improvement of, between West Point and Franklin, Ga

Cheat River, W. Va., improvement of..

Cheboygan Harbor, Mich., improvement of..

Chefuncte River, La., improvement of.

Chehalis River, Wash.:

Improvement of..

Improvement of Grays Harbor and..

Chelsea Creek, Mass., reconstruction of bridge at Boston
Chesapeake Bay, removal of wrecks in..

[blocks in formation]

I, 172; II, 1101
I, 174; II, 1128
I, 13

1, 352; IV, 2233
I, 191; II, 1236
1, 383; II, 2455

1, 438, 440; VI, 3315

1, 62, 611

I, 49, 568

[blocks in formation]

1, 200; 11, 1258
1, 201; II, 1261
1, 291; III, 1911
1, 353; IV, 2239
I, 220; III, 1349

I, 411; IV, 2604
1, 410; Iv, 2597
I, 428

1, 132, 152; II, 906, 987

Chester River, Md., improvement of, from Crumpton to Jones Landing. I, 125; II, 889
Chicago, Ill.:

Bridge across Chicago River between Jackson and Van Buren streets, con-
struction of...

I, 427

Bridge east of Wells street, across Chicago River, construction of..
I, 428
Bridge east of Wells street bridge, across Chicago River, construction of. 1, 429
Bridge of city across Chicago River at Van Buren street, reconstruction of. 1, 427
Improvement of channels in connecting waters of Great Lakes between
Duluth, Buffalo, and

Improvement of harbor of

Chicago River, Ill. :

Bridge across South Branch of, at Van Buren street, reconstruction of ........
Bridge across South Branch of, between Jackson and Van Buren streets,
construction of....

Bridge east of Wells street bridge, Chicago, construction of.
Bridge east of Wells street, Chicago, construction of .

Chicago (South), Ill.:

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Bridge (temporary) across canal connecting Delaware Bay and, construc-
tion of

Improvement of inland waterway from Delaware Bay near Lewes to. 1, 123; 11, 884
Chipola River, Fla., improvement of.

I, 197; II, 1252

Clarke, David (steamer), removal of wreck of.

[blocks in formation]

Clinton River, Mich., improvement of

Clubfoot River, N. C., improvement of waterway via..

[blocks in formation]

Columbia, Department of the, report of engineer officer

Columbia, Tex., construction of bridge across Brazos River at.

Columbia River, Oreg. and Wash.:

Construction of Cascades Canal.

Examination for improvement between Three Mile Rapids and Celilo

Chippewa River, Wis. :

Improvement of..

Reservoirs at sources of, surveys for.
Chitto, Bogue, La., improvement of...

Choctawhatchee River, Fla. and Ala., improvement of.

Choptank River, Md., improvement of .
Christiana River, Del.:

Improvement of Wilmington Harbor.
Removal of wreck in

1, 266; III, 1718
III, 1736
1, 218; 11, 1331
1, 202; 11, 1263
1, 126; 11, 891

1, 118; II, 870

....1, 132; II, 906

... I, 426

Churchills Ferry, Texas, construction of bridge across San Bernard River...
Cincinnati, Ohio, examination and survey for ice harbors at mouths of Craw-
fish and Mill creeks..

I, 2-9; III, 1890
I, 170; II, 1079

Clark River, S. C., improvement of
Clarke County, Wash., construction of bridge across East Fork of Lewis
River by..

Clendennin, W. Va., construction of bridge across Elk River.

I, 428

1, 182; 11, 1209
.I, 429

1, 375; IV, 2409
1, 277; III, 1801

I, 68, 640
I, 359; IV, 2254

Clubfoot and Harlowe Canal, N. C., improvement of waterway via... 1, 159; 11, 1030

Cocheco River, N. H., improvement of..

I, 159; II, 1030
I, 34, 524

I, 145; II, 971
I, 397; IV, 2521
I, 443; vi, 3452
I, 428

1,415; IV, 2645


1,418; IV, 2664


1, 418; IV, 2664

Improvement of, between Rock Island Rapids and Priest Rapids.

Improvement of, between Vancouver and Willamette River.
Improvement of mouth of.

Improvement of Snake River and upper part of..

Improvement of Willamette River and, below Portland..

Common Flats, Old Chatham Roads, Mass., removal of wreck on.

Compton Creek, N. J., improvement of

Conecuh River, Ala., improvement of.

[blocks in formation]

Contingencies, examinations, and surveys of rivers and harbors, estimates for. 1, 419

Improvement of, below Hartford

Bridge near Grifton, construction of..

Improvement of.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Improvement of, between Rome, Ga., and East Tennessee, Virginia and

Improvement of, between Wetumpka, Ala., and East Tennessee, Virginia

and Georgia Railroad bridge.

Coquille River, Oreg.:

Improvement of, between Coquille City and Myrtle Point.

I, 402; IV, 2553

1, 403; IV, 2558

1, 242; III, 1468

Operating and care of locks and dams on.

Improvement of, at the entrance..

Corney, Bayou, La., improvement of

Corporations, occupancy or injury of public structures by.


1, 20, 431; vi, 3189

Corps of Engineers:

Number of officers..

1, 3

Changes during the year.


Distribution of officers

Laws of Fifty-third Congress, second session, affecting the.
Officers detached..

I, 3, 444
VI, 3455

1, 4

Cos Cob Harbor, Conn., improvement of..
Courtableau, Bayou, La., improvement of.

Cow Bayou, Tex., construction of bridge of Orange County across
Cowlitz River, Wash., improvement of.

Crawfish Creek, Cincinnati, Ohio, examination and survey for ice
mouth of

Creighton Bridge Company, bridge of

Creighton, Pa., construction of bridge across Allegheny River........
Cross-over Light, St. Lawrence River, N. Y., improvement


Cumberland River, Tenn, and Ky. :

Construction of locks and dams ou
Improvement of..

Improvement of, above Nashville, Tenn.
Improvement of, below Nashville, Tenn.

Cumberland Sound, Ga., improvement of..

Current River, Ark. and Mo., improvement of..

Currituck Sound, N. C., improvement of waterway through

Curtis Bay, Md., improvement of channel to...
Cushings Island, Me., site for fortification....
Cut-off, Apalachicola River, Fla., improvement of.
Cuttyhunk, Mass., removal of wreck near

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Davis Island Dam, Ohio River, operating and care of..

Davids Island, N. Y., sea wall and embankment at

Defenses. See Fortifications.

1, 242; III, 1468
I, 177; 11, 1166
I, 14

1, 287; III, 1867

De Guerre Point, Cal., construction of dam in Yuba River at............ 1,421; VI, 3174
Delaware Bay:

Bridge (temporary) across canal connecting Chincoteague Bay and, con-
struction of.

Ice harbor at head of, improvement of.

I, 430

I, 112; 11, 849

1, 123; 11, 884

Inland waterway from Chincoteague Bay, Va., to, near Lewes, improve-
ment of

Pier at Lewes, Del., construction of..
Wreck, removal of..

Delaware Breakwater, Del., improvement of.
Delaware River, N. J. and Pa.:

At Camden, N. J., improvement of

At Philadelphia, Pa., improvement of.

Between Philadelphia and Camden, improvement of
Harbor lines at Philadelphia and Camden, establishment
Ice harbor at Marcus Hook, Pa., improvement of.
Improvement of

Mifflin, Fort, Pa., sale of Government land in vicinity of.
Wrecks, removal of ..

I, 113; 11, 850
II, 862

I, 114; II, 852

I, 108, 110; 11, 827, 836

1, 108, 110; II, 827, 836


I, 110; II, 836
1, 423; 11, 864
I, 112; II, 848
I, 108; 11, 827
I, 461

I, 117, 118; 11, 861, 862

De Pere, Wis., construction of bridge across Fox River and canal by city of.. 1, 427
Depot, engineer

I, 18, 474

Des Moines Rapids Canal and dry dock, Mississippi River,

operating and

care of...

[blocks in formation]

1, 263; III, 1684
1, 263; III, 1683
I, 367; IV, 2376

Disappearing carriages

I, 5, 12

District of Columbia:

Great Falls, Potomac River, use of water power for electric lighting... VI, 3256

[blocks in formation]

Dog River, Ala., construction of bridge across.

Dorchester County, Md., construction of bridge across Cambridge

Cambridge by.

Dow, Mary E. H. G. (schooner), removal of wreck of..

Duck Island Harbor, Conn., improvement of harbor of refuge at.

1, 434; VI, 3222

Harbor at

1, 20

I, 429

1, 152; II, 987
I, 67, 638

I, 20
I, 426

Duluth, Minn.:

Improvement of channels in connecting waters of Great Lakes between

Buffalo, Chicago, and...

Improvement of harbor at.

Dunkirk Harbor, N. Y., improvement of.

Dunnellon, Fla., construction of bridge across Withlacoochee River


Eagle Harbor, Mich., improvement of..
East Chester Creek, N. Y., improvement of.
East Liverpool Bridge Company, bridge of

East Liverpool, Ohio, construction of bridge across Ohio River.

[blocks in formation]

Elizabeth River, N. J.:

Improvement of

Removal of wrecks in....

See Anacostia River.

1, 361; IV, 2261
1, 309; IV, 2014
1, 379; IV, 2434

I, 429

[blocks in formation]

Edgartown, Marthas Vineyard, Mass., improvement of inner harbor at........ 1, 51, 576
Edisto River, S. C., improvement of

Elizabeth River, Va., bridge across Western Branch of, between West Norfolk

[blocks in formation]

California Débris Commission..

Engineer depot

Examinations, surveys, and contingencies of rivers and harbors


[blocks in formation]

I, 173; II, 1119

I, 100, 804

1, 108, 823

[blocks in formation]

I, 19

1, 419

.1, 5, 15

Missouri River Commission..

Mississippi River Commission


I, 443

New York Harbor, supervision of..

I, 421

Northern and Northwestern Lakes.

1, 421


Rivers and harbors.

Public buildings and grounds, and Washington monument, District of

I, 420

I, 441

[blocks in formation]

I, 437

I, 19

Washington, D. C., increasing water supply of


Yellowstone National Park, roads and bridges in

[blocks in formation]

Everett Harbor, Wash.:
Establishment of harbor lines

Improvement of

1, 424; IV, 2627

IV, 2623

Examinations, surveys, and contingencies of rivers and harbors, estimates for. 1, 413
Explorations, reconnaissances, and surveys in military departments.. 1, 449; VI, 3451

Fairlee Creek, Md., improvement of
Fairport Harbor, Ohio, improvement of.
Falia, Bogue, Fla., improvement of.

Falls of Ohio River:

Improvement of, Louisville, Ky.

Improvement of Indiana Chute


Farnsworth, G. M. (schooner), removal of wreck of.

Faulkners Island, Long Island Sound, removal of wreck near

Feather River, Cal. :

Improvement of.

Improvement of, and tributaries.

I, 125; II, 888
1, 376; iv, 2414

I, 220; III, 1349

I, 293; III, 1929

I, 295; III, 1933
1, 63, 613
1, 82, 712

Fernandina, Fla., improvement of inside route between Savannah, Ga.,


Fishing Creek, N. C., improvement of.

Fishways at Great Falls of Potomac River, erection of

Five Mile River Harbor, Conn., improvement of

Flint River, Ga., improvement of..

Flood Rock (U. S. dredge), removal of wreck of
Flushing Bay., N. Y., improvement of

Forked Deer River, Tenn., improvement of

Fort Point Channel, Mass. See Boston Harbor.

[blocks in formation]

Bridge at De Pere, construction of

Bridge at Kaukauna across river and canal, construction of .
Improvement of.

Operating and care of locks and dams on.

[blocks in formation]

Improvement of channel in West Galveston Bay
Improvement of ship channel in..............

Galveston Harbor, Tex., improvement of entrance to.

Gasconade River, Mo., improvement of

Gauley River, W. Va., improvement of.

Gedney Channel, New York Harbor, N. Y., removal of wreck in

[blocks in formation]

General Grant (canal boat), removal of wreck of....

Genesee River, N. Y. See Charlotte Harbor.

George, Lake, Fla., improvement of Volusia Bar at head of

Georgetown Harbor, S. C., improvement of..

Georgia, improvement of inside waterway along coast of..
Gila River, Ariz., improvement of, at Yuma..

I, 166; II, 1057

Gills Landing, Wis., construction of bridge across Wolf River.
Glen Cove Harbor, N. Y., improvement of..
Gloucester Harbor, Mass., improvement of..
Gonsoulin, Adrien, bridge of

[blocks in formation]

Goodyear, C. P., improvement of outer bar at Brunswick, Ga., by... I, 180; II, 1193

I, 182; II, 1206

I, 397; IV, 2521

I, 427
I, 79, 700

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