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THE YEAR 1882.

I. BOTANICAL. From Mrs. L. A. MILLINGTON, Glens Falls, N. Y., specimens of young plants of Epilobium molle, Torr., bearing thickened subterranean scale-like leaves.

From Miss M. BOWLES, Columbia, Tenn., a specimen of Polypodium incanum, Pursh.

From C. D. HILL, Tunis, N. Y., a specimen of Calystegia Sepium, L., with pubescent stem and short flowers.

From J. F. SHOEMAKER, Luverne, Minn., specimens of Oxybaphus nyctagineus, Sweet.

From J. HOWELL, Arthur, Oregon, specimens of Berberis Aquifolium, Pursh; Puccinia mirabilissima, Pk., and Dædalea vorax, Harkness ; also of wood of Abies Douglasii, injured by the Dædalea.

From S. B. GRISWOLD, Albany, N. Y., a dried flower of the Century plant, Agave Americana.

From CHARLES E. SMITH, Philadelphia, Pa., very fine specimens of both pistillate and staminate plants of Corema Conradii, Torr.

From C. F. CORNELIUS, Willow Brook, N. Y., a specimen of Cynoglossum officinale, L.

From Rev. WASHINGTON RODMAN, Astoria, N. Y., specimens of a new edible fungus, Agaricus Rodmani, Pk.

From H. N. Johnson, Coeymans, N. Y., fine specimens of Sagittaria pusilla, Nutt. ; also specimens of a singular form of Thalictrum anemonoides, Ms.

From W. C. STEVENSON, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., specimens of Puccinia Myrrhis, Schw.

From S. J. Bowman, Albany, N. Y., specimens of Ranunculus multifidus, Pursh.

From Hon. G. W. CLINTON, Albany, N. Y., specimens of Eragrostis pocoides, Bv. ; E. Purshii, Schrad. ; Tillæā simplex, Nutt., and Amarantus blitoides, Wats.

From FELIX VON THUMEN, Vienna, Austria, specimens of one hundred and ninety-one species of fungi.

From W. RUSSELL, Albany, N. Y., per J. Gebhard, Jr., a fine specimen of the Chinese “leechee nut.”.

From E. L. HANKENSON, Newark, N. Y., specimens of Sedum reflexum, L.; Azolla Caroliniana, Willd., and hybrid Salix cordata x sericea.

Sen. Doc. No. 53.]

From W. M. CANBY, Wilmington, Del., specimens of Tiliæa simplex, Nutt.

From CLARENCE Lown, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., specimens of the very rare ferns, Cheilanthes vestita, Sw.; Asplenium Bradleyi, D. C. Eaton, and Asplenium ebenoides, R. R. Scott; the last one new to the State.

From Prof. W. R. DUDLEY, Ithaca, N. Y., specimens of sixty-two species of plants, several of which are new to the Herbarium.

II. ZOOLOGICAL A specimen of Macrosila quinquemaculata, the tomato sphinx, from R. F. WELLER, Washington Valley, Kent Co., Rhode Island.

Thyræus abbotii, on grape vines, from J. VANDELOO, Albany, N. Y. Specimen of Blatta, from W. R. Ross, Greenbush, N. Y.

Large specimens of Meandrina clivosa, Madrepora convexa and Favasites, the latter polished; purchased from Mr. WOODMAN, New York city.

A pair of “ dead-locked ” elk horns, purchased of Mr. E. F. PHILBROOK, Des Moines, Iowa.

Collection of land and fresh-water shells from Georgia, purchased from Prof. R. E. CALL, David City, Nebraska.

III. GEOLOGICAL AND MINERALOGICAL. Five samples of Conularia crustula, White, Upper Coal Measures, Kansas City, Mo.; by exchange from W.J. PARRISH, Kansas City, Mo.

A polished specimen of crystalline limestone, froin G. E. WOODRUFF, Canton, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.

Slab containing impression and fragment of Lepidodendron, from FRANK GOULD, Esq., Oneonta, N. Y.

Fragment of Lepidodendron, from MEIGS CASE, M. D., Oneonta, N. Y.

Two large specimens of Galena, from Galena, Ill., from DUNCAN CAMPBELL, Esq.

Numerous specimens of gypsum in florescent forms and calcite from Mammoth Cave, Ky., From HENRY RUSSELL, Esq., Albany.

Ten specimens of fossils from the Portage group, Perry, N. Y., in exchange from the PERRY UNION SCHOOL, J. P. Bishop, principal, Perry, Wyoming Co., N. Y.

Odontornithes (toothed birds), Casts of bones of Hespiromis regalis, twenty-six specimens, from Prof. 0. C. MARSH, Yale College Museum, New Haven, Conn.

Ramphorhynchus phyllurus, Marsh (plaster cast), from the lithographic limestones, Jurassic formation of Bavaria; the original specimen is the only one yet found showing the membranes of the tail and wings; from Prof. O. C. MARSH, Yale College Museum, New Haven, Conn.

Two specimens of Dicranograptus bicornis, Kenwood, Albany, from JAMES F. FLANNERY, Albany.

Ten slabs of Trenton limestone with identified fossils from Dutchess and Orange counties; from Prof. W. B. DWIGHT, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Twelve specimens of graptolites from the Moffat Shales of Hartfell, Scotland, from JAMES DAIRON, Esq., of the Geological Society, Glasgow, Scotland.

IV. ETHNOLOGICAL, ETC. A stone formerly marking a point in the boundary line between New York and Pennsylvania. For deposit in the historical collections of the Museum. From Dr. DAVID MURRAY, Secretary Board of Regents.

Ševeral specimens of prepared flax brought from Albany by Col. Rochester in 1822, from Mrs. GATES.


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