Annual Report on the New York State Museum of Natural History, Volumen36,Partes1883-1884


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Página 10 - ... charge of the trustees of said museum, who shall distribute and sell the same in accordance with the provisions of law now in force for such distribution and sale, and the proceeds of such sale said trustees shall use for the purpose of forming a suitable library for said museum, and they shall have authority to make exchanges with such portion of the volumes of said work as are not required for distribution or sale and to receive donations and deposits of books and specimens on such terms as...
Página 80 - Report on the geology of the Lake Superior land district : by JW Foster and JD Whitney, United States Geologists. Part II.
Página 89 - Notice of some new species of Fossils from a Locality of the Niagara Group, in Indiana, with a List of identified Species from the same place, in : Trans.
Página 89 - Preliminary Notice of the Fauna of the Potsdam Sandstone ; with remarks upon the Previously known species of Fossils, and Descriptions of some New Ones, from the Sandstone of the Upper Mississippi Valley. Ibid., pp. 119-209, 6 plates. 127. Supplementary Note on the Potsdam Sandstone.
Página 93 - Note upon the Geological position of the Serpentine Limestone of Northern New York and an Inquiry regarding the relations of this Limestone to the Eozoon Limestone of Canada. Proc.
Página 84 - Rocks of New York, with those of the Western States, and of all those with the Palaeozoic Strata of Europe. Ibid., p. 59. 32. *On the Silurian Rocks of the Lake Superior Land District. Ibid., pp. 64-66. 33. * Catalogue of specimens of the Rocks and Fossils in the Gray Sandstone, Medina Sandstone, Clinton Group, Niagara Group, Onondaga Salt Group, and a part of the Waterlime Group.
Página 92 - Descriptions of some New Species of Crinoidea and other Fossils from the Lower Silurian Strata of the Age of the Hudson River Group and Trenton Limestone ; 17 pages.
Página 89 - On the Occurrence of Crustacean Remains of the Genera Ceratiocaris and Dithyrocaris, with a notice of some new species from the Hamilton Group and Genesee Slate [with a plate].
Página 84 - GEOLOGICAL MAP OF THE UNITED STATES AND BRITISH PROVINCES OF NORTH AMERICA. With an Explanatory Text, Geological Sections, and Plates of the Fossils which characterize the Formations. By JULES MARCOU.

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