Leonarde's Ghost: Popular Piety and "the Appearance of a Spirit" in 1628

Truman State University Press, 2008 - 125 páginas
For seven weeks in late spring and early summer of 1628, a ghost haunted the modest dwelling of Huguette Roy and her husband in the small city of Dole in the Holy Roman Empire near the French border. Before and after giving birth to her third child, Huguette received visits twice daily from a young woman clothed in white who cleaned her house, eased her pains, and tended her newborn son. Only Huguette could see this apparition, and the haunting aroused curiosity and fear throughout her community. Soon after the spirit departed, a young man from Dole prepared a manuscript in colloquial French to recount Huguette's experiences, the ghost's demands, and the event's orthodoxy. Translators Edwards and Sutch present this primary source in English to allow modern readers to view the spirituality, piety, and daily lives of ordinary people in early modern Europe.

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