Reports of Cases Relating to the Duty and Office of Magistrates: Determined in the Court of King's Bench, and Other Courts, Form Mich. Term, 1832 [-1836], Tema 15,Volumen3


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Página 107 - Majesty's superior Courts of Record ; and no Warrant of Commitment shall be held void by reason of any Defect therein, provided it be therein alleged that the Party has been convicted, and there be a good and valid Conviction to sustain the same.
Página 101 - Majesty's superior courts of record ; and no warrant of commitment under this Act shall be held void by reason of any defect therein, provided it is therein alleged that the party has been convicted, and there is a good and valid conviction to sustain the same.
Página 88 - ... the commissioners of sewers for the city and liberty of Westminster, and part of the county of Middlesex; but all the rights, powers, and authorities vested in them shall be as good, valid, and effectual, as if this act had not been made.
Página 179 - Where any distress shall be made for any sum of money to be levied by virtue of this Act, the distress itself shall not be deemed unlawful, nor the party making the same be deemed a trespasser, on account of any defect or want of form in the information, summons, conviction, warrant of distress, or other proceeding relating thereto, nor shall the party distraining be deemed a...
Página 487 - ... notice in writing of such appeal, and of the cause and matter thereof, within three days after such conviction, and seven clear days at the least before such sessions, and shall also either remain in custody until the sessions, or enter into a recognizance with two sufficient sureties...
Página 521 - I apprehend those who come for them to parliament, do, in effect, undertake that they shall do and submit to whatever the legislature empowers and compels them to do ; and that they shall do nothing else...
Página 157 - This, like many other cases, is a bargain between a company of adventurers and the public, the terms of which are expressed in the statute; and the rule of construction, in all such cases, is now fully established to be this; that any ambiguity in the terms of the contract must operate against the adventurers, and in favor of the public, and the plaintiffs can claim nothing that is not clearly given them by the act.
Página 324 - Schedule hereto annexed, shall be used upon all Occasions, with such Additions or Variations only as may be necessary to adapt them to the particular Exigencies of the Case...
Página 646 - The only distinction between that case and the present, is, that there the action for the wrong was brought at the instance of the insurance office, which is not the case here. But it establishes that a recovery upon a contract with the insurers is no bar to a claim for damages against the wrong-doer.
Página 132 - ... at the next general quarter sessions of the peace to be holden for the county...

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