Canada and Newfoundland

Doubleday, Page, 1924 - 311 páginas

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Página 100 - O let us love our occupations, Bless the squire and his relations, Live upon our daily rations, And always know our proper stations...
Página xviii - Two empires by the sea, Two nations great and free, One anthem raise. One race of ancient fame, One tongue, one faith, we claim, One God, whose glorious name We love and praise.
Página 257 - Now Sam McGee was from Tennessee, where the cotton blooms and blows. Why he left his home in the South to roam round the Pole God only knows. He was always cold, but the land of gold seemed to hold him like a spell; Though he'd often say in his homely way that 'he'd sooner live in hell.
Página 51 - There was a small boy of Quebec, Who was buried in snow to his neck: When they said, "Are you friz?" He replied, "Yes I is— But we don't call this cold in Quebec!
Página 205 - Canon to the Plains of Far-away, But while its stream is running through the years that are to be, The mighty voice of Canada will ever call to me. I shall hear the roar of rivers where the rapids foam and tear, I shall smell the virgin upland with its balsam-laden air, And shall dream that I am riding down the winding woody vale, With the packer and the packhorse on the Athabasca Trail.
Página 205 - I have seen the gorge of Erie where the roaring waters run, I have crossed the Inland Ocean, lying golden in the sun, But the last and best and sweetest is the ride by hill and dale, With the packer and the packhorse on the Athabasca Trail. I'll dream again of fields of grain that stretch from sky to sky And the little prairie hamlets where the cars go roaring by, Wooden hamlets as I saw them — noble cities still to be. To girdle stately Canada with gems from sea to sea. Mother of a mighty manhood,...
Página 245 - There's a land where the mountains are nameless, And the rivers all run God knows where; There are lives that are erring and aimless, And deaths that just hang by a hair; There are hardships that nobody reckons; There are valleys unpeopled and still; There's a land - oh, it beckons and beckons And I want to go back - and I will.
Página 275 - ... that he was too drunk to know what he was doing when he executed the note in question, and, at least, that it was without consideration, and these are the material facts In this case, as shown by this record.
Página 164 - It does not believe we can make it succeed. I do. I believe that if the army of workers lines up behind us, we shall achieve the greatest success the annals of transportation ever recorded.
Página 279 - A leading restaurant, which had a seating capacity of thirty-two, employed three cooks, one of whom received $100 a week, and the others $i an hour.

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