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Suvimission of a bid, dispute or complain of such statement or estimate of the Engineer, nor assert that there was any misunderstanding in regard to the nature or amount of the work to be done. Generally the intention has been to estimate all quantities liberally.


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An increase or decrease in the quantity for any item shall not be regarded as a sufficient ground for an increase or decrease in the prices, nor in the time allowed for the completion of the work, except as provided in the contract.


The work has been divided into items in order to enable the bidder to bid for the different portions of the work in accordance with his estimate of their costs, so that in the event of an increase or decrease in the quantities of any particular item of work, the actual quantities executed may be paid for at the price bid for that particular item.

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The attention of bidders is especially called to the provisions of Chapter 724 of the Laws of 1905, and acts amendatory thereof, as to the letting of contracts and payment for work; to the "Labor Law," as amended; and to the laws, ordinances and regulations governing the manufacture, storage, sale and use of explosives and combustible material in The City of New York.

with- No bid will be allowed to be withdrawn, for any reason

whatever, after it has been deposited with the Board of Water from Supply. No bid will be accepted from, nor contract awarded

to, any person who is in arrears to the Corporation of The City of New York, upon debt or contract; nor who is in de fault, as surety or otherwise, upon any obligation to the Corporation of The City of New York.

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mond, New York City, New York.

NOTE.—The Bidder's name and address must be inserted here, and in case of a firm, the name and address of each and every member of the firm must be inserted.

In case a bid shall be submitted by or in behalf of any corporation, the complete legal name and address of such corporation must be written here, together with the name, address, and title of each and every officer of the corporation.

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1911, by proposal is in all respects fair and without collusio and that no member of the Board of Water Supp Board of Aldermen, no head of a department, no bureau, deputy thereof, or clerk therein, nor othe The City of New York, nor any person in the em Board of Water Supply, is, shall be or become, dir directly, interested as contracting party, partner, : surety or otherwise in the performance of the con the supplies, work or business to which it relates, portion of the profits thereof; that the names of t affixed to the surety's consent hereto annexed were said persons respectively, and that said persons are ho

or freeholders in or duly authorized representatives of the surety co which they severally executed the consent; that he has the site of the work, the form of contract and the spi approved by the Corporation Counsel, and has Information for Bidders hereto attached; and he and agrees, if this proposa: be accepted, that he tract, in the form so approved, to perform all mentioned in said approved form of contract and tions, and that he will accept in full payment the following sums, to wit:


For excavating test-pits, the sum of.

dollars ($

per cubic yard.

ITEM 3. For wash borings, the sum of......

.. dollars ($


per linear foot.

ITEM 4. For core borings in rock, the sum of.....

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