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This contract is for the construction of part of the Queens Location of conduit, a portion of the City pipe-lines of Catskill aqueduct, in the City Aqueduct department and extending from near the junction of Willoughby avenue and Broadway in the Borough of Brooklyn, in a generally easterly direction along Willoughby and Evergreen avenues, Troutman street, Flushing avenue, Grand street and Fisk avenue, to Queens boulevard (Thompson avenue) in the Borough of Queens.


The work to be done includes the furnishing and laying Work to be of about 20,870 feet of 48-inch cast-iron pipe, with valves and other appurtenances, together with maintenance for one year. The pipe will be connected at the westerly end with 66-inch steel pipe to be laid under another contract. The work is described in detail in the accompanying specifications and shown on the contract drawings.

The Montauk division of the Long Island railroad Freight and crosses the proposed pipe-line about 134 miles from the facilities. westerly end, and the freight station at Bushwick Junction is about 34 mile south of this point. At the easterly end, the line crosses the Main Line of the Long Island railroad about 14 mile west of Winfield Junction. The site of the proposed work may be reached by surface and elevated car lines. The principal geographic features in the vicinity of the work, the main streets and the more important lines of transportation are shown on the locality map which is Sheet 2 of the contract drawings.

The Board will obtain the permits necessary for making Permits. important changes in existing surface and subsurface structures of The City; the Contractor, however, shall secure all other necessary permits, furnish all bonds and pay all charges in connection with issuing of all permits, for inspection of the work by City departments other than the Board and for all water used from The City's mains.

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The Contractor will not be allowed to close or obstruct any portion of any highway unless permits therefor have been obtained from the proper authorities and filed with the Engineer, and he will be required to repair any damage caused by his operations to any highway and to provide such temporary ways or guards as shall be acceptable to the authorities having jurisdiction and to the Engineer.

Sealed bids or proposals for performing the work described herein will be received by the Board of Water Supply, at its offices, seventh floor, 165 Broadway, New York, until

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Date for opening bids.

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at 11 A. M., at which place and time they will be publicly
opened by the Board and read; the award of the contract, if
awarded, will be made by the Board as soon thereafter as


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Printed form for bids.

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All bids must be made upon the blank form of proposal attached hereto and should give the price for each item of the work proposed, both in writing and in figures, and must be signed and sworn to by the bidder, in accordance with the directions in the form of bid. Each bid must be enclosed in the printed envelope provided for the purpose by the Board, and sealed.

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Certified check.

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No bid will be received and deposited unless accompanied by a certified check upon a National or State bank, drawn and made payable to the order of the Comptroller of The City of New York, for ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for the proper execution of the contract. Such check must not be enclosed in the sealed envelope containing the bid, but shall be delivered to the Board, or its Secretary, who will give a proper voucher for the deposit. All such deposits, except that made by the bidder to whom the contract shall be awarded, will be returned to the person or persons making the same within three days after the decision as to who shall receive the contract.


Checks returned.

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Deposit may be forfeited.

If the bidder to whom the contract shall have been awarded shall refuse or neglect, within 10 days after due notice that


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the contract has been awarded to him, to execute the same refor har

and furnish the security required, the amount of the deposit fled

made by him shall be forfeited to, and be retained by, the said dama City as liquidated damages for such neglect or refusal, and

shall be paid into the general fund of said City, pursuant to ptablet

the provisions of Section 30 of Chapter 724 of the Laws of
1905, but if the said bidder to whom the contract is awarded
shall execute the contract and furnish the said security within
the time aforesaid, the amount of his deposit will be returned
to him.

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Two or more bonds, the aggregate amount of which shall Bonds

be one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000), will be
required for the faithful performance of the contract. Each
bond must be signed by the Contractor and the sureties. The
name and address of each surety offered must be stated in the
bid or proposal, together with the amount in which each surety
will qualify. The sureties and the amount in which each will
qualify must be satisfactory to the Board.

Should the sureties upon the contract be deemed unsatis-
factory at any time by the Board, notice shall be given to the
Contractor to that effect and the Contractor shall forthwith sub-
stitute a new surety or new sureties satisfactory to the Board in
place thereof. No further payment shall be deemed due or shall
be made until the new surety shall qualify and be accepted by
the Board.

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The Bidder whose bid shall be accepted will be required Time for to attend at the office of the Board in person, or if a corporation, contract and by a duly authorized representative, with the sureties offered by him, and to execute the contract and bonds within 10 days from the date of the service of a written notice that the contract has been awarded to him, delivered to him in person, or mailed to the address given in the bid; in case of failure or neglect so to do, he may, at the option of the Board, be deemed to have abandoned the contract and as in default to The City under the provisions of Section 30 of Chapter 724, Laws of 1905.


The attention of bidders is especially directed to the con- Time for be tract requirements as to the time of beginning work and date completing

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