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[blocks in formation]

to me known and known to me to be the same perso scribed in and who executed the foregoing consei

he acknowledged to me that he executed the s the purpose therein mentioned.


ing duly sworn, says that he is a..

.holder in


at he resides at.....

; d is worth the sum of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), ng the amount of the security required for the completion the contract above referred to, over and above all his debts every nature, over and above his liabilities as bail, surety, otherwise, and over and above all his property which is empt by law from execution; and that he has offered himf as a surety in good faith, and with an intention to execute

bond required by law.

[blocks in formation]

For the extension of Croton blow-off, in the to

Yorktown, Westchester county, New York.

NOTE.—The marginal notes printed on the pages of this pa are intended for convenience of reference only and do not for of the contract nor specifications.

This agreement, made and entered into this.....

day of.....

in the year one thousand hundred and eleven, by and between The City of New acting by and through the Board of Water Supply, by of the power vested in it by Chapter 724 of the Laws of of the State of New York, and the amendments thereto,

of the first part, and....

of the sea

hereinafter designated as the Contractor, part part,

uccessors, as follows:

ARTICLE I. Wherever the words defined in this article, or ronouns used in their stead, occur in this contract and the pecifications hereto attached they shall have the meanings ere given:

The City shall mean the Corporation of The City of New ork.

The Board shall mean the Board of Water Supply of The ity of New York, or any commission or officer duly authorized o act for The City in the execution of the work required by his contract.

Commissioners shall mean the individual members of the Board of Water Supply.

Chief Engineer shall mean the person holding the position r acting in the capacity of Chief Engineer of the Board of Vater Supply of The City of New York, or any person whom he Board may designate to act in the stead of the Chief ngineer in the case of the latter's absence or disability.

Engineer, whenever not qualified, shall mean the Chief Engineer of the Board of Water Supply of The City of New fork, acting either directly or through his properly authorized gents, such agents acting severally within the scope of the articular duties entrusted to them.

Wherever in the specifications or upon the drawings words directed, required, permitted, ordered, designated, i scribed, or words of like import are used, it shall be und stood that the direction, requirement, permission, or designation, or prescription of the Engineer is intended, similarly the words approved, acceptable, satisfactory, words of like import, shall mean approved by, or accepta or satisfactory to, the Engineer, subject in each case to final determination of the Board, unless otherwise expres stated.

The figures given in the contract and specifications upon the drawings after the word "elevation," or an abl viation of it, shall mean distances in feet above the Uni States Coast and Geodetic Survey Datum, which is mean level at Sandy Hook, or 2.67 feet below the datum plane which the City bench-marks are referred, which latter taken to be mean high water in New York Harbor.

Art. II. Whenever the Chief Engineer aforesaid sh be unable to act in consequence of absence or other cau then such engineer or assistant, as the Board shall des nate, shall perform all the duties, and be vested with all t power herein given to the said Chief Engineer.

Art. III. The Engineer shall give all orders and directio contemplated under the contract; shall determine in all cases 1 amount, quality, acceptability and fitness of the several kir. of work and materials which are to be paid for; shall determi

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