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mynnig illatcildis at we proposed site or Su reservoir. The site of the work is situated about 12 of Tompkinsville, and is about 2 miles by trolley George ferry, Staten Island, Borough of Richmond, N City.

The Board will obtain the necessary permits for work, but the Contractor shall pay all costs for proc same. He shall also pay for water used, for the watı tors required by the Department of Water Supply, Electricity, and for all other inspection required by a cipal department other than the Board. No proposa accepted in which the amount bid for Item 7 exceeds 6 pound.

Sealed bids or proposals for performing the work herein will be received by the Board of Water Supp offices, seventh floor, 165 Broadway, New York, until

at 11 A. M., at which place and time they will be public by the Board and read; the award of the contract, if will be made by the Board as soon thereafter as practi

All bids must be made upon the blank form of attached hereto and should give the price for each the work proposed, both in writing and in figures, be signed and sworn to by the bidder, in accordance directions in the form of bid. Each bid must be er the printed envelope provided for the purpose by tl and sealed.

No bid will be received and deposited unless act by a certified check upon a National or State bank,

to the person or persons making the same within three days after the decision as to who shall receive the contract.

Is the bidder to whom the contract shall have been awarded shall reíuse or neglect, within 10 days after due notice that the contract has been awarded to him, to execute the same and furnish the security required, the amount of the deposit made by him shall be forfeited to, and be retained by, the said City as liquidated damages for such neglect or refusal, and shall be paid into the general fund of said City, pursuant to the provisions of Section 30 of Chapter 724 of the Laws of 1905, but if the said bidder to whom the contract is awarded shall execute the contract and furnish the said security within the time a foresaid, the amount of his deposit will be returned to him.

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A bond in the sum of four thousand dollars ($4,000) will be required for the faithful per formance of the contract. This bond must be signed by the Contractor and the surety, who must be satisfactory to the Board. The name and address of the surety offered must be stated in the bid or proposal.

Should the surety upon the contract be deemed unsatisfactory at any time by the Board, notice shall be given to the Contractor to that effect and the Contractor shall forth with substitute a new surety satisfactory to the Board in place thereof. No further payment shall be deemed due or shall be made until the new surety shall qualify and be accepted by the Board.

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The bidder whose bid shall be accepted will be required to t und attend at the office of the Board in person, or if a corporation,

by a duly authorized representative with the surety offered by him, and to execute the contract and bond within 10 days from the date of the service of a written notice tliat the contract has tract requirements as to the time of beginning wori for completion of the whole work, as required by of the contract; also to the first and the last sentenc tion 5 of the specifications.

Statement of Quantities.—The following is a based upon the estimate of the Engineer, of the qu the various items of work. The several bids will be tested and canvassed by the quantities and kinds of tioned in this statement, viz. :

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These quantities are approximate only, being basis for the uniform comparison of bids, and does not expressly or by implication agree that amount of work will correspond therewith.

Bidders are required to submit their estimate

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