Narratives of Peril and Suffering, Volumen1


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Página 150 - When I left the duchess, I went to a house which Evans had found out for me, and where she promised to acquaint me where my lord was. She got thither some few minutes after me, and told me that, when she had seen him secure, she went in search of Mr. Mills, who by this time had recovered himself from his astonishment ; that he had returned...
Página 125 - Wilmot, in case we went anywhere else, and that would be very inconvenient both to him and me. So we rode directly into the best inn of the place, and found the yard very full of soldiers. I alighted, and taking the horses, thought it the best way to go blundering in among them, and lead them through the middle of the soldiers into the stable, which I did ; and they were very angry with me for my rudeness.
Página 150 - ... provision from Thursday till Saturday night, when Mrs. Mills came and conducted my Lord to the Venetian ambassador's. We did not communicate the affair to his Excellency ; but one of his servants concealed him in his own room till Wednesday, on which day the ambassador's coach and six was to go down to meet his brother.
Página 84 - Lord, that this enemy is heart-smitten by God; and whenever the Lord shall bring us up to them, we believe the Lord will make the desperateness of this counsel of theirs to appear, and the folly of it also. When England was much more unsteady than now; and when a much more considerable army of theirs, unfoiled, invaded you; and we had but a weak force to make resistance at Preston, upon deliberate advice we chose rather to put ourselves between their army and Scotland; and how God succeeded that,...
Página 134 - ... propose it to the master. So I went to the master, and told him our condition, and that if he would give us a trip over to France, we would give him some consideration for it. Upon which he counterfeited difficulty, saying, that it would hinder his voyage. But his men, as they had promised me, joining their persuasions to ours, and, at last, he yielded to set us over.
Página 144 - I looked upon as a very singular happiness. 1 immediately communicated my resolution to her. She was of a very tall and slender make; so I begged her to put under her own ridinghood, one that I had prepared for Mrs. Mills, as she was to lend hers to my lord, that in coming out, he might be taken for her. Mrs. Mills was then with child ; so that she was not only of the same height, but nearly the same size as my lord.
Página 61 - Because they expect many bodies of men more out of the North of Scotland ; which when they come, they give out they will then engage. But I believe they would rather tempt us to attempt them in their fastness, within which they are entrenched ; or else hoping we shall famish for want of provisions ; — which is very likely to be, if we be not timely and fully supplied. I remain, ' My Lord, Your most humble servant, OLIVER CROMWELL.
Página 200 - Christian soldier) bearing on my right ; all -which nothing could have enabled me long to support, but the props and pressure equally sustaining me all around. The two latter I frequently dislodged, by shifting my hold on the bars, and driving my knuckles into their ribs ; but my friend above stuck fast, and as he held by two bars, was immoveable.
Página 144 - Mills was then with child; so that she was not only of the same height, but nearly of the same size as my Lord. When we were in the coach, I never ceased talking, that they might have no leisure to reflect. Their surprise and astonishment, when I first opened my design to them, had made them consent, without ever thinking of the consequences. On our arrival at the Tower, the first I introduced was Mrs.

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