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Publication 3663

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office

Washington 25, D.C. Price $3.50 (Buckram)





Applicability of Imperial tariff preference to grain shipped from

Canada through the United States to the United Kingdom.....

Proposed supplementary convention between the United States and

Great Britain regarding tenure and disposition of real and

personal property

Indefinite postponement of negotiations for a treaty of arbitration

between the United States and Great Britain ....

Citizenship status of adopted child whose father has acquired

American citizenship by naturalization

Exchange of notes regarding reporting by American and British con-

sular officers to tax authorities of the compensation received by

native employees

Assessment of certain taxes by the British Government against

American consular officers in the United Kingdom


Preliminary discussions respecting a trade agreement between the

United States and Canada ....

Continued negotiations with the Canadian Government regarding

damages to property in the State of Washington by fumes from

the smelter at Trail, B. C. ......

Representations regarding the seizure of American salmon trollers

May, Queen City, Sunrise, and Tillie M. by the Canadian vessel


Representations regarding treatment of an American citizen in a

Canadian prison and right of consular officers to visit their

nationals in prison

Agreement between the United States and Canada for the dredging

of certain shoal areas in the St. Clair River ....

Agreement concerning the diversion of water through the Massena

Canal and Grass River as affected by provisions of the St. Law-

rence Deep Waterway Treaty, effected by exchange of notes,

January 13, 1933

Agreement concerning the Chicago diversion of water as affected

by provisions of the St. Lawrence Deep Waterway Treaty,

effected by exchange of notes, April 5, 1933 .....

Load line convention between the United States and Canada, signed

December 9, 1933



American participation in the establishment of the High Commission

for Refugees (Jewish and other) coming from Germany

Status of William E. Dodd as appointed Ambassador to Germany

pending his reception by President Hindenburg

Attacks upon American citizens in Germany

German representations urging the recall of Edgar Ansel Mowrer,

an American newspaper correspondent in Germany

Efforts to protect rights of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society,

an American religious organization operating in Germany .....

Efforts of the Consul General at Berlin to protect American business

interests threatened by Nazi discriminatory measures

Representations regarding German discrimination against American

scrip and bond holders in the execution of the German transfer

moratorium ...

Discrimination against American products under the German law

providing tax exemption for replacement acquisition

German discrimination against American and other foreign shipping


Representations against German imposition of discriminatory quotas

on importation of American products

Status with regard to taxation of German corporations, subsidiaries

of American corporations

Action by the United States similar to that taken by oth powers

to prevent the sale of military airplanes to Germany

Petitions for rehearings in the so-called sabotage cases: Black Tom

and Kingsland

Representations by the German Embassy against collection of

customs duties on German coal in violation of treaty provisions

for most-favored-nation treatment ...

Representations by the German Embassy against the Beverage

Control Law of the State of New York as being in violation of

treaty rights


Insistence by the United States upon Greek responsibility for the

service of American loans to Greece under the agreements of

May 10, 1929, and May 24, 1932


Representations to the Greek Government against proposals to extend

throughout Greece the Government monopoly in the sale of

refined oil ....
Unsuccessful attempts to obtain extradition of Samuel Insull from

Greece; denunciation by the United States of extradition treaty

of May 6, 1931


Proposed treaty between the United States and Italy concerning

nationality and military obligations

Fascist pressure on naturalized American citizens visiting Italy .....

Representations by the Italian Embassy respecting violent death of

an Italian national while detained in Jail at New Orleans .......

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