Lectures on histology v.2, 1854, Volumen2


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Página 51 - are literally covered in the first warm days of spring with a ferruginous-coloured mucous matter, about a quarter of an inch thick, which, on examination by the microscope, proves to be filled with millions and millions of these exquisitely -beautiful siliceous bodies. Every submerged stone, twig, and spear of grass is enveloped by F .-, them; and the waving plume-like appearance of a filamentous body covered in this way is often very elegant.
Página 180 - Now scarcely a dozen kinds of these beautiful animals live in ihe seas of our globe, and individuals of these kinds are comparatively rarely to be met with : formerly they were among the most numerous of the ocean's inhabitants, — so numerous that the remains of their skeletons constitute great tracts of the dry land as it now appears. For miles and miles we may walk over the stony fragments of the...
Página 78 - The nummulitic formation," says Lyell, "with its characteristic fossils, plays a far more conspicuous part than any other tertiary group in the solid frame-work of the earth's crust, whether in Europe, Asia, or Africa. It often attains a thickness of many thousand feet, and extends from the Alps to the Carpathians, and is in full force in the north of Africa, as, for example, in Algeria and Morocco.
Página 180 - ... creatures among the loveliest of the inhabitants of the ocean. Even in their present disjointed and petrified state, they excite the admiration, not only of the naturalist, but of the common gazer, and the name of Stone-lily popularly applied to them, indicates a popular appreciation of their beauty.
Página 405 - Wythe's Dose and Symptom Book. Containing the Doses and Uses of all the principal Articles of the Materia Medica, etc.
Página 79 - Carpathians, and in full force in the north of Africa, as, for example, in Algeria and Morocco. It has also been traced from Egypt into Asia Minor, and across Persia by Bagdad to the mouths of the Indus. It occurs not only in Cutch, but in the mountain ranges which separate Scinde from Persia, and which form the passes leading to Caboul; and it has been followed still farther eastward into India.
Página 406 - JOHN. Illustrations of the birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America. Intended to contain descriptions and figures of all North American birds not given by former American authors, and a general synopsis of North American ornithology.

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