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The Kindergarten Magazine Co.
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A Help in Writing

..Elsie Forsythe 10
A September Talk

Gertrude Vaughn

A Play Show with a Real Ending..F. H. Sweet 19
A Little Girl I Used To Be.. Mrs. L. L. Gongwer 48
A Sand Table

Elsie Forsythe 48

F. A. Perry
A Rainy Day

J. M. Niven 75
A Wonderful Age

Sue D. Ross 76
A Book Play For Any Day.

...... Laura Rountree Smith 83
Are You Ever Lonely..Lutalie Wilson Hodgson 84
Am I Responsible For My Child's Conduct at
Mrs. Verner G. Early


Elsie Forsythe 105
An Experiment in Discipline......

. Vellie Fitch Kingsley 111
A Supposition

Grace Irene Carroll 114
April ...

F. G. Sanders 116
April Verses

F. G. Sanders 117
Arbor Day in the Kindergarten..

Marion F. Adlington 119
Answer All Who Can.... Mrs. T. Frederick Rix 151

Beans and Boxes

.Mary Collins Terry 11
Boats for Baby.

. Martina Gardner Owen 111
Big Star and Little Star....... Rufus M. Reed 115
Bird Lesson

Bravery and Fear is Inculcated..

..Mrs. Alice Barton Harris 149

Come go with me Adventuring.. Belle M. Blair 2
Child Training

Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 31
Crossing the Bridge

Artie R. Kribs
Child Training

Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 63
Care of the Eyes

Child Training

Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 95
Cultivate Adaptability in Children..

... Edith Lochridge Reid 110
College, Baltimore

Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 129

Doing it for Others

Lydia Lion Roberts 22
Down Cellar ....

Hilda Laura Norman 44
Daisy's Rainday Rainbow Blocks..

...Minnie Grant Tarr 60
Drill in Number Combination.... Hazel Bennett
Dutch Finger Play

Pearl Olsen 148

Esau's Mistake

Gertrude Vaughn
Early Training Versus Crime...... Bessie Locke 20
Education a Means of Reducing Crime....

.Bessie Locke
Echo Game for Phonics


For September

Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 1
First Steps in Counting ....Marie H. Anderson 5
For February

.F. G. Sanders 89
Fairy Flowers

Grace Irene Carroll 121
Fairy Grass

Clara Peterson 123
Fun with old Magazines



Clarie D. Senseman 16
Games that Keep the Children Happy..H. Levi 29
Guiding Little Minds

.Richard K Morton 46
Getting Acquainted with Music... Cecil Fanning 140


Hints and Suggestions for September.....

...Bertha Johnston
Hints and Suggestions for October......

.Bertha Johnston

Hints and Suggestions. .Bertha Johnston 36
Hints and Suggestions. Bertha Johnston
How Mamie Won....

Flora Sweetman 60
How Children Gain Vocabulary..Julia W. Wolfe 64
Hints, Suggestions and Quotations for

...F. G. Sanders 70
Health Books

. Mable E. Blackney 72
Hints and Suggestions for January..

.....Bertha Johnston 79
Hints and Suggestions for February..

.Bertha Johnston 87
Hints and Suggestions for March......

.Bertha Johnston 99
Hints and Suggestions for April.....

Bertha Johnston 101
Hints and Suggestions for May....

Bertha Johnston 132
Hints and Suggestions for June.

Bertha Johnston 134
Helping Each Other


In the Image of God.. Nat'l Kindergarten Asso. 15
Importance of Religious Training—The Sunday

Mary Collins Terry 45

..Sophie Kitchener 112
If I am Ill Bred—How About My Child......

Mrs. Verner G. Early 113

.M. V. O'Shea 118

Jack Frost

Lydia Gunnell Creed 77
Just Grow

Lena Bond Young 155
Kindergarten Activities During September...

.Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 3
Kindergarten Dolls

Jessie S. Easley
Kindergarten Activities During November..

...Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 33
Kindergarten Activities in the Kindergarten

During December....Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 49
Kittens Three

Mrs. Ella Hoffman 56
Kindergarten Activities During January......

......Dr. Jenny B. Merrill
Kindergarten Activities During February...

...... Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 68
Kindergarten Activities During March......

......Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 97
Kindergarten Activities During April...

.Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 103
Kitty, Puppy and Violet

Ruth Payne 114
Kitten Puss Has an Adventure..

..Miss Jean McMichael 125

Life Stories from the Old and New Testaments..

.Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 8
Let's Play Kitsune... Henrietta Bogue Adriance 118
Little Elsie

... Lovina M. Atwood 148
Little Verses for Little People

Music in the Kindergarten ... Mattie Wilkinson 14
Miss Linnet's Musical. . Rebecca Strutton Elliot 16
"Miss Myrtle"

Mable L. Straub








Music dhe Kindergarten....

......Mattie Wilkinson Smyth 27
Mr. English Sparrow Warrior......

...Grace Boteler Allen 43
Methods of Taking Answers in Class.....

......J. M. Niven 74
My Birthday

Bran Toole 76
Marching On

. Grace Boteler Allen 93
My Doggie

Corabelle Byers 115
Mazie's Maple Candy... .J. Leeland Fowler 153


F. G. Sanders
New Way to play Basketball..H. B. Adriance 106
Numbers for the Tiniest Ones

Number Books ... Mrs. Lillian Vanderveer 149

October ...

F. G. Sanders 23
October Activities in the Kindergarten....

.....Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 25
One Way to Stop Nose Bleed....

.Gertrude Vaughn 96

Pure Enjoyment

Mary E. Cotting 24
Penmanship for First Graders....

..Grace B. Herzberg 40
Promoting The Health Crusade......

... Gertrude Vaughn 71
Playing the Game of "The Bird That Has

Flown Away".... ..... Gertrude Vaughn 83

Florence Ashley Beeler 112

Rhymes for Kiddies

Shaila Perham 38
Ray's Interview with Santa Claus....

.Rebecca Strutton Elliot J5
Riding the Giant Satella Jaques Penman
Report of Address by Dr. Agnes Rogers of
Goucher College, Baltimore



F. G. Sanders 11
Some Day

Bernice Elsom Barrett 21
Summer Memories

Olive Wills 29
Suggestive Exercise in Construction-Splints,
Tablets and Paper

J. M Viven 39
Sketches in an Armenian Kindergarten.....

.Nina Brailovsky

Suggestions for Cutting and Constructive Ex-
ercises with Paper

J. M. Viven 53
Santa Claus' Adventure Grace Robertson 59
Scrap Books

... Bertha R. Ellenberger 91
Some Things the Rural Teacher can do to
Stimulate Interest

Rufus M. Reed 106
Suggestions Concerning Kindergarten

Nina C. Vanderwalker 108
Suggestions for the Month of May..

. Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 129
Serap Book for the Children.... Rufus M. Reed 138
Suggestions for June Program..

.Dr. Jenny B. Merrill 142
Suggestions gathered from Demonstrations of

Songs and Rhythms January and Feb.
ruary 1923-In New York Public Kin-

dergartens. . Luella A. Palmer, Sup. 151

Florence E. Greenwood 155
Spring Songs



The Use of the Voice in the Kindergarten......

......Marion F. Adlington 2
Teaching the Tiny Tots to Spell with Aid of

H. B. Adriance 10
The Game of Paper Dolls..... Gertrude Vaughn 14
The Queen and Her Attendants ....

....Carrie Belle Root Boyden 18
The Oak Leaf's Story

J. M. Niven 30
The Helpful Robin

Lereine Ballantyne 35
Το Q

Duval Warwick 37
The Necessity of Obedience. .Mrs. Julia W. Bell 38
The Babe of Bethlehem ....Dr. Jenny B. Merrill
The Thistle Girls of the Meadow......

Margaret Brown Elms
The Big Rose ..

Betty Earle 57
The Fairies Clean House ....Ora Clayton Moore 58
That Problem of ObedienceEdith Lockridge Reid 61
Teaching Beginners to Count.. Gertrude Vaughn 73
There is no Death

.Lena Bond Young
The Child Problem

. Elizabeth Colville 81
The Sandman and the Good Fairy....

.....Jean McMichael
The Ant and the Grasshopper....F. G. Sanders 90
The Flag

Anna E. Sample 92
Teaching With Fun

Grace Boteler Allen 93
The Magic Tree

Rufus M. Reed

Try This

J. M. Niven 104
Training Pupils to Keep Their Desks in

Gertrude Vaughn 107
The Catkins

Grace P. Smith 116
The Most Beautiful Princess..

Myrta Alice Little 120
The Crow

F. G. Sanders 133
The Young Bird Observers. . Neil MacDonald 135
The Crow Story

J. M. Niven 136
The Story of the Fox and the Hen..F. G. Sanders 145
The International Kindergarten Union, 30th An-
nual Convention, at Pittsburgh

The Pine Tree

Dorothy G. Ayres 148
The Child and the Owl.. ..Grace L. Beckwith 148
The Secret Robi Told Me.... Mrs. E. Burton 152
The Apple Saver

Arthur Dunn 154
The Sweetest Gift

John McQueeney 154
Teachers Should Exercise More Care....

... Kathryn G. Woodside 150

Using Out of Date Kindergarten Material.....

Edna Gene McGee 139


Visual Education in the Kindergarten....

Marion F. Adlington 78
Value of Expressing Ourselves in Song......

Elise U. Eaton 106
Verses for Children

Mrs. Guy Young 148

What We Know About The Warblers.....

Frances Brown 15
Words Turn Somersaults. ..Julia W. Wolfe 75
Wheel Wisdom...

Kathryn G. Woodside 85
What We Share

Mary A. Harper 114
What Was it Jack Saw

What Red Head Thought of John..

. Mrs. Verner G. Early 124
When the Pine Tree Spoke.. Katharine S. Ayres 152



Published bi-monthly during the school year as follows: September 1st,
November 1st, January 1st, March 1st, and May 1st, at Manistee Michigan, U.
S. A. Subscription price 75c per annum, postpaid in U. S., Hawalin Islands,
Phillipines, Guam, Porto Rico, Samoa, Shanghai, Cannal Zone, Cuba, Mexico,
For Canada add 10c, and for all other countries 15c, for postage.

THE J. H. SHULTS Co. Publishers.

Fotored at the P. O., Manistee, Mich., as Second Class Mall Matter. September October, 1922.



NOTE--This magazine is now published bi-monthly as a GUIDE BOOK IN CHILD TRAIN. ING-5 issues per year, but each book covers the work for TWO MONTHS. For this issue

September and October are linked together. Next issue about OCTOBER 25th.

Dear Kindergartners and Primary Teachers :

Again I rejoice to greet you after the long vacation which I hope has brought you near to Nature and so nearer to the children and to God.

We all need the change for rest or for study and for a closer touch with Nature at seashore and mountain and lake. May I add even city? I know many of our readers are so fortunate as to have rural life all the year. If any of them have had the opportunity to see life in a big city, they too have new visions of nature, for possibly, they have never realized before what a deprivation it is, not to have God's great stretches of space, of woods, of sky, always greeting you.

Human beings too seem more human when there are not so many of them.

The inmportant question is, however, wherever you have been, at home, on the ocean, in the town, the village, the mountain, the lake, the farm, the seashore, what have you gathered for the children who will soon greet you and to whom you are to mean so much.

I am gure you have visible treasures to show for you have remembered how the little ones love to "see things." Be liberal the first day, if the babies are not too small, and have several objects and pictures to show cursorily, letting the children find the right shelf on the cabinet for this treasure or that with the promise to tell more later on.

Well do I recall the first shells that were added

to our home curios, shells that talked in your ear, telling secrets of the ocean's roar in whispers! One had the Lord's Prayer engraved upon it. . That was not to be played with. One had some tiny teeth with red gumg as it were, and they were all so smooth and shiny! No one told us that they were once alive! Perhaps that was just as well at first. The wise mother, the wise Kindergartner, the wise teacher, learns to "omit.". Our little ones are learning more in a day than we realize. - and we need not force too much upon them lest they have mental indigestion, neither must they starve.

One of the hardest things for a young Mother or a young Kindergartner, or a young Primary teacher to learn is to teach enough and not too much. I have had the pleasure this year of visiting frequently in the home of a wise Mother and Kindergartner who has brought a boy of six to the point where even the sound of a new word attracts him immediately "What does it Mean?"

He is discovering all sorts of number combinations as “two sixes are twelve and a half of twelve is six, isn't it, Mother?" "Yes, dear, that is right!"' He has enjoyed making himself count backwards. But he has not yet written numbers. Number is real to him in toys, in measuring, in weighing.

There is in the home, the scale, where even pussy in occasionally weighed. Rosseau advises "count measure weigh."

This boy of six sees you about to throw away a box, or possibly a piece of paper. He says, “May I have it? I can make something with it.” And you should see what he makes is immitation of all his observing eyes have noted.

He will sit an hour as you read of "Happy Jack' or of any of Thornton Burgess' animal stories, or again of "Paul Revere's Ride.” He already has literary taste.

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