The Emotional Organization: Passions and Power

Stephen Fineman
Wiley, 2008 - 230 páginas
This landmark collection is exclusively devoted to demonstrating/mapping (what is understood today about the power and structural effects of emotion and identity in organizations. Essays at the leading edge of research reveal the influence of workplace cultures, power, and institutional expectations, while also exploring the negative impacts of emotion management in the workplace.

  • Brings together an international group of cutting-edge researchers to write critically about emotion in different organizational and cultural settings
  • Includes research on policy, change, management and professional practice
  • Exposes the influence of workplace cultures, power and institutional expectations on emotion
  • Reveals the darker and oppressive features of emotion management in organizations
  • Applies recent critical organizational theory to emotion.

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Emotional Arenas
The Hospital
The Prison
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Acerca del autor (2008)

Stephen Fineman is a senior professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Bath’s School of Management. Recognized as the first to be published in the field of emotion in organizations, Fineman has been writing on the topic for over 12 years. His works include two successful editions of Emotion in Organizations, key chapters in The Handbook of Organization Studies, and a critique on emotion research in Academy of Management Review.

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