Strictly from God's Perspective: A Godly Man's Guidance to His Family and Fellow Man Volume 2: How Can We?, Volumen2

Xlibris Corporation, 2005 M04 1 - 108 páginas
REMOVING the covers from Satan and exposing how he has deceived mankind is never welcomed by any but the rare few individuals [a] truly living holy (i.e., genuine Christians) and [b] thoroughly read in GOD´S Word. Satan seeks to operate in secret where he can wreck havoc mentally, physically, and spiritually. Addressing [i] the wickedness of fornication (sex outside of marriage), [ii] the "I am a Christian" falsehood, [iii] the weak church member, [iv] the world´s resistance to holiness, [v] the intentionally blind, etc. boldly forces people to see themselves for themselves. This is always difficult, and most will reject it with every fiber of their being. For the few who embrace GOD´S Word as revealed herein, salvation and elevation await them.

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