Flamborough: Village and Headland

Robert Fisher
William Andrews, 1894 - 179 páginas
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Página 40 - As you are now so once was I; As I am now, so you must be Prepare for death and follow me.
Página 148 - An' put on me shoe, An' if thoo's nut off, Ah'll seean catch thoo ! " A farmer, some years ago, galloped round it on horseback, and Jenny did come out, to the great terror of the farmer, who put spurs to his horse and galloped off as fast as he could, the spirit after him. Just on entering the village, the spirit, for some reason unknown...
Página 38 - In all my ways thy hand I own, Thy ruling providence I see : Assist me still my course to run, And still direct my paths to Thee. 3 Oft hath the sea conf'ess'd thy power, And given me back at thy command ; It could not, Lord, my life devour, Safe in the hollow of thine hand.
Página 149 - To glance and glide before him everywhere. And throw a gleam on after days of duty. For God's sake spare ! He notes each sea-bird falling, And in Creation's groans marks its sad share, Its dying cry for retribution calling. Oh stay...
Página 37 - She was, — but words are wanting to say what ; Think what a wife should be, and she was that !" Pope was fond of writing epitaphs.
Página 86 - ... be, that we shall in such effectual wise remember your said service in any your reasonable pursuits, as you shall have cause to think the same right well employed to your comfort and weal hereafter. Given under our signet, at our castle at Windsor, the 27th of November...
Página 36 - tis life's last shore, Where vanities are vain no more ; Where all pursuits their goal obtain, And life is all retouch'd again ; Where in their bright result shall rise Thoughts, virtues, friendships, griefs, and joys.
Página 41 - What can preserve my life ! or what destroy ! An angel's arm can't snatch me from the grave • - . Legions of angels can't confine me there.
Página 86 - With his sonnes brother saruantt and kynnismen But now as ye se he lyeth under this stone. But now all thes tryumphes ar passed...

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