Report of the Select Committee of the House of Representatives, to which Were Referred the Messages of the President U.S. of the 5th and 8th February, and 2d March, 1827, with Accompanying Documents and a Report and Resolutions of the Legislature of Georgia: March 3, 1827 : Read, and Laid Upon the Table

Gales & Seaton, 1827 - 846 páginas

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Página 16 - States; regulating the trade and managing all affairs with the Indians, not members of any of the States ; provided that the legislative righf of any State, within its own limits, be not infringed or violated...
Página 195 - That his Excellency, the Governor, be, and he is hereby, requested...
Página 107 - The United States solemnly guarantee to the Creek Nation, all their lands within the limits of the United States to the westward and southward of the boundary described in the preceding article.
Página 21 - The committee of the Representatives, to which it was referred, reported that it " is expedient to procure a cession of the Indian lands in the State of Georgia, and that until such a cession is procured, the law of the land, as set forth in the treaty at Washington, ought to be maintained by all necessary, constitutional, and legal means.
Página 837 - Chatahouchee, and along the western bank thereof, to the great bend thereof, next above the place where a certain creek or river, called "Uchee...
Página 139 - Indians within the limits of this state, either for the purpose of settlement or otherwise ; as every such act will be in direct violation of the provisions of the treaty, aforesaid, and will expose the aggressors to the most certain and summary punishment by the authorities of the state, and of the United States. All good citizens, therefore, pursuing the dictates of good faith, will unite in enforcing the obligations of the treaty as the supreme low.
Página 103 - Surrounded as they are, and pressed as they will be, on every side by the white population, it will be difficult if not impossible for them, with their kind of government, to sustain order among them. Their interior will be exposed to frequent disturbances, to remedy which the interposition of the United States will be indispensable, and thus their government will gradually lose its authority until it is annihilated. In this process the moral character of the tribes will...
Página 17 - ... councils. And how the trade with Indians, though not members of a state, yet residing within its legislative jurisdiction, can be regulated by an external authority, without so far intruding on the internal rights of legislation, is absolutely incomprehensible. This is not the only case in which the Articles of Confederation have inconsiderately...
Página 73 - And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth.
Página 15 - ... twelfth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, between Commissioners on the part of the United States and the said Creek Nation of Indians, and ratified by the United States on the seventh day of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, is hereby declared to be null and void, to every intent and purpose whatsoever ; and every right and claim arising from the same is hereby cancelled and surrendered.

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