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panied by the same attestations, signatures, and flourishes of Colés, surnamed Bos-Guillaume, to each leaf, and two other notaries on the verso of folio 206. After this are found the same statements posterior to the demise of Jeanne: the prosecution instituted against the same brother of a religious community, together with the letters of the king of England, and those of the university of Paris.

No. III.

The third manuscript of the process in Latin, is in folio, being a collated copy by Messrs. Pithou and Petau, dated fifteenth January, 1652, No. 180, forming a part of the Brienne collection. On the first leaf are subscribed the signatures of those two magistrates, after which, five follow without superscription, while on the seventh appears this title; Procès Criminel fait à Jeanne d'Arc de Vaucouleurs, commonly called La Pucelle, in the years 1430 and 1431 ; after which, three leaves follow without any signatures.

The first page, according to the regular order of the signatures, begins with these words : Processus in causa fidei contra quamdam mulierem, vulgariter dictam La Pucelle. It would appear from a casual glance to contain 445 leaves, because, after folio 209 the transcriber has numbered 230; and after folio 232, he has in like manner regularly continued to calculate to the termination of the volume, so that the work only contains 648 written pages, and concludes with seven blank leaves. It is requisite to remark, that these errors in the paging do

not display any omissions in the text, which has been verified ; therefore the manuscript is entire.

This document appears to be a transcript from one of the preceding; the marginal notes indicating the contents are inserted in the title; the alinea occupy their proper places, as well as the attestations and the signatures of the three notaries.

No. IV.

The fourth manuscript of the process in Latin, is a small folio volume, in a parchment cover, on the back of which is lettered Procés de la Pucelle Jeanne, No. 5967: it is transcribed upon strong paper; the penmanship is of the fifteenth century, and the marginal notes are all inserted. It contains 267 leaves regularly numbered, besides which, there are three leaves at the end not paged, containing a table of the process, indicating the pages in the volume where the several heads are to be found.

No. V.

The fifth manuscript, in Latin, occupies a small folio, written on paper bound in sheep, and decorated with the armorial bearings of France, being numbered 5968. The paper is less stout, but the writing is of the same date as the foregoing; while the concluding words indicate, that it formed an article of the library of Thou, Thuani. It is accompanied by the marginal notes.

No. VI.

The sixth manuscript of the process in Latin, is another copy, not collated; being a small folio bound in calf, and the first leaves worm-eaten. It is numbered 5969; the writing is of the fifteenth century, but running and difficult to decipher. The volume is on paper, and the alinéa are strictly attended to.

Manuscript preserved in the Chamber of Accompts.

No. VII.

The volume in this collection is a folio containing the same process in Latin, being neither attested nor collated. From the armorial bearings stamped upon it, this manuscript has been pronounced as coming from the library of Caumartin.

Manuscript in the Library of St. Germain des Près.


A folio manuscript from the library of Harlay is in this collection, containing the process in Latin, neither collated nor attested ; this, as well as the former, appears to be very correct, and in every respect perfect.

Manuscript in the Library of M. de Flandre de Brunville.

No. IX. This manuscript of the process, in Latin, came from the collection of M. le President Duret de Menières, being a folio volume. It also contains the condemnation and the absolution. The transcript of the first, although neither attested nor collated, appears to be very correct.

Manuscript of M. de Saint Genis, Auditor of Accounts.

No. X.

The manuscript volume now under review came from the library of M. Dulys, solicitor-general of the court of Aides, a descendant of the family of the Pucelle of Orleans. This document is a folio, not collated, of the proceedings at the condemnation, and appears to be very correct.

Manuscript of the Library of Saint Victor.

No. XI.

No. 417, in this collection, is a thick folio volume, being an entire copy of the process of the condemnation of Jeanne d'Arc, not collated, which occupies from folio 73 to folio 342.

Manuscript preserved in the dépôt of Legislature, and

Historical Charters and Monuments, in the Place Vendôme, at Puris.

No. XII. In a very thick volume, Marima Cartá, written upon vellum, in the fifteenth century, under the third article, neither attested nor collated, is a copy of the process of condemnation of Jeanne d'Arc, being in every respect complete.

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