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Sixth. Expedition from the Isle of Leag.

France to Brie and its Environs.

The Present. The Ancient.


to the


1499. 1429. 24. From Rheims to St. Marcoul 20th July 20th July

or Corbeny ;(Note 17.) from thence
until the until the
13th Aug. 13th Aug. to Vailly; (Note 18.) from Vailly to

Soissons; (Note 19.) froin that place
to Chateau Thierry; and from thence

to Provins. (Note 20.).
20th July 20th July 25. From Provins to La Motte de

to the
30th Aug. Soth Aug.

Nangis ; (Note.21.) from thence to
Provins, then near to Bray;(Note 22.)

and subsequent return to Provins .. 14th to 14th to

26. From Provins to Chateau 28th Aug. 28th Aug.

Thierry; (Note 23.) thence to La
Ferte Milon; (Note 24.) from La
Ferte to Crépy; and from that place
to Dammartin, or the Environs.
(Note 25.)

27. From Dammartin to Crépy;
thence to Baron and Montpiloy;
(Note 26.) from Baron to Crépy;
from that place to Compiègne, thence
to Senlis, and from Senlis to St.

Denis. (Note 27.) 29th Aug. 29th Aug.

28. From St. Denis to La Chapelle, to

(attack made upon Paris); from La 11th Sept. 11th Sept.

Chapelle to La Villette ; and from
that place to St. Denis. (Note 28.)





CALENDAR. 29. From St. Denis to Lagny; Leag. The Present. Che Ancient. from thence to Provins; from

1429. 1429. Provins to Bray; from that place From the From the 12th Sept. 12th Sept.

to Courtenay, passing the river to about to about Seine, below Sens; (Note 29.) from

the the 25th Oct. 25th Oct.

Courtenay to Chateau Renard; from
thence to Montargis ; from that
place to Gien; and from Gien to
Bourges. (Note 30.).


Seventh.Expeditions and Excursions

to Berri and its Environs.


From Oct. From Oct.

So. From Bourges to Mehun on to Dec. to Dec.

the Yèvre ; from Mehun to Bourges ;
from that place to (Note 31.) St.
Pierre le Moutier, (besieged and
taken); from St. Pierre le Moutier to
La Charité, (besieged); from La
Charité to Bourges; and from thence

to Mehun. (Note 32.)
End of End of 31. From Mehun on the Yèvre to
Dec. Dec.

Gergeau ; and from thence to Mehun.

(Note 33.) ..... 1430. 1429. 32. From Mehun on the Yèvre to Froin Jan. From Jan. to the to the

Bourges; (Note 34.) from thence to beginning beginning the Marches de Berry; (Note 35.) of April. of April. from the Marches de Berry to Mehun,

passing by Bourges, Gien, and Mon-
targis. (Note 36.)




Eighth. Expedition to Lagny and Leag. The Present. The Ancient.

Compiegne, or the final Exploits

of Jeanne d'Arc. 1430. 1430. 33. From Mebun to Lagny. April and April and the the

(Note 37.) Defeat of Franquet of beginning beginning Arras, in the neighbourhood, (Note of May. of May. 38.) and return to Lagny......

34. From Lagny to Soissons, passing by Chateau Thierry and Crépy; from Soissons to Crépy; and from that place to Compiegne. (Note 39.) 36

35. From Compiegne to Pont l'Evêque ; (fruitless attack of that place); and return to Compiegne. (Note 40.)

12 36. From Compiegne to Lagny, passing by Crépy and Chateau Thierry. (Note 41.)...

28 Ditto to Ditto to

37. From Lagny to Compiegne by the 24th. the 24th. Chateau Thierry and Crépy ; (Note

42.) Sortie of Jeanne from Com-
piegne, where she was taken prisoner.
(Note 43.)


[blocks in formation]

From the above account, the various journeys or expeditions of Jeanne d'Arc, undertaken for the purpose of saving France, began at the latter end of February, 1428, and concluded upon the twenty-fourth of May,

1430, having in the whole occupied a period of fifteen months. (Note 44.)

After a very exact admeasurement of the extent of territory traversed during these journeys, calculating as by the flight of a bird, from one station to another; it appears that la Pucelle journeyed, in the short lapse of fifteen months, nine hundred leagues, or two thousand seven hundred miles. Now, if we take into consideration, that at the period in question there existed no high roads; that the bridges were but few in number ; and that the whole tract of country through which these expeditions were undertaken, was garrisoned by enemies, who incessantly scoured the country; it must be allowed, that we should not exaggerate in adding one-third to the distance of a bird's flight, considering the circuitous routes, and the manifold Ubstacles, Jeanne must have encountered; which, instead of nine hundred leagues, would make the distance performed amount to twelve or thirteen hundred; and that too, without calculating any journeys she doubtless performed during the space of three months and a half, respecting which no account whatsoever is handed down to posterity.t Finally; let it be remembered, that in the short interval during which these excursions were achieved, Jeanne was present at more than twenty battles, sieges, &c. ; which simple statement contains, in itself, a lasting eulogy on the heroic and unfortunate memory of the Pucelle of Orleans.

* Vide Note 34, p. 26.

+ If at that epoch Jeanne followed the Court, as it is presumed, it would be requisite to add one hundred leagues to the preceding calculation.




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