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Página 128 - The foregoing clauses shall be construed both as objects and powers; and it is hereby expressly provided that the foregoing enumeration of specific powers shall not be held to limit or restrict in any manner the powers of this corporation.
Página 411 - Things delivered to a person exercising a public trade, to be carried, wrought, worked up, or managed in the way of his trade or employ.
Página 171 - In internal structure oil shale is minutely laminated, which is apparent in the 'spent shale' after distillation, when it is thrown out in fragments composed of extremely thin sheets, like the leaves of a book or flakes in a piece of pastry. " In thickness the shale seams vary greatly. At certain localities they disappear and pass into ordinary carbonaceous blaes, and at others they swell to 6, 10, or perhaps 15 feet in thickness, with subdivisions of barren blaes or ribs of hard calcareous or quartzose...
Página 171 - Miners draw a distinction between ' plain ' and ' curly ' shale, the former variety being flat and smooth, and the latter contorted or ' curled ' and polished or glossy on the squeezed faces. The same seam may be partly plain and partly curly ; and curly beds are often richer in oil than the plain portions. Shale is probably curly because it is rich, as the higher percentage of hydrocarbon in some beds may have rendered them more easily crumpled than the stronger but poorer bands alongside of them....
Página 443 - Black -Island quarries are in the northeastern part of Black Island, which lies south of Mount Desert, in the town of Long Island. Operators, Black Island Granite Company, JE Dutton, president, 42 East Twenty-third street, New York. The quarries, opened in 1892, consist of two openings. The upper one, about one-fourth mile south of dock at northeastern corner of island, measures 500 by 300 feet and from 10 to 40 feet in depth, and the lower one, known as the " Redcliff," a little south of the- dock,...
Página 229 - Softness, or liability to abrasion, does not indicate inferior roofing slate; but, on the contrary, it is an indication of strength and good weathering qualities.
Página 223 - green slate" is in reality grayish green in color. It splits readily, though not with as smooth a surface as the black slate. It stands punching and trimming well, and is (sufficiently strong for roofing use. Considering its origin and composition it is probable that it will be a highly durable slate, holding its color well. At present it is sold entirely for trimming and lettering on black slate roofs, for which purpose it is particularly well adapted, giving a strong but pleasant color contrast.
Página 444 - Sargent, compound), with a capacity of 350 cubic feet of air per minute, 5 steam drills, 16 pneumatic hand tools, and 2 pumps. Transportation is effected by means of three tracks — one 100, one 400, and one 500 feet long — from the quarry to the dock, the cars being propelled by cable engines. The product is used chiefly for bridges and buildings. The small beds are worked into paving blocks. New York is the chief market. Specimen buildings of granite from this quarry are the post-office in Lowell,...
Página 229 - The strongest slate stands highest in weathering qualities, so that a flexural test affords an excellent index of all its properties, particularly if the ultimate deflection and the manner of rupture be noted. The strongest and best slate has the highest percentage of silicates of iron and alumina, but is not necessarily the lowest in carbonates of lime and magnesia. Chemical analyses give only imperfect conclusions regarding the weathering qualities of slates and do not satisfactorily explain their...
Página 234 - About the beginning of this century, a slate merchant, of the name of Docer, going through the quarry with Lord Penrhyn, advised him that all the slates should be made of luch and such a size, and tbii is the origin of the name

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