Chevy Chase,: A Poem. Founded on the Ancient Ballad. With Other Poems..

Cadell & Davies, ... J. & A. Arch, ... Hayward & Roscoe, ... W. Blackwood, Edinburgh; and W. Robinson & Sons, Liverpool., 1820 - 112 páginas

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Página 61 - Certainly, sir, most willingly," answered the knight. He then gave his promise upon his knighthood. The king said, " Thanks be to God! for I shall...
Página 60 - I will that as soon as I shall be dead you take my heart from my body, and have it well embalmed ; you will also take as much money from my treasury as will appear to you sufficient to perform your journey, as well as for all those whom you may choose to take with you in your train ; you will then deposit your charge at the holy sepulchre of our Lord, where he was buried, since my body cannot go there.
Página 60 - I do not know any one knight so gallant or enterprising, or better formed to complete my intentions than yourself, I beg and entreat of you, dear and special friend, as earnestly as I can, that you would have the goodness to undertake this expedition for the love of me, and to acquit my soul to our Lord and Saviour ; for I have that opinion...
Página 61 - Sluys twelve days, he heard that Alphonso, king of Spain, was waging war against the Saracen king of Granada. He considered, that if he should go thither he should employ his time and journey according to the late king's wishes ; and when he should have finished there he would proceed further to complete that with which he was charged.
Página 63 - Genoese felt these arrows, which pierced their arms, heads, and through their armour, some of them cut the strings of their cross-bows, others flung them on the ground, and all turned about and retreated, quite discomfited. The French had a large body of men-at-arms on horseback, richly dressed, to support the Genoese. The King of France, seeing them thus fall back, cried out, ' Kill me those scoundrels, for they stop up our road without any reason.
Página 60 - You will not be sparing of expense — and provide yourself with such company and such things as may be suitable to your rank — and wherever you pass, you will let it be known, that you bear the heart of king Robert of Scotland, which you are carrying beyond seas by his command, since his body cannot go thither.
Página 65 - Tinemouth, about 7 m. from North Shields. It probably gave name to a family of note at that time. Ver. 114. Hearone.] This family, one of the most ancient, was long of great consideration, in Northumberland. Haddeston, the Caput Baronise ol Heron, was their ancient residence.
Página 63 - The English archers then advanced one step forward, and shot their arrows with such force and quickness that it seemed as if it snowed.
Página 60 - I vowed that if I could finish my wars in such a manner that I might have quiet to govern peaceably, I would go and make war against the enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ and the adversaries of the Christian faith. To this point my heart has...
Página 60 - I could finish rny wars in such a manner, that I might have quiet to govern peaceably, I would go and make war against the enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the adversaries of the Christian fait-h. To this point my heart has always leaned ; but our Lord was not willing, and gave me so much to do in my lifetime, and this...

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