The Biography of the Principal American Military and Naval Heroes: Comprehending Details of Their Achievements During the Revolutionary and Late Wars. Interspersed with Authentic Anecdotes Not Found in Any Other Work, Volumen2


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Página 200 - SIR, — The Almighty has been pleased to grant us a signal victory on Lake Champlain, in the capture of one frigate, one brig, and two sloops of war, of the enemy.
Página 247 - Morgan, and, what is strange and difficult to account for, at the very moment when their entire discomfiture was looked for with a confidence approaching to certainty, the Kentucky reinforcements, in whom so much reliance had been placed, ingloriously fled, drawing after them, by their example, the remainder of the forces, and thus yielding to the enemy that most formidable position.
Página 329 - Resolved, unanimously, That Captain Blakeley's child be educated at the expense of this State ; and that Mrs. Blakeley be requested to draw on the Treasurer of this State, from time to time, for such sums of money as shall be required for the education of the said child.
Página 85 - It was admirable to behold the perfect order and regularity that prevailed among her valiant and devoted crew, throughout this scene of horror. No trepidation, no confusion occurred, even for an instant ; as fast as the men were wounded they were carried below and others stept into their places ; the dead remained where they fell until after the action.
Página 191 - ... or twenty paces of the lines ; but the men being all at their posts and ready to receive it, commenced so heavy and galling a fire, as to throw the column a little into confusion. Being quickly rallied, it advanced to the outer works and began to leap into the ditch.
Página 195 - Eagle, not being able to bring her guns to bear, cut her cable, and anchored in a more eligible position, between my ship and the Ticonderoga...
Página 26 - Canada are many of them our own countrymen, and the poor Canadians have been forced into the war. Their property, therefore, must be held sacred; and any soldier who shall so far neglect the honour of his profession as to be guilty of plundering the inhabitants, shall, if convicted, be punished with death. But the commanding general assures the troops, that should they capture a large quantity of public stores, he will use his best endeavours to procure them a reward from his government.
Página 190 - Shipp turned from him with indignation, and was immediately taken hold of by an Indian, who attempted to wrest his sword from him.
Página 245 - During the days of the 6th and 7th, the enemy had been actively employed in making preparations for an attack on my lines. With infinite labour they had succeeded on the night of the 7th in getting their boats across from the lake to the river, by widening and deepening the canal on which they had effected their disembarkation. It had not been in my power to impede these operations by a general attack — added to other reasons, the nature of the...
Página 305 - ... he bore up apparently to run us on board. As soon as I perceived he would certainly fall on board, I called the boarders so as to be ready to repel any attempt to board us. At the instant every officer and man repaired to the...

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