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ver. 5, 6.


Entertains herself with the present tokens of his favour,

338 Takes care that nothing happen to intercept him, verse

7. Triumphs in his approaches towards her, ver. 8, 9. Repeats the gracious calls he had given her to go with him, in

forced by the pleasures of the returning spring, ver. 10,-13. 345 Christ's care of the church, ver. 14, 15.

349 In calling her from her obscurity, verse 14.

ib. In giving charge to destroy whatever could hurt her, ver. 15. 350 The church profesieth her faith and hope, ver. 16, 17.

350 Invites, by prayer, his glorious retorn, ver, 17.



The church's fight and victory in temptation.
The church giorieth in Christ,


The church's exercise on her Beloved's being withdrawn from her, verse 1.

ib. The pains she was at, and the means she used to find him, ver. 2, 3

355 Her behaviour when she found him, verfe 4.

356 Her care that nothing might disturb him, ver. 5.

360 The daughters of Jerusalem admire the church's excellencice, ver. 6. ib. The church's admiration of Christ under the person of Solomon,

ver. 7.-10. From the grandeur and stateliness of his bed, verse 7.

ib. From his numerous and magnificent guard, ver. 7, 8.

362 From the splendor and incomparableness of his chariot, ver.9,10. 364 She calls the daughters of Sion to admire the dignity of his royal

person, with his brilliant crown, verse ri.

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CH A P. IV. Christ fetteth forth the graces of the church.--He shew.

eth his love to her.—The church prayeth to be made fit for his presence,


Christ highly commends the church's beauty, ver. 1.-. 367,-372 Condesvends on several particular instances of her beauty, ver. 1.-5.

367 Pronounces her all fair, without any spot, verse 7.

372 Retires hinrell, and invites her with him, from the mountains of terror, to those of delight, ver. 6,-8.

371, 372 ProfeNeth his great love to her, and his delight in her indeared affection to brin, ver. 9, -15.

273,-378 The church implores the influences of the blessed Spirit to make her

garden fragrant, and invites Christ to the best entertainment it affords, verfe 16.


CH A P. V. Christ awaketh the church with his calling. - The

church having a taste of Christ's love, is fick of love.

A defcription of Christ by his graces, Page 381 Christ graciously accepts the church's invitation, and makes a kind visit to her, verse 1.

ib. The spouse's account of her folly in putting a flight upon her

Beloved, and the distress she was in by reason of his with-
drawing, ver. 2,-8.

382,-385 Mentions her indisposition, and repeats her Beloved's kindly address to her, verse 2.

382 Condescends on the excuse the made to put off her compliance, verse 3.

383 Narrates the means used that gained her compliance, ver. 4, 5. ib. Her sad disappointment when the opened to her Beloved, and

the course the takes on that melancholy event, ver. 6, 7. 384 Gives a charge to the daughters of Jerusalem to aflift her, ver. 8. 385 The daughters of Jerusalem's question to the spouse, in consequence

of the charge the had given them, verse 9.
The spouse's particular reply to the enquiry of the daughters of

Jerusalem, concerning the amiable perfections of her Be-
loved, ver. 10.-16.

386,-390 She assures them in general, that he is one of incomparable perfections and unparallelled excellencies, verse 10.

386 She then gives a particular detail of his singular accomplishments, ver. 11,-16.

387,-390 As in particulars she falls short, so she concludes with a general

encomium concerning bis excellency, and her own interest
in him, ver. 16.



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C H A P. VÌ. The church professeth her faith in Christ.-Christ shew.

eth the graces of the church, and his love towards her,

391 The daughters of Jerusalem's enquiry at the spouse concerping the departure of her Beloved, verse 1.

ib. The spouse's reply to the enquiry, verse 2.

392 She asserts her interest in him, verse 3.

ib. Christ pronounceth the spouse to be truly amiable, versc 4.

393 Acknowledges himself in love with her, verse s.

394 Gives a minute description of her beauty, and prefers her before all competitors, verse 5,-9.

394,-396 Manifests his love towards her, and his regard for her, ver, 10, 11, 12

397 He kindly invites, and most earnestly presses her to return,


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Verse 13.


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A farther defcription of the church's graces.

The church professeth her faith and desire,

Page 400 Christ gives a very large and ample description of the spouse's beauty and excellency, ver. 1,--5.

400, -403 He expresies his love to her, and the great complacency and delight

he has in her thus beautified and adorned, ver. 6,-9. 405 The spouse triumphs in her relation to Chrift, and her great delight in him, verse 10.

407 She earnestly desires communion with him, ver. 11, 12. She desires to be better acquaint with the state of her own soul, and the present pofture of its affairs, verse 12.

408 Promiseth her Beloved her best affections, and best provision and entertainment, ver. 12, 13.


407, 408



The love of the church to Christ. The vehemency

of love. - The calling of the Gentiles. The church prayeth for Christ's coming,

409 The spouse evidenceth her great love to Christ, in her ardent desire

of more intimate fellowihip with him, ver. 1, 2, 3. 409, 410 She charges the daughters of Jerusalem not to interrupt her communion with him, verse 4.

4IT The daughters of Jerusalem admire the spouse's dependence on her Beloved, verse 5.

412 The spouse addresleth herself to her Beloved, putting him in mind

of the former experience the and others irad of his love, ver. 5. ib. The ardency of her love exprefled, ver. 6, 7,

413,415 She interccdeth in behalf of her little after, the Gentile church, verse 8.

415 Christ foon determines what shall be done for her, verse 9. 416 The spouse acknowlegeth with thankfuhrefs bis kindnefs to her, verse 10.

417 She is also concerned about a vineyard at Baal-hamon, or the

church of Christ on earth, verfe 11. Christ's propriety in, and care for his vineyard; verse 12.

ib. The spouse owns the charge that the vineyard is in part committed

to her, and that the principal revenue appertains to the owner, verse 1 2.

418, 419 Christ being to part from the spouse, for a time, desires to hear frequently from her, verfe 13.

420 The Spouse warmly folicits his speedy return, verse 14.



A TABLE or The SCRIPTURE-SONGS, According to the Order of the Books, CHAPTERS,

and Verses they are taken from.

Β Ο Ο Κ I. OLD-TESTAMENT Songs; or, Songs upon several

select passages in the Old Testament.
The Preface, shewing the occasion and design of the following

Page 425
Songs selected from the Historical Books.


An introduction, shewing that poetical compositions were very antient;

and that these in the facrcd writings are truly excellent, and quite inimitable,

427 Song 1. Gen. 1. The first six days work; or, the first chapter of Genesis

compend:fed, 2. Gen. 3. 15. The first gospel promise,

429 3. Exod. 7. 8, 9, 10, and 12. The ten plagues of Egypt named, and justified,

ib. 4. 15. 1,-21. The song of Mofes,

430 S.

20. 3,-18. The ten commandments abridged and versificd,

432 6. Gen. 22. 6.–19. Submission and deliverance; or, God's appearing

in extremity, in Abraham offering his son, 433 7. Deut. 32. 1,-43. The prophetical song of Moses, setting forth God's mercy and vengeance,

434 8.

33. 26,--29. Moses' last words; or, the excellency of
If ae,

440 9. judges 5. 19--31. The song of Deborah and Barak, on Ifrael's signal victory over king Jabin,

b. 10. 1 Sam. 2. 1.--10. Hannah's song of thanksgiving to God, for his giving her Samaci,

445 11. 2 Sam. 1. 191---27. David's song of lamentation over Saul and Jonathan,

446 7. 189–29. David's prayer and thanksgiving, after God's

promise to build him a sure house, and to bless him in

his secu; pointing at Christ and his kingdom, 447 13. 1 Ciron. 29. 10,--19. David's thanksgiving and prayer, when he

and the princes offered willingly for building of the temple

449 14. 2 Sam. 23. 5,-. David's last words, viewed in a twofold light, 437


# B


Jo B’s Hymn s.




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An introduction, containg some observations relative to the penman, and the inanner of his writing,

Page 453 A poem in commendation of his book,

455 Song 1. Job 1. 21. Losses thankfully received,

ib. 2. 10. Patience in tribulation,

456 3. 3. 17. Repose in the grave,

ib. 4. 4. 179–21. The excellency of man laid low before God, 457 5. 5. 6, 7. Sin the cause of trouble,

ib. 6. 8. A saint's resolution how he should behave when in affliction,

458 7

9.-16. God's great work in the kingdom of Christ, 459 8. 17—27. Affliction born well, ends well,

ib. 9. 6. 2, 3, 4. Terrors of God invading the soul,

462 7. 17, &c. God's stooping to contend with man admired, 463 8.5,6,7. Good counsel, and good hope given to the afflicted, ib. 9. Time and life fhort,

464 13 11,–14. The hope of the hypocrite vanishing,

ib. 14. 9. 2, 3, 4. God just in judging,

465 15.

15. 20, 21. The righteousness of works discarded, ib.

10. 1, 2. 14, 15. The afflicted foul's complaint to God, 466 17.

9. God's wisdom, un searchable,

ib. 12. 6. 10. That God may suffer the wicked to prosper, exemplified in beasts, birds, fishes, &c.

467 19. 11. Doctrine to be tried ere it be trusted,

468 12, 13. The wisdom of antient men nothing to the wisdom of the Antient of days,

ib. 13.-16. Proofs of God's power, in doing his pleasure, and serving his own purposes,

469 22.

17,425. Proofs of his power and wisdom in the revolution of states and kingdoins,

ib. 23: 13. 15. Strong faith in the hot furnace,

470 24.

14. 14-15. The origin, nature, and issue, of human life, 471 25. 15. 149–17. Self-justification extremely odious,

473 26.

24,—30. The ruin of these that bid defiance to God, ib. 27.

16. 149–17. Afictions heaped up, and come to an ex

tremity, 28. 17. 9. The growing strength of the righteous,

ib. 29.

13, 14. Death and the grave, the saints familiars, 475 30.

18. 5, 6. 10. 12. 14.–20. The calamities that await the wicked,

ibe 31. 19. 2, 3. 22. Reproof to reproachers,


II. 72






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