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be treasured up, so that it may be recalled to the mind frequently in the course of the day.

SECT. III.-Acts before and after Confession and Communion.

Prayer before Confession.

O GOD of infinite majesty, behold at thy feet a miserable sinner who has grievously offended thee, but who now most humbly seeks thy pardon. Cast me not away from thy face, O Lord. Do not despise a contrite and humble heart. I give thee thanks for having waited for me until now, and for not having suffered me to die in my sins, and to dwell in hell which I have deserved. I hope, my God, that as thou hast waited for me so long, thou wilt now pardon me, in this confession, through the merits of Jesus Christ, whatever sins I have been guilty of against thee; for which I am heartily sorry, because by them I have lost heaven and deserved hell. But, above all, I am sorry for them with my whole soul, not so much because I have deserved hell, as because by them I have offended thy infinite goodness. I love thee, O my sovereign good; and because I love thee, I am sorry for all the injuries I have ever committed against thee. I have turned my back upon thee, I have lost all respect for thee, I have despised thy grace and thy friendship; in a word, O Lord, I have voluntarily lost thee; pardon me, for the love of Jesus Christ, all my sins, of which I repent with my whole heart and soul; I hate them, I detest and abhor them above every evil. And I repent not only of my mortal sins, but of my venial sins, because these also have been displeasing to thee. I am resolved, for the future, by the assistance of thy grace, never more wilfully to offend thee. Yes, my God, I will rather die than offend thee any more.

Prayer after Confession.

My dear Jesus, how much am I indebted to thee! Through the merits of thy precious blood I hope that this day I have received thy pardon. I give thee infinite thanks for so great a favour. May I one day come to sing for ever in heaven the praises of thy mercies towards me! O my God, if hitherto I have so frequently lost thee, I will now never more lose thee. From this day forward I will amend my life in good earnest. Thou indeed deservest all my love, and I desire truly to love thee, and to be never more separated from thee. I have already promised thee, and I now again promise thee, rather to die than offend thee any more. I promise thee also to avoid the occasions of sin, and to take this precaution of (mention what) that I may fall no more. But, O Jesus, thou knowest my weakness; give me grace to remain faithful to thee to the end of my life, and to have recourse to thee whenever I shall be tempted. Most holy Mary, assist me; you are the mother of holy perseverance.

Acts before Communion.

My beloved Jesus, the true Son of God, who didst die for me upon the cross, in the midst of ignominy and torments, I firmly believe that thou art really present in the most holy Sacrament, and for this my faith I am ready to lay down my life.

My dear Redeemer, I hope in thy goodness and in the merits of thy precious blood, that, coming to me this day, thou wilt inflame my whole soul with thy holy love, and wilt give me all those graces which will be necessary to enable me to remain obedient and faithful to thee till the end of my life. O my God, the true and only love of my soul,

what more couldst thou do to oblige me to love thee? It was not sufficient for thee to die for me; thou wouldst also institute for me the most blessed Sacrament, to become my food, to give thyself wholly to me, and thus bind and unite thyself to such a vile and ungrateful creature as myself. And thou invitest me to receive thee, and ardently desirest that I should receive thee. O inconceivable love! for God to give himself wholly to me! O my God, O infinitely amiable God, worthy of infinite love, I love thee above all things, I love thee with my whole heart, I love thee more than myself, more than my own life; I love thee because thou art indeed most worthy of love, and I love thee in order to please thee, since thou so much desirest my love. Depart from my soul, all worldly affections; to thee only, O Jesus, my treasure, my all, do I desire to give all my love. Thou wilt now give thyself wholly to me, behold, I give myself wholly to thee. Accept of me to love thee, for I desire no other but thee, and nothing but what is pleasing to thee. I love thee, O my Saviour, and unite my miserable love with the love of all the angels and saints, with that of Mary thy most holy Mother, and of thy eternal heavenly Father. O that I could see thee loved by all! O that I could make thee loved by all mankind, and as much as thou deservest.

Behold, O my Jesus, I now approach to feed upon thy sacred body and blood. And, O my God, who am I? and who art thou? Thou art the Lord of infinite goodness, and I am a vile worm, defiled with many and grievous sins, by which I have expelled thee from my soul: "Lord, I am not "worthy." I am not worthy even to appear in thy presence; I deserve only to dwell in hell abandoned by thee and at a distance from thee. But thou in thy goodness invitest me to receive thee; behold then I come, I come humbled and confounded at

the sight of my many offences against thee, but with full confidence in thy mercy and in thy great love for me. How much am I grieved for having so much offended thee during the time which is past! Thou didst come to give thy life for me, and I have so often despised thy grace and thy love, and exchanged thee for something worse than nothing. I sincerely repent, and am heartily sorry, above all evil, for all my sins, whether grievous or venial, because they have offended thy infinite goodness. I hope that thou hast pardoned me; but, if thou hast not pardoned me, incline unto my aid and forgive me, O Jesus, before I approachand receive thee. Delay not to restore me to thy favour, since thou wilt soon come and take up thy abode within me.

Come then, O Jesus, come to my soul, which longs to receive thee. My only and infinite good, my life, my love, my all, would that I could now receive thee with all the love of all those souls who have ever loved thee most, and with the same fervour with which thy most holy Mother received thee: I desire to unite this my communion with hers. O Blessed Virgin, my holy Mother, Mary, give me your Son, let me receive him from your hands. Say to him that I am your servant, that he may press me with greater love to his bosom now that he comes to take possession of my soul.

Acts after Communion.

THE time after Communion is most precious for obtaining treasures of grace; because the acts which are then made, and the prayers which are then offered, while the soul remains united with Jesus Christ, have greater merit and value than at any other time. St. Teresa says, that our Lord is then within us as on the throne of mercy, and says to


the soul: "" My daughter, ask of me whatever thou pleasest; for this end am I come to thee, to confer "favours upon thee." O what special favours do those receive who entertain themselves with Jesus Christ after Communion! The Ven. Father Avila never omitted to continue two hours in prayer after Communion. St. Aloysius continued to return thanks to Jesus Christ during three days. Make then the following acts, and take care during the rest of the day to keep yourself united, by means of affections and prayers, with Jesus Christ, whom you have received in the morning.

Behold, O my Jesus, thou art now come to me; thou art now within me, and art become wholly mine. How can I sufficiently welcome thee, my beloved Redeemer! I adore thee, and cast myself at thy feet, I embrace thee, press thee to my heart, and thank thee for having deigned to enter into my breast. O Mary, O ye saints my advocates, my angel guardian, thank him for me. Since then, Ö my divine love, thou art come to visit me with so much love, I give thee my will, my liberty and my whole self. Thou hast given thyself entirely to me; hence do I now give myself entirely to thee. I desire to be no longer mine; from henceforward I desire to be thine, and wholly thine. I desire that my whole soul may be thine, my body, my powers, my senses, that all may be employed in serving and pleasing thee. To thee I consecrate all my thoughts, my desires, my affections and my whole life. O Jesus, I will never more offend thee, but will spend the remainder of my life in loving thee who hast so loved me.

Accept, O God of my soul, the sacrifice which I, though so miserable a sinner, offer to thee, I desire nothing but to please and love thee. Do with me, and dispose of me and of all things belonging to me, as thou pleasest. Let thy love destroy in me

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