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all affections which are not agreeable to thee, in order that I may be all thine, and live only to please thee.

I ask thee not for worldly goods, nor for pleasures, nor for honours; but I beseech thee, O my Jesus, to give me a constant sorrow for my sins. Give me thy light, by which I may see how vain are all wordly goods, and how worthy thou art of being loved. Separate me from all attachments to the earth, and unite me entirely to thy holy love, in order that my will from this day may never desire any thing but what thou willest. Grant me patience and resignation in sufferings, in poverty, and in all things disagreeable to my self-love. Grant me meekness towards those who despise me. Grant me a happy death. Grant me thy holy love. And above all, I beseech thee, grant me perseverance in thy grace till the end of my life; never suffer me to be again separated from thee. And for this end grant me the grace always to have recourse to thee and to invoke thy help, O my Jesus, in the time of temptations, and the grace always to seek from thee holy perseverance.

O eternal Father, thy beloved Son Jesus has promised that thou wilt give me whatever I ask of thee in his name: If you ask the Father anything in my name, he will give it to you. St. John, xvi. 23. In the name, therefore, and through the merits of this thy Son, I ask thee for thy love and for holy perseverance, that I may one day come to love thee in heaven with all my powers, and to sing for ever thy mercies, safe from all danger of being ever again separated from thee.

O most holy Mary, my Mother and my hope, obtain for me these graces which I so much desire, and obtain also for me to love you as my Queen, and ever to recommend myself to you in all my necessities,

SECT. IV.-Method of hearing Mass.

In the Mass the same great action takes place as did formerly on Calvary, with this difference only, that on Calvary the blood of Jesus Christ was shed really, and on the altar it is shed mystically; but in the Mass the merits of Christ's sufferings and death are particularly applied to us. To hear Mass with profit to ourselves, it is necessary to consider the ends for which it was instituted; namely: firstly, to honour God; secondly, to give him thanks for his benefits; thirdly, to make satisfaction for our sins; and fourthly, to obtain his graces and blessings. Hence before Mass may be said the following prayer:

Eternal Father, in this sacrifice I offer thee thy Son Jesus together with all his merits: first, in honour of thy majesty; secondly, in thanksgiving for all the benefits which I have received and hope for ever to receive from thee; thirdly, in satisfaction for all my sins and for those of all the living and the dead; fourthly, to obtain eternal salvation and the graces by which I may obtain it.

At the elevation of the host. O my God, for the love of this thy Son, forgive me my sins, and grant me holy perseverance. At the elevation of the chalice. Through the blood of Jesus grant me thy love and a happy death. At the Priest's Communion make a spiritual Communion, saying: O my Jesus, I love thee and desire thee. Iembrace thee, and will never more be separated from thee.

SECT. V.-Acts when visiting the Blessed Sacrament.

My Lord Jesus Christ, who through thy love for man continuest day and night in this Sacrament, full of mercy and of love, waiting, inviting, and

receiving all who come to visit thee, I believe that thou art really present in the Sacrament of the altar; I adore thee from the abyss of my nothing, and thank thee for all the graces which thou hast bestowed upon me; especially for having given me thyself in this holy Sacrament, and for having given me Mary thy Mother for my advocate, and for having called me here to visit thee: I this day salute thy most loving and most amiable heart, and I salute it for three ends: first, in thanksgiving for this great gift; secondly, to make thee amends for all the injuries thou hast received in this Sacrament from infidels, heretics and bad Catholics; and thirdly, to adore thee in spirit in all those places where in this Sacrament thou art least reverenced and most abandoned. O Jesus, I love thee with my whole heart. I am sorry for having so often offended thy infinite goodness. I am resolved with the assistance of thy grace never more to of fend thee for the future; and for the present, miserable as I am, I consecrate myself entirely to thee, and I give to thee and renounce my whole will, affections, desires, and all things belonging to me. From this day forward do with me in all things whatever thou pleasest. I seek only thee, and desire only thy holy love, final perseverance, and the perfect accomplishment of thy holy will. I recommend to thee the souls in purgatory, and particularly those who have been most devout to thee in this holy Sacrament, and to the ever blessed Mary. I also recommend to thee all poor sinners. I unite, O my dear Saviour, all my affections with the affections of thy most loving heart; and thus united I offer them to thy Eternal Father, and I beseech him in thy name, and for thy love, to receive and accept them.

Prayer before an image or picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Most holy and immaculate Virgin, O Mary my Mother, to you, who are the Mother of my Lord and the Queen of the world, the advocate, the hope and refuge of sinners, do I now have recourse, who am the most miserable of all. I thank you, O great Queen, for the many favours you have already conferred upon me, particularly for having delivered me from hell, which I have so often deserved. I love you, O most amiable Lady, and, for the love which I bear you, I promise always to serve you, and to do all in my power to induce others to serve you. I place all my hopes and safety, next to God, in your holy patronage; accept of me as one of your servants, and take me under your protection, O Mother of mercy. And since you are so powerful with God, deliver me from all temptations, or rather obtain for me strength to conquer them until death. From you do I ask for the true love of Jesus Christ; and with your assistance I hope to obtain a happy death. O Mother, for the love which you bear to God, I beseech you always to help me, but particularly at the hour of my death. Leave me not until you behold me saved in heaven, to bless you and to sing your mercies for all eternity. This is my hope. Amen.

SECT. VI.-Night Prayers.

BEFORE you retire to rest, make an examination of conscience in the following manner: first, give thanks to God for all his benefits; secondly, examine all your thoughts, words and actions of the day, and repent of all the sins and defects you may

have committed; and thirdly, make acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity in the following manner:

An act of Faith.

O MY God, I believe whatever truths thy holy Church proposes for my belief, because thou, who art infallible truth, hast revealed them. I believe that thou art my God, the Creator of all things, who rewardest the just with eternal happiness in heaven, and dost punish the wicked with eternal torments in hell. I believe that thou art one in essence and three in persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I believe in the Incarnation and death of Jesus Christ. I believe in all things which thy holy Catholic Church teaches. I thank thee for having made me a Christian, and, in this holy faith, I am resolved to live and die.

An act of Hope.

O MY God, relying on thy promises, because thou art powerful, faithful, and rich in mercy, I hope through the merits of Jesus Christ, to obtain the forgiveness of my sins, final perseverance, and eternal happiness in heaven.

An act of Charity.

O MY God, because thou art infinite goodness, and worthy of infinite love, I love thee above all things and with my whole heart, and for thy sake, I also love my neighbour as myself.

An act of Contrition.

O MY God, I am sorry with my whole heart for having offended thy infinite goodness. I am re

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