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which if faith did not teach them, would be incredible. A God to choose to shed the last drop of his blood! and why? to make satisfaction for our sins! And then to be pleased to give us, for the food of our souls, his own body, already sacrificed for us on the cross! These great mysteries ought to soften the hardest hearts, and to save the most desperate sinners. The Apostle says: In all things you are made rich in him ...... so that nothing is wanting to you in any grace. 1 Cor. i. 5, 7. It is sufficient to beseech God to be merciful to us, and he will abound in graces towards every one who beseeches him, as the same Apostle assures us: Rich to all that call upon him. Rom. x. 12.


If then, my Saviour, I have reason to despair on account of my sins and treasons against thee, I have much more reason to hope on account of thy infinite goodness. Father, I thy ungrateful child had left thee, but now I return to prostrate myself at thy feet, overcome with grief and softened by thy many mercies towards me, and I say most humbly: "Father, I am not worthy to be called thy child." Thou hast said that there is joy in heaven when a sinner repents: There shall be joy in heaven upon one sinner that doth penance. St. Luke, xv. 7. Behold I leave all, and turn myself to thee, my crucified Father; I am sorry with all my heart for having lost my respect for thee, and for having turned my back upon thee. Receive me again into thy favour, and inflame my soul with thy holy love, that I may never more leave thee. Thou hast said: I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly. St. John, x. 10. On this account do I hope not only to receive the grace, which I enjoyed before I offended thee, but a more abundant grace which may make me all on fire with thy love. Oh that I could love thee, my God, as much as thou deservest to be loved! I love thee above all things, I love theé more than myself, I love thee

with my whole heart, and desire to love thee for ever in heaven: What have I in heaven? and besides thee, what do I desire upon earth? Thou art the

God of my heart, and the God that is my portion for ever. Ps. lxxiii. 25. O God of my heart, take, and keep possession of my whole soul, and expel from it every affection that is not fixed on thee. Thou art my only treasure, my only love. I desire thee alone. O Mary, my hope, by your holy prayers draw me entirely to God.

Spiritual Maxims.

WHAT will it avail us to gain the whole world and lose our souls?

All things will have an end; eternity will never have an end.

All may be lost, provided God be not lost.

No sin, however slight, is a trifling evil.

If we would please God, we must deny ourselves. Whatever we do solely for our own satisfaction is entirely lost.

To be saved, we must always be afraid of falling.
Die to thyself, and please God.

Sin is the only evil of which we need be afraid. Whatever God wills is all good, and ought to be all that we desire.

He who wills only what God wills is always happy, whatever may happen.

I ought to imagine that there is nothing else in the world but God and myself.

The whole world cannot satisfy our hearts, only God can satisfy them.

All good consists in the love of God. And the love of God consists in doing his will.

All our riches are in prayer. He who prays, obtains what he asks for.

Consider that day as lost in which you have not

exercised yourself in mental prayer. "He who "neglects prayer," says St. Teresa, " of himself "casts himself into hell.”

Never let a day pass without reading some spiritual book.

Punctilios of honour are the pestilence of the soul. To be humble of heart and not of word, it is not sufficient to say that we deserve to be despised by all, but we must also be pleased when we happen to be despised.

What is a Christian, if he cannot submit to an affront for Christ's sake? When you are injured, smile at the injuries you receive.

To him who recollects that he has deserved hell, all pain and suffering are light.

He who loves poverty possesses all things. In worldly things choose the worst, in things of God choose the best.

An obedient soul is the delight of God.

True charity consists in doing good to those who do evil to us, in order to gain them to virtue.

What do riches and honours avail at the hour of death?

It is a great favour of God to be called by him to his love.

God leaves no good desire unrewarded.

Every attachment, even to good things (except to God) is not good.

Let us be grateful, but, first of all, to God. Hence let us resolve to deny nothing to God, and ever to choose what will be most pleasing to him.

Our best prayer is the conforming ourselves in the time of sickness to the divine will.

A holy life and the pleasures of sense are incompatible.

He who confides in himself is lost. He who confides in God can do all things.

What greater pleasure can the soul enjoy than to know that she is pleasing to God?

God is ready to give himself wholly to him who renounces all things for God's love.

The only way of sanctity is the way of suffering. By aridities and temptations God proves those who love him.

He who loves God and confides in him cannot be lost.

Let us pray to God to give us a tender devotion to his blessed Mother.

He bears all things patiently who looks on Christ crucified.

In this world, he that loves God most is the most happy. Every thing becomes painful that is not done for God.

No kind of disquiet, even on account of good things, comes from God.

He who would arrive at his journey's end must not stand still.

He who desires only God, is rich and happy: he is in want of nothing, and sets the world at nought. Nothing will suffice for him for whom God is not sufficient: God, God, and nothing more. We must conquer all to gain all.

Aspirations of love for Jesus Christ.

MY Jesus, thou alone art sufficient for me. My love, never suffer me to be separated from thee. When shall I be able to say to thee: My God, I can never more lose thee?

Lord, who am I, that thou shouldst so much desire to be loved by me?

Whom shall I love, if I love not thee, my Jesus? Behold me, O Lord, dispose of me as thou pleasest. Give me thy love, I ask for nothing more. Before I die, make me all thine own.

Eternal Father, for the love of Jesus Christ have pity on me.

My God, I desire thee alone.

Oh that I might be entirely consumed, my Jesus, for the love of thee, who wast consumed for the love of me.

If I had died when I was in sin, I could have loved thee no more. Now that I can love thee, I desire to love thee as much as I am able.

To thee do I consecrate the remainder of my life. I desire only thee, and I desire all that thou desirest. Grant that when I first behold thee, my Jesus, I may behold thee appeased.

Rather let me die than offend thee any more.

Thou wilt not forsake me, I will not forsake thee. I will always love thee, my God, both in this life and in the next.

I should be too ungrateful to thee, O my Jesus, if after so many graces I should love thee but little. Thou hast given thyself wholly to me, I give myself wholly to thee.

Thou lovest those who love thee: I love thee, O do thou also love me. If I love thee but little, give me the love which thou requirest of me.

Thou hast exceedingly obliged me to love thee; grant that I may conquer all things to please thee. Accept of a soul to love thee which has oftentimes offended thee.

Grant me to know the immensity of thy goodness, that I may indeed love thee.

I desire to love thee ardently in this life, that I may ardently love thee for ever in the next.

O eternal God, I hope to love thee for all eternity. Oh that I had always loved thee! Oh that I had died rather than offended thee!

I give thee my will, my liberty, dispose of me as thou pleasest.

May my only pleasure be to please thee!
Omy God, I rejoice that thou art infinitely happy.
Thou art omnipotent: make me holy.

Thou didst seek me when I fled away from thee;

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