When Death Comes a Knockin'

Lulu.com, 2004 M12 10 - 168 páginas
When Death Comes a Knockin' is a self-help, inspirational book about loss and the grief process. The book will serve as a guide so that the bereaved can go through areas of shock, expressions of grief at their own pace. This book will help them deal with questions, doubts, guilt and fears they may have over the loss of a loved one. By facing overwhelming emotions of loss during grief people wonder if they'll ever feel okay again, and can leave them depressed, angry or even ashamed when their grief doesn't disappear quickly or happen in neat, orderly stages. The person grieving is shown how to take small steps towards the recovery process by reading When Death Comes a Knockin'.

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The Grief Process
Finding Comfort in
Some Words Can Hurt
Consoling Others in Times of Despair
Be A Friend to Someone Who is Grieving
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