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Página 19 - ... evil, by interposing such legislation as the exigency of the case may require. The office of superintendent of public instruction, is established by the constitution itself, and cannot be abolished by law, were it even deemed advisable. I cannot, however, refrain from calling your attention to the fact, that the duties of a fiscal character, by law imposed upon that officer, are in no wise consistent with the duties of a literary character, which it is more particularly his province to perform,...
Página 61 - Resolved, That the Governor be requested to forward copies of the foregoing preamble and resolution to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress, and to the Commissioner of the General Land Offic.e.
Página 307 - When a vacancy shall happen, occasioned by the death, resignation, or removal from office of any person holding office, under this state, the successor thereto shall hold his office for the period which his predecessor had to serve, and no longer, unless again chosen or reappointed.
Página 27 - That portion of the resolution, to which your attention is particularly invited, relates to the grant of jurisdiction asked by the United States over the lands and sites purchased for the purposes enumerated. The relinquishment of any portion of sovereignty within our constitutional limits, requires serious consideration ; and yet, situated as our state is on the frontier of a province of the most powerful kingdom in the world, the principle of self-preservation seems to require us, by all reasonable...
Página 22 - The large and commodious buildings, that have been constructed with so much expense, will doubtless, at some future period, be wanted for occupation and use ; but the paucity of the university fund, and the present and prospective limitation of its availability, should have postponed their erection for many years. The whole expense incurred for cabinet and library, up to and including the year 1840, amounts to $9,777 42.
Página 186 - At the expiration of one year from and after the passage of this act, it shall not be lawful to use a furnace for the purpose of ventilating any mine wherein explosive gases are generated.
Página 39 - The people are in no way benefitted by a suspension. The depreciation of the currency, which is always consequent upon it, results only in the benefit of banks, by enabling them to purchase up their circulation below a par value. Whatever this depreciation may be, it is a loss to the people, and a gain to the banks. Bank paper can never be at par unless it be convertible into coin at the will of the holder. It is in itself of no value, and it is beyond the power of legislation to give value to that...
Página 24 - ... state at your present session, then two alternatives present themselves for your consideration; the postponement of the election to another year, or the enactment of a provision for holding it by general ticket. If the latter mode should meet your approbation, the number of members to be elected, when ascertained, may be made known to the electors by a proclamation to be issued for that purpose, or in such other manner as you may provide by law. It is, perhaps, my duty to call your attention...
Página 56 - Representatives, appointed as a standing committee for that purpose, who shall carefully compare the enrolment with the engrossed bills as passed in the two Houses, and correcting any errors that may be discovered in the enrolled bills, make their report forthwith to their respective Houses.
Página 19 - Servile adherence to ancient precedents and long established customs, should not, however, be permitted to take such entire possession of our minds, as thereby to induce us to reject the benefits resulting from an adoption of the improvements of the age. Among the alterations you may deem advisable to make, perhaps none is more worthy of your consideration, than the subject of taxation necessary for the support of the system. The right to impose taxes, is one of the highest prerogatives of sovereignty,...

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