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“Padua lies between Verona and Venice, at a suitable the intuitive knowledge of genius,) in opposition to her distance from both, for the conduct of the comedy. ladyship’s opinion, I beg leave to quote Dr. Johnson : Petruchio, after being securely betrothed, sets off for Shakespeare, however favoured by nature, could imVenice, the very place for finery, to buy •rings and part only what he had learned. With this text as our things, and fine array for the wedding; and, when mar guide, it behooves us to point out how he could obtain ried, he takes her to his country-house, in the direction such an intimate knowledge of facts, without having of Verona, of which city he is a native. All this is com- been, like Lady Morgan, an eye-witness to them. pleta ; and in marked opposition to the worse than mis “ In addition to these instances, the whole comedy takes in the Two GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, which was bears an Italian character, and seems written as if the written when he knew nothing whatever of the author had said to his friends, — Now I will give you a country.

comedy, built on Italian manners, neat as I myself have “The rich old Gremio, when questioned respecting | imported.'. Indeed, did I not know its archetype, with the dower he can assure to Bianca, boasts, as a primary the scene in Athens, I might suspect it to be an adaptaconsideration, of his richly furnished house :

tion of some unknown Italian play, retaining rather too First, as you know, my house within the city

many local allusions for the English stage. Is richly furnished with plate and gold;

“Some may argue that it was possible for him to Basons and ewers, to lave her dainty hands;

learn all this from books of travels now lost, or in conMy hangings all of Tyrian tapestry :

versation with travellers; but my faith recoils from 50 In ivory coffers I have stuff'd my crowns, In cypress chests my arras, counterpoints,

bare a possibility, when the belief that he saw what he Costly apparel, tents, and canopies ;

described, is, in every point of view, without difficulty. Fine linen, Turkey cushions 'boss'd with pearl,

and probable. Books and conversation may do much Valance of Venice gold in needlework ;

for an author; but should he descend to particular de Pewter and brass, and all things that belong To house or house-keeping.

scriptions, or venture to speak of manners and customs

intimately, is it possible he should not once fall into “ Lady Morgan, in her “Italy,' says, (and my own error with no better instruction ? An objection has been observation corroborates her account,)“ there is not an made, imputing an error, in Grumio's inquiring after the article here described, that I have not found in some one rushes strewed.' But the custom of strewing rushes, or other of the palaces of Florence, Venice, and Genoa as in England, belonged also to Italy: this may be seen -the mercantile republics of Italy—even to the Tur- || in old authors; and their very word giuncare, now out key cushions 'boss'd with pearl. She then adds, this is of use, is a proof of it. English Christian-names, incithe knowledge of genius, acquired by the rapid per- dentally introduced, are but translations of the same ception and intuitive appreciation, etc.; never once Italian names, as Catarina is called Katharine and Kate; suspecting that Shakespeare had been an eye-witness of and, if they were not, comedy may well be allowed to such furniture. For my part, (unable to comprehend || take a liberty of that nature.'—C. A. Brown.


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