Cooper's Works, Volumen9

James G. Gregory (successor to W.A. Townsend), 1860

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Página 187 - A pick-axe, and a spade, a spade, For and a shrouding sheet : O, a pit of clay for to be made For such a guest is meet.
Página 103 - Look around you, men ; what will the Yankee choppers say, when they have cut their path from the eastern to the western waters, and find that a hand, which can lay the 'arth bare at a blow, has been here and swept the country, in very mockery of their wickedness. They will turn on their tracks 'like a fox that doubles, and then the rank smell of their own footsteps will show them the madness of their waste.
Página 339 - When life is thought to be the reward of labor, men are wont to be industrious. A very few moments sufficed to lay bare a spot of some twenty feet in diameter. Into one edge of this little area the trapper brought the females, directing Middleton and Paul to cover their light and inflammable dresses with the blankets of the party. So soon as this precaution was observed, the old man approached the opposite...
Página 385 - I am not prone to weeping, as our sex Commonly are ; the want of which vain dew Perchance shall dry your pities : but I have That honourable grief lodged here which burns Worse than tears drown...
Página 83 - I am as rightful an owner of the land I stand on, as any governor in all the states ! Can you tell me, stranger, where the law or the reason is to be found, which says that one man shall have a section, or a town, or perhaps a county, to his use, and another have to beg for earth to make his grave in. This is not nature, and I deny that it is law. That is, your legal aw." " I cannot say that you are wrong...
Página 333 - See, Middleton," exclaimed Inez, in a sudden burst of youthful pleasure, that caused her for a moment to forget her situation, " how lovely is that sky ; surely it contains a promise of happier times ! " " It is glorious ! " returned her husband. " Glorious and heavenly is that streak of vivid red, and here is a still brighter crimson ; rarely have I seen a richer rising of the sun.
Página 339 - The captain felt the reproof, and instantly began to imitate the industry of Paul, who was tearing the decayed herbage from the ground in a sort of desperate compliance with the trapper's direction. Even Ellen lent her hands to the labor, nor was it long before Inez was seen similarly employed, though none amongst them knew why or wherefore.
Página 273 - But a tremendous and painful roar, which came from behind the cloud of dust that rose in the centre of. the herd, and which was horridly answered by the screams of the carrion birds, that were greedily sailing directly above the flying drove, appeared to give a new impulse to their flight, and at once to remove every symptom of indecision. As if glad to seek the smallest signs of the forest...
Página 19 - ... which, in the regular formation of the land, occurred at every mile of their progress, the view was bounded on two of the sides by the gradual and low elevations which give name to the description of prairie we have mentioned ; while on the others, the meagre prospect ran off in long, narrow, barren perspectives, but slightly relieved by a pitiful show of coarse, though somewhat luxuriant vegetation. From the summits of the swells, the eye became fatigued with the sameness and chilling dreariness...
Página 273 - No," interrupted the luxurious bee-hunter. "Ay, boy, you have tasted, and you feel the genuine reasoning of the thing! But the herd is heading a little thisaway, and it behooves us to make ready for their visit. If we hide ourselves altogether, the horned brutes will break through the place and trample us beneath their feet, like so many creeping worms; so we will just put the weak ones apart, and take post, as becomes men and hunters, in the van.

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