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wuzn't nuff er dat Crawfish lef' fer ter tell dat he'd bin dar.

“Dis make de udder Crawfishes mighty mad, en dey sorter swawmed tergedder en draw'd up a kinder peramble wid some wharfo’es in it, en read her out in de 'sembly. But, bless grashus ! sech a racket wuz a gwine on dat nobody ain't hear it, 'ceppin may be de Mud Turkle en de Spring Lizzud, en dere enfloons wuz pow'ful lackin'.

Bimeby, w'iles de Nunicorn wuz 'sputin' wid de Lion, en w'ile de Hyener wuz a laffin ter hisse'f, de Elephant squshed anudder one er de Crawfishes, en a little mo'n he'd er ruint de Mud Turkle. Den de Crawfishes, w'at dey wuz lef' un um, swawmed tergedder en draw'd up anudder peramble wid sum mo' wharfo'es; but dey might ez well er sung Ole Dan Tucker ter a harrycane. De udder creeturs wuz too bizzy wid der fussin' fer ter 'spon' unto de Crawfishes. So dar dey wuz, de Crawfishes, en dey didn't know w'at minnit wuz gwineter be de nex': en dey kep on gittin madder en madder en skeerder en skeerder, twel bimeby dey gun de wink ter de Mud Turkle en de Spring Lizzud,

en den dey bo'd little holes in de groun' en went down outer sight.

Who did, Uncle Remus ?” asked the little boy.

“De Crawfishes, honey. Dey bo'd inter de groun' en kep' on bo'in twel dey onloost de fountains er de earf; en de waters squirt out, en riz higher en higher twel de hills wuz kivvered, en de creeturs wuz all drownded; en all bekase dey let on ’mong deyselves dat dey wuz bigger dan de Crawfishes."

Then the old man blew the ashes from a smoking yam, and proceeded to remove the peeling

“ Where was the ark, Uncle Remus ?” the little boy inquired, presently.

W’ich ark's dat?” asked the old man, in a tone of well-feigned curiosity.

Noah's ark,” replied the child. “Don't you pester wid ole Noah, honey. I boun' he tuck keer dat ark. Dat's w’at he wuz dere fer, en dat's w'at he done. Leas’ways, dat's w'at dey tells me. But don't you bodder longer dat ark, 'ceppin' your mammy fetches it up. Dey mout er bin two deloojes,


en den agin dey moutent.

Ef dey wuz enny ark in dish yer w'at de Crawfishes brung on, I ain't heern tell un it, en w'en dey ain't no arks 'roun, I ain't got no time fer ter make um en put um in dere. Hit's gittin'

Hit's gittin' yo' bedtime, honey."




NE evening when the little boy, whose

nights with Uncle Remus are as entertaining as those Arabian ones of blessed memory, had finished supper and hurried out to sit with his venerable patron, he found the old man in great glee. Indeed, Uncle Remus was talking and laughing to himself at such a rate that the little boy was afraid he had company. The truth is, Uncle Remus had heard the child coming, and, when the rosy-cheeked chap put his head in at the door, was engaged in a monologue, the burden of which seemed to be

“Ole Molly Har',
W'at you doin' dar,
Settin' in de cornder

Smokin' yo' seegyar?"
As a matter of course this vague allusion

reminded the little boy of the fact that the wicked Fox was still in pursuit of the Rabbit, and he immediately put his curiosity in the shape of a question.

“Uncle Remus, did the Rabbit have to go clean away when he got loose from the TarBaby ?”

“ Bless grashus, honey, dat he didn't. Who? Him? You dunno nuthin' 'tall 'bout Brer Rabbit ef dat's de way you puttin' 'im down.

W’at he gwine 'way fer? He mouter stayed sorter close twel de pitch rub off'n his ha’r, but twern't menny days 'fo' he wuz lopin’ up en down de naberhood same ez ever, en I dunno ef he wern't mo sassier dan befo'.

“Seem like dat de tale 'bout how he got mixt up wid de Tar-Baby go 'roun' 'mongst de nabers. Leas'ways, Miss Meadows en de gals got win' un'it, en de nex' time Brer Rabbit paid um a visit Miss Meadows tackled 'im 'bout it, en de gals sot up a monstus gigglement. Brer Rabbit, he sot up des ez cool ez a cowcumber, he did, en let 'em run on."

“Who was Miss Meadows, Uncle Remus ? ” inquired the little boy.

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