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Fox went atter his axe. Den Brer Fox, he lope off, he did, en Mr. Buzzard, he tuck up his stan' at de hole. Bimeby, w'en all git still, Brer Rabbit sorter scramble down close ter de hole, he did, en holler out :

“. Brer Fox! Oh! Brer Fox!'

“Brer Fox done gone, en nobody say nuthin'. Den Brer Rabbit squall out like he wuz mad ; sezee :

You needn't talk less you wanter,' sezee ; ' I knows youer dar, en I ain't keerin',' sezee. 'I des wanter tell you dat I wish mighty bad Brer Tukkey Buzzard wuz here,' sezee.

“ Den Mr. Buzzard try ter talk like Brer Fox :

W'at you want wid Mr. Buzzard ?'' sezee.

“Oh, nothin' in 'tickler,'cep' dere's de fattes' gray squir' in yer dat ever I see,' sezee, ‘en ef Brer Tukkey Buzzard wuz 'roun' he'd be mighty glad fer ter git ’im,' sezee.

“. How Mr. Buzzard gwineter git 'im ?' sez de Buzzard, sezee.

Well, dars a little hole roun' on de udder side er de tree,' sez Brer Rabbit, sezee, 'en ef Brer Tukkey Buzzard wuz here so he could

take up his stan'dar,' sezee, I'd drive dat squir'l out,' sezee.

«s • Drive 'im out, den,' sez Mr. Buzzard, sezee, ‘en I'll see dat Brer Tukkey Buzzard gits 'im,' sezee.

“Den Brer Rabbit kick up a racket, like he wer' drivin' sumpin' out, en Mr. Buzzard he rush 'roun' fer ter ketch de squir'l, en Brer Rabbit, he dash out, he did, en he des fly fer home.”

At this point Uncle Remus took one of the tea-cakes, held his head back, opened his mouth, dropped the cake in with a sudden motion, looked at the little boy with an expression of astonishment, and then closed his eyes, and begun to chew, mumbling as an accompaniment the plaintive tune of “Don't you Grieve atter Me.”

The séance was over ; but, before the little boy went into the “big house,” Uncle Remus laid his rough hand tenderly on the child's shoulder, and remarked, in a confidential tone:

“Honey, you mus' git up soon Chris'mus mawnin' en open de do’; kase I'm gwineter bounce in on Marse John en Miss Sally, en holler Chris'mus gif' des like I useter endurin' de fahmin' days fo' de war, w'en ole Miss wuz 'live. I boun' dey don't fergit de ole nigger, nudder. W'en you hear me callin'de pigs, honey, you des hop up en onfassen de do'. I lay I'll give Marse John wunner deze yer 'sprize parties."




C F I don't run inter no inistakes,” re

marked Uncle Remus, as the little boy came tripping in to see him after supper, “Mr. Tukkey Buzzard wuz gyardin' de holler whar Brer Rabbit went in at, en w’ich he come out un."

The silence of the little boy verified the old man's recollection.

“Well, Mr. Buzzard, he feel mighty lonesome, he did, but he done prommust Brer Fox dat he'd stay, en he 'termin' fer ter sorter hang 'roun' en jine in de joke. En he ain't hatter wait long, nudder, kase bimeby yer come Brer Fox gallopin' thoo de woods wid his axe on his shoulder.

"How you speck Brer Rabbit gittin' on, Brer Buzzard ?' sez Brer Fox, sezee.

Oh, he in dar,' sez Brer Buzzard, sezee. He mighty still, dough. I speck he takin' a nap,' sezee.

“ • Den I'm des in time fer ter wake 'im up,' sez Brer Fox, sezee. En wid dat he fling off his coat, en spit in his han's, en grab de axe. Den he draw back en come down on de treepow ! En eve'y time he come down wid de axe-pow !—Mr. Buzzard, he step high, he did, en holler out :

Oh, he in dar, Brer Fox. He in dar, sho.'

“ En eve'y time a chip ud fly off, Mr. Buzzard, he'd jump, en dodge, en hole his head sideways, he would, en holler :

“He in dar, Brer Fox. I done heerd 'im. He in dar, sho.'

“En Brer Fox, he lammed away at dat holler tree, he did, like a man maulin' rails, twel bimeby, atter he done got de tree mos' cut thoo, he stop fer ter ketch his bref, en he seed Mr. Buzzard laffin' behime his back, he did, en right den en dar, widout gwine enny fudder, Brer Fox, he smelt a rat. But Mr. Buzzard, he keep on holler'n:

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